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Name: Nat

Nickname: Turtie

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 24th

Age: 15

Height: 167cm (I'm still growing! Hahaha! face smacks upfront onto computer screen)

Nationality: Hong Kong. "Lei-Ho!"(cantonese) I live and study in Beijing for 6 years now due to my father's job

BWHAHAHA!! Author Message Corner (updated!)

Warning! The following message begins with a dark mood. Beware of my evilness! Muhahaha

It's ture. I still don't want to believe it but I have been suffering from an eating disorder issue officialy 2 years now. I was an anorxic before and later turned into bulimia. I'm saying this from my heart to all readers out there, especially to girls around my age... I know we all want to be good looking, slim, pretty and stuff so we then go on a diet... it's fine to go on a diet but please please please don't skip eat ur 3 meal and make sure u o-b-t-a-i-n the right amount of calories for ur body!...I went on a crazy diet in 8th grade and it costed me my health and my academics achievement...


I'm currently taking medications and stuff, it's slowly getting better but really... I regret it. I know not everybody might turn into anorxic or bulimia through crazy dieting, but it definately affects ur emotions alot. In a bad way.

I would luv to hear ur thoughts on this topic. I'm considering to do a manga on it for my IB Grade 10 Personal Project. I would have to write out the manga's plot first in story form... so if you have any thoughts or comments on eating/ diet related stuff, please feel free to leave me a message. I really want to hear others thoughts :)

Thank you. shows my ugly trademark smile


Anime/ Manga pairings that I like... (updated!)

Bleach- Ichi x ruki (I have to bold the Ichiruki pairing title cause it is definitely my Top 1 F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E pairing. Kubo sensie, please please pleaselet them be together. I know that secretly, ur an ichiruki shipper as well. Just look at all those space Ichiruki scenes took up in the manga, oh and how can I forget the upcoming "Fade To Black" movie? Kubo sensei, we know that u rely on Ichiruki to get readers to buy ur manga. We ichiruki fans are smart enough to see this connection below..

Ichiruki = makes Bleach readers happy = Reader buys manga = More money for u!!

Kubo-sensei, I suggest u better put those two "baka" together in the end. Or else all ichiruki fans around the world will come knocking on ur door, and murder u for wasting their precious time and money.

"Nan-cha-de!" haha. I'm just joking :) ... am I?

Ouran High School Host Club- Tamaki x Haruhi (Haruhi, Tamaki senpai. When are you guys gonna make a move? Dono, hurry up and make a move!)

Vampire Knight- Zero x Yuuki (Come on Zero! Don't lose to Kaname!! )

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