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So it would appear that it's been a frightfully long time since I've even dared visit this account...yikes is really all I can say, at least it's not as bad as it used to be. Well, with that in mind may as well move on and say that perhaps I'll start writing some new material for new fandoms (perhaps I'll revisit the fond memories of first-fandom some other time), hopefully my ability will have improved with tedious years of schooling. In the meantime enjoy this list of preteen-type info I've stolen from a friend in order to liven this dreary space up a touch.


Your heritage: the father be English and ze mutter American
The shoes you wore today: green and itchy, previously encased in vomit
Your weakness: soap
Your fears: soap in my eyes scorpions
One thing you'd like to achieve: possibly graduating high school?

Your thoughts first waking up: well hopefully that's nine in the morning and not nine at night this time...
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: nose.
Your best physical feature: glasses
Your bedtime: apparently it existed at some point
Your greatest accomplishment: having a lizard for ten years without accidently killing him, way to go buddy, you've beaten the system
Your most missed memory: actually being able to have current bushes in my backyard :(

Pepsi or coke: can't tell the difference and never shall aspire to
McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's, better variety
Single or group dates: no opinion unless it's the fruit in question, then it's single if any at all
Adidas or Nike: don't care enough
Chocolate or vanilla: a lovely hybrid of the two
Cappuccino or coffee: either or, but generally coffee
Bras or Panties: I tend to wear both, but bras can be pretty useful when you want to prank friends in airports

Smoke: don't really like it, so not usually
Cuss: sureeee, 'bout as well as a Tarantino knock-off
Take a shower everyday: nooope, sometimes forget to for about a week or so
Have a crush(es): not my kinda digs
Do you think you've been in love: with my pets and fictional characters, doubtlessly
Want to go to college: bit of a necessity at this point in western life
Like high school: some aspects of it, yeah, but goddamn are some of my classmates irritating as fuck
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: ? well it's getting done well enough for this to be legible, ain't it
Believe in yourself: not as much as Naruto, but then that's rare to the point of extinction
Get motion sickness: never
Think you're attractive: some parts of my personality are like acid, and not the interesting kind
Think you're a health freak: nope, but whole grain has some awesome taste and texture thankee very much
Get along with your parents: better than others I know
Like thunderstorms: yeah, kinda miss getting them, there aren't so many in my current location
Play an instrument: if whistling counts then no

Drank alcohol: yesterday
Smoke(d): not for a few months
Done a drug: see prior answer
Have Sex: nope
Made Out: nooo
Go to the mall: thank god, no
Eaten sushi: school stuff made me sick last month so never again
Been on stage: well I work lighting for our school performances, and us techies goof off there during downtime, so technically yes
Gone skating: nein
Made homemade cookies: todaaaay with dad
Been in love: with some new movies
Dyed your hair: nope
Stolen anything: only books from my parents, and perhaps some beer too come to think of it

Flown on a plane: indeed, many a time
Missed school because it was raining: nope, missed school from snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and ice storms though
Told a guy/girl that you liked them: yeap
Cried during a Movie: like a fricking baby
Ever thought an animated character was hot: a couple of times
Had an imaginary friend: I suppose characters and stories I've made up over the years could count
Been on stage: see other answer to similar question; I've been on stage for performances too
Cut your hair: at least twice a year
Had crush on a teacher: yup, mostly due to his fabulous beard but then he had to cut it off cuz his infant daughter kept yanking on it
Played a game that required removal of clothing: cast parties

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: not terribly so, no
Been caught "doing something": awkwarly yes
Been called a tease: yes, but by somebody who I sincerely wish didn't mean it
Gotten beaten up: by my older brother, but I hit back so it was fine
Been in a fight: I'm a girl, they happen pretty frequently; physically see the above response
Shoplifted: on accident

Age you hope to be married: eh, it's not terribly high on my list
Numbers and Names of Children: dunno, something like Arthur (not due to the tv show w/ his eponymous boytoy) with some badass history to it
Descibe your Dream Wedding: don't have one
How do you want to die: by not being eaten alive
What do you want to be when you grow up: taller than when I started, gratefully that's been achieved
What country would you most like to visit: I'd like to go back to Germany

-O-P-P-O-S-I-T-E- SEX:
Best eye/hair color: whatever suits their face I guess
Short or long hair: same as above, although probably shorter
Best height: somewhere above 5'4"
Best weight: more than 100 lbs, don't wanna be charged with necrophilia
Best first date location: not in the middle of the wilderness where there's no place to get gas
Best first kiss location: it honestly does not matter to me

Number of girl/boyfriends you've had: zilch
Number of kisses you've given: a few that I'd like to take back
Number of drugs taken illegally: eh, don't remember how many
Number of people I could trust with my life: probably a few, don't really expect this to be terribly useful in any way
Number of CDs that I own: plenty
Number of piercings: six
Number of tattoos: nil
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: probably never
Number of scars on my body: at least five, don't know exactly how many and it really don't make any kind o' difference
Number of things in my past that I regret: you want me to count THAT?

Shampoo: I wasn't aware this was a thing
Fav Color: greens and oranges, but not together
Day/Night: dawn
Summer/Winter: winteeeeeer
Lace or Satin: Satan
Fave Cartoon Character: the generic reply of 'I don't want to think about this at two in the morning so all of them'
Fave Food: spicy and sour and generally not both at once, but flavour is preferable
Fave Movies: zombie flicks, Tarantino-type romps, cheeky gangsters from the south of London ala Ritchie - that sort of irreverent garbage
Fave sport: don't really follow that stuff
Fave sports stars: haha, yeah no


Wearing: my 1984 sweater
Drinking: coffee and applejuice
Thinking about: whether or not I feel like reading more gay porn, drawing gay porn, or turning in for the night
Listening to: instrumentals for bad pop music


Cried: noppity ope
Worn jeans: yeah, undies too but they weren't denim
Met someone: one polite cashier at a local art store
Done laundry: probably should have
Drove a car: was in one
Talked on the phone: thankfully no

Yourself: sure? I believe in my corporeal existance
Your friends: they seem to be real too (or seem to be - oooOOOOoooo, there's some Twilight Zone level shit goin' on here, man)
Santa Claus: I'm Jewish from a cultural stance
Tooth Fairy: noooo, just dentists
Destiny/Fate: pft, lol, no
Angels: re: above response
Ghosts: not since I was like, fourteen
UFO's: well apparently Supes can intermittently look like both a bird and a plane so I'm sure it's possible
God: eh, I don't take to religion well, but it can make for some good fanfic

Do you ever wish you had another name: not generally
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: no
Do you like anyone: wasn't this already asked?
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: probably the one I nicked this from
Who have you known the longest of your friends??: Marlo for seven and Alex near on that amount
Are you close to any family member: not terribly close, but I can rely on my insufferably guileless brother the most
Who do you hang around the most: my room
When have you cried the most: when we had to put our dogs down, hardest thing any of us have ever had to do...
What's the best feeling in the world: feeling that someone actually cares about me
Worst Feeling: loosing that one just mentioned

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