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O_o hey look a profile! i'm procrastinating at midnight...i should do this later...

Well, hi people!!

Gender: Female

Age: Pretty young...probably too young to be on this site and to read the manga I read...well, a day older than I was yesterday. Duh.

Current Favorite emotocon: T T

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto.

Other Manga/Anime I've read/watched: Bleach, Inuyasha (dropped), Rurouni Kenshin (dropped), Death Note, Fruits Basket, OHSHC, Karin/Chibi Vampire, Tail of the Moon/Tsuki no Shippo, Absolute Boyfriend, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Love Hina (Love the story, despise the fanservice. You should see my hilarious self sensors...and the reactions of people when they see my hands covering up the computer screen lol), Avatar (not really anime, but still pwnsome), Power, 7th Period is a Secret, Angel Densetsu, Kodocha (dropped...and kinda hate it now), and something else on the tip of my tongue but can't remember...which is really bugging me now. Also like 10 or so more that I'm too lazy to write now.

Location: Soudi Israelia

Height: About 5'1.5...stupid growth spurt ended... T T

Current Favorite emotocon: T T

Favorite Naruto Character: (changes periodically) IDK

Favorite Music Genre: Alt-rock (Alternative), Catchy Pop

Current Favorite Emotocon: T T Woah. Deja vu?

Dislikes: The list can go on and on...when people say 'yo', people who take me seriously when I'm not being serious.

Likes/Hobbies: Arrrgh I hate these questions...I don't really like anything or have hobbies!! Well, hanging out with my best friend, I guess, and procrastinating on my homework...


I'm currently mad at because my story, Messages from the Akatsuki is really messed up, and it looks like bad grammar structure, but FF deleted many symbols and qoutations in their new update T T

Also Messages from the Akatsuki is on serious hold as I procratinate, and I've lost all idea for the plot. PM me if you have any suggestions where to go with the plot at ALL.

Yeah...I can't think of anything else to put in this profile right now...

I just saw this: As for up to Chapter 1 of my story, Messages from the Akatsuki, it has exactly 1337 letters! WOOT!! Cha yeah I'm 1337 and pwnsome like that!! That's really cool because after meh best friend and i saw this picture called naruto problem kids online and saw Neji, we've been obcessed with saying 1337 and pwnsome. Check it out, it's really cool. AND I made it 1337 letters subconsiously. YAYS!!

And my other story, 101 Ways to Annoy Itachi Uchiha had 1338 letters when I posted it...uncanny. So I HAD to make a there is a there's...

Oh and the formatting is REALLY weird on 101 Ways to Annoy Itachi Uchiha. It sometimes is right, and sometimes the numbers are gone and every first word is gone...?

Well, I'm pretty random, and LOVE Naruto!! I also love Warriors by Erin Hunter, which ROCK!! YEAH!! And outcast outcast outcast just came out...O_O

Okay...that's it I guess...


Wait...who am I talking to??

Aaah oh well!!

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