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Author has written 6 stories for Ring/Ringu, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Twilight, Batman, and Kingdom Hospital/Riget.

Rhoda Nightingale is:

A struggling horror/fantasy writer who gets her kicks writing and reading fanfiction of similar genres. I can tolerate romance only in small doses, and usually in the context of a larger, more interesting--and sometimes twisted and creepy--story. My favorite kinds of stories aren't fandom specific, but I prefer either hard canon (no self-inserts or weird ships) or outta-left-field AU's and crossovers. I also prefer stories that have a clear story or character arc--not those rambly ones that seem to just go on forever with no end in sight. Yes, I'm guilty of a few of those things myself, but I do know how silly it is and I'm trying to do better. Having said that, any number of "sins" can be forgiven for a truly original and engaging story, and that's what I strive to do here: create truly original and engaging stories, and find some to read as well.

My fanfiction tends to veer towards supernatural horror, no matter what fandom I start out in, and I've been playing around with various crossovers lately.

I finished writing my first real novel this past October, and am now preparing to enter the gates of Query Hell. Wish me luck!

Current Stories:

The Night Shade: (On Indefinite Hold) Jasper story from the Twilight fandom. Part backstory expanded from the brief monologue in Eclipse, part ghost story told from the POV of an OC who's Jasper's classmate after the Cullens change location. (Again.) The Cullens are in college now, and one of the dorms is a renovated Civil War hospital. Assumes all of the events in the existing four books--not Midnight Sun or various interviews with Stephenie Meyer. I've been stuck on this for months; I may eventually take it down, but I haven't quite given up yet.

All Good Children Go To Heaven: (In-Progress) Battle Royale story, mostly novel-canon with some of my favorite bits from the movie thrown in. This picks up a few weeks after the events of the book and movie, and assumes all of the same events and deaths. Basically I brought back a few of my favorite characters as ghosts and teamed them up with Shuya and Noriko to take down the Republic. (Not uploaded yet--stay tuned.)

The Promo: (Complete, not yet uploaded) Crossover between Silent Hill and The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Two rock musicians are given a promotional demo copy of the newest Silent Hill game, entitled "Wanted," and are sucked into its weird, violent world when their tour bus mysteriously breaks down. Originally written for the My Chemical Romance fandom, I'm in the process of tweaking a couple names and details to skirt the "no real people" rule here. (Again, stay tuned.)

Older Stories:

The Intruder: Crossover between Kingdom Hospital and The Ring (the US version). Becca Jordan is moved from the psychiatric clinic in Washington State to Kingdom Hospital in Maine, but something evil follows her. The ghosts of the old Kingdom don't take kindly to Samara stomping on their turf, and the hospital staff suddenly has more spooks than they can handle. They have seven days to sort it all out. One of my most successful--and favorite--stories archived here.

Colored Glass: Batman one-shot. Harley Quinn muses over her deteriorating mental state and her--so far--unrequited love for The Joker. Short, sweet, and strange. Joker/Harley.

How to Fall Apart Gracefully: Part 1 of 3, Batman fandom, archived at the "Mary Sue and Harley Who?" community. A spacy, verbose young girl with no family and no name gets acquainted with The Joker and his band of merry mischief-makers. But she's not quite the innocent bystander she seems. Joker/OC.

The Queen of Hearts: Part 2 of 3, sequel to above. The Joker breaks our nameless narrator out of Arkham Asylum, along with a slew of other villains, and the hunt begins with Batman hot on their trail. Joker/OC.

Porphyria: Part 3 of 3, conclusion to above. After being betrayed by her sadistic sweetheart, our narrator sets up a shaky alliance with Jim Gordan and Bruce Wayne to help track down the remaining escapees from Arkham. But her heart's not quite in it. Joker/OC.

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Harley Quinn muses over her deteriorating mental state. One-shot.
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