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About Moi?

Hey guys, I'm Blair Elisabeth, but any form of the name works for me. I'm a highshcool student living outside of Chicago, living
one day at a time. I have light brown hair and blue eyes and my skin is so pale, I'll make you go blind. Twilight is my obsession,
and I will be mainly writing Twilight fanfictions. I don't belong to Team Edwardor Team Jacob- I love them both. Music is my life
and I'll tell you right nowthat alot of my inspiration comes from music

I have twenty five random facts for you:

1. I was born on a Wednesday
2. I pretty much know for sure that the pink lemonade at school has crack in it
3. Handwrittens letter are where its at
4. I can't go a day with out finding something to fall off of, trip over or choke on.
5. Strawberry icecream is delicious
6. My favorite music changes frequently
7. Writing papers make me very sad, and I can't write a thesis for my life
8. I've never had a favorite color
9. Star Wars is pretty much amazing
10. In anything I do, I can always find a mistake I made
11. Scary movies leave me hopelessly terrified
12. I can't keep nailpolish on my hands for more then a day because I'll bite or peel off the nailpolish
13. When I don't clean my room, instead of grounding me, my parents take away my books
14. I have a love/hate relationship with my brothers.
15. When I use markers, pens or paint, they always end up all over my hands, I don't know why
16. I am startle very easily
17. I'm a perfectionist
18. I had a crush on Gordo from Lizzie McGuire when I was little
19. I forget I have hair ties on my wrists, then end up cutting off my circulation
20. I wish I could sing well
21. To me, reading is always wierd and really creepy. No matter how good the story is
22. I like to leave music on when I sleep
23. I usually won't tell you what I actually think
24. My biggest fear is not knowing whats going to happen next
25. I love warm weather =

So yeah, thats me. I love talking to people, so don't hesitate it you want to talk to me (PM) or email at, I'll respond no matter what =

Current Stories:
Everything You Least Expected: Edward is the co-founder and head editor of the most predominant publishing firm in Chicago and Bella is working two jobs while writing a novel. Its funny how the one thing you thought you never wanted becomes the one thing you absolutely need.

Upcoming Stories:
Things I’ll Never Say: Bella befriends Tanya online and goes to visit her in California for a month, and meets a lot of new people, including Edward Cullen.
The World You Love: Fallen. Alone. Vulnerable. Dangerous. Naïve. Lost. Six souls searching for something to believe in, each other.

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