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Welcome to my page!

My pen name was Super-Berry. But I've changed it in the last few years. Besides I felt like I needed a new change.

  • I am male.
  • I do not write. Want to but to lazy to write.
  • I love watching movies, playing video games, board games, and reading.
  • Canon is awesome.
  • Headcanons not so much!
  • I love to cook.
  • Deviant Art . Com

    Conversation between Firestar9mm and Ohkabreyenkai

    These posts can be found on Firestar9mm's account on Deviant Art . Com. It'll be under the art piece titled "Canon Love" on page 2. I love her artwork, she (is) may not be amazing like (any) other fan artists but (and) I love her appreciation of the show and staying true to the creator's show & characters.

    GOD I love these posts. Everything is so true what Firestar9mm says. It’s too bad there aren’t more people who are like Firestar9mm in the Danny Phantom fandom anymore. :( :( :(

    lol, very nice.

    ... *embarrassed* Darn my ignorance. what does canon mean? *goes and hides back under her rock*

    To quote the awesome Miz Krin, "Canon is everything the original creators made. So, for DP, it's all the tv episodes. 'Fanon' is what a lot of fans put into their art/fics (sometimes so many people do it, it's mistaken for canon)."

    I don't like most fanon aspects, because they're usually not true and I've seen a lot of people hate a character or a situation irrationally because some fanbrat handled it badly in art or fiction by relying on fanon instead of fact. You can't take fanon as an established basis for canon and then blame the characters for the way some moron wrote or drew them acting out of character. It's not the character's fault.

    An example of a DP canon pairing is DannyXSam or JackXMaddie. An example of a DP fanon pairing is TuckerxSam or DannyxStar (they have no basis in canon and as such there is no proof that such a relationship is plausible).

    Out of respect to both the creator and the characters, I only support canon pairings and in-character situations. Just as I would not like to be forced to behave in a way I wouldn't normally, so too do I think fanwork should respect the characters' personalities and beliefs just as the creators fashioned them.

    Thanks for the explanation. I've been wondering that for days.

    Just out of curiousity, what is your view on fanfictions that begin very canon but the events in them lead to a fanon relationship, for example DannyXStar? Such as that the author develops realistic proof behind the relationship?

    No go. Don't like 'em. Just because the author "develops realistic proof" doesn't make it a canon pairing--it's not the way the creator wrote it, and it's not nice to screw with his story and make his characters act how they wouldn't normally act.

    Actually, DannyxStar is a fanon pairing that I have particular trouble with because it has possibly the least basis in canon out of any ridiculous DP pairing. Danny doesn't interact with Star unless she's in a group of other girls (i.e. Beauty Marked). Star shows nothing but contempt for Danny when she bothers to acknowledge him at all (i.e. Flirting With Disaster), and she hasn't shown any sort of interest in Phantom eitherMy opinion on the matter is, if people don't like the way a story's written by its creator, they should go play something else. They are free to do so.

    I see.

    One last question (and I hope I'm not bothering you too much). I'm a big DannyXVal fan. I still really want Danny and Sam to get together because they were MADE for each other (literally- Butch Hartman made it that way. ) but I've always had curiousities about what would happen if Valerie ever found out Danny was Phantom. What's your view on that pairing?

    You aren't bothering me. I'm always happy to discuss things as long as people are polite and civil. *nods politely.*

    steeples fingers.* I don't support DannyxValerie as a romantic pairing because it's not really very canon. This does not mean that I don't think it was canon at one point--sure it was canon for a story arc of some episodes. However, while Danny and Valerie are very good characters, I don't believe they're compatible romantically. While strong physically and very determined, Valerie is rather weak-willed, especially when it comes to the subject of her personal vendetta against Phantom and all ghosts. Deep down, I don't believe she really does it because she believes she is doing the right thing or because she wants to protect people. Instead, she sees herself as a victim and constantly emphasizes that fact, complaining to Phantom about how she's been wronged instead of reading between the lines and seeing what's really going on. The emphasis she places on her own victimhood makes her easy prey for someone like Vlad, who knows how to play to such a thing (this is because Vlad also sees himself as a victim, of Jack).

    This does not make Valerie a bad person. It's just the way she is; it's her personality, and I think that's cool. I love all the different kinds of people in the DP universe and applaud Mr. Hartman and his staff for capturing so many facets of humanity in their story.

    To answer your question, I think that if Valerie ever found out Danny was Phantom, she wouldn't be able to deal with it so well (either guilt, or an inability to process the information). Besides that, Danny and Valerie don't complement each other very well in my opinion; their personalities can work as a team, but each tries to overpower the other more often than not.

    Personally, I think that the DxV pairing is abused in fanwork because it has enormous angst potential, and I don't feel that's very fair to Valerie--she's funny and very strong and capable, but all anyone seems to care about is making her agonize over her "ghost-hunting mission" versus her "twoo feelings". All in all, the fanwork I've seen does not impress me. I feel angst is rather easy to write because it's an emotion everyone goes through in their lives. It's much more challlenging to write something happy or funny. EVERYONE wonders what would happen if Valerie found out Danny was Phantom, but I don't see how it'd be much more than a tempest in a teapot--interesting for the space of an episode or two, but not something you could really develop into a bigger story arc than what it already is.

    I support the DxS pairing for many reasons, not the least of which is that it's canon, also because I like both the characters for who they are individually and who they are when they're together. Paulina loves Phantom and doesn't care a bit about Danny Fenton; Valerie likes Danny Fenton, but she's busy trying to punch Phantom's ticket any chance she gets. Sam is the only character who loves all of Danny exactly the way he is, and on top of that, she's a very strong and capable character who complements him instead of working against him.

    Do forgive me if I get verbose on the subject of pairings and of canon--I'm fiercely protective of canon and I get incensed when people think they can just do whatever they feel like with intellectual property that doesn't belong to them. To further my response to what you said about "developing realistic proof", that's not worth a plugged nickel to me. I could present very realistic evidence that the moon is in fact made of green cheese; that doesn't make it true. :shrugs:

    When it comes right down to it, I want to be liked just the way I am, and if I wrote or drew something, it's a part of me and I'd want people to like it just the way it was, not try to change it so it looked more like them. Then it wouldn't be mine--wouldn't be me--anymore. And I feel we should all treat others with the respect we'd want from them.

    I don't expect a lot of a reviews to be coming my way and that's okay. But when they do all I ask is when you do, is to please leave a critique or what you like or don't like about my stories. Basically be constructive please!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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