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Notes with Alice, Bella & The Cullens by lanna-misssunshine reviews
Who are Batman & Pigeon? Emmett is Captain Doofus? What are the Cullen's irrational fears and why oh why does Jasper have a spoon in his pocket? (Kind of weird, read the summary in the a/n inside, it gets back to BxE normal note passing after a few chapters, promise.)
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She has always had what has been called a 'devil's curse' laid upon her. Her name is Mary Alice Brandon, she is 17 years old in present day Fork's Washington, she is friends with Bella Swan, but then the Cullen's move in and her abusive father flips. AU
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Bella's Heartache by smschwa29 reviews
Disclaimer:Don't own Twilight,the characters, blah blah. After New Moon. Bella had a hard time dealing with Edward leaving her, but when she does move on, she finds him in her apartment and memoriesfeelings that have'nt gone away come back.Story better!
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I was in midjump when two ice cold arms wrapped around my waist. I slowly turned around to see a very pale and shockingly beautiful face.
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All human, "emo, gothic", and OOC-ness! Basically, they're all at school taking revenge on the Barbie dolls and "players" with a love story behind all of it. Don't take offense to this anyone, please. Rated for language. I DON'T OWN TWILIGHT! Get over it
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