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Hi there! Writing is usually one of my past times and am hoping I can improve my writing skills here. I tend to stick to light or fluff stories if ever, but it will be rare although I am tempted, to write something dark, but I'll stick to the light one. Thank you!

I like to draw too..Well, I did try my hand on drawing: And I am surprised. Well, here's my DA Account. You can find me drawing PH or UKPH. XD.

Hope I can meet new people here in fan I hope I can express my ideas well enough in my stories...

Please read my stories and give comments. I'm really open and I don't mind if they're off-hand. I just hope to learn so I can be a better writer in the future...

Anime/Manga I like:

Detective Conan, Magic Kaito, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Naruto (seasons before Shippuden..), Soul Eater, Clamp works E.g. Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer and others..I can't recall all of them..

My genre is kind of a mix-up. But I like slices of life, mystery, friendship, supernatural and romance. A bit of drama, some funny and cutesy and so..

Working On:

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Got hooked to the series, and wished immediately that Philippines would be a character already. So here, i'll write my thoughts too!

Maria Clara Carriedo de la Cruz (PhilippinesOC) is the character I portrayed as Philippines in the world of Hetalia. So, she's 5'3, tan in complexion, long wavy brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

Personality wise, she's quite naive, Miss Congeniality, a great cook and housekeeper, speaks her mind out (as taught by America) but very conservative (as taught by Spain) but also has a tomboyish streak (pre-Colonial), very religious but believes and can see her Mythological World, and is a great link between East and West. To balance it out, she always tends to work herself too hard, a bit of a latecomer, loves shopping and a bit of a spender, stubborn, brash, thick-headed, and very dense.

Relationship wise, she has had them with China, Spain, England, Netherlands, America, Japan and her other Asian siblings.

One feature I kept for her is the headband she wears which has is colored white as her brothers have bands with the colors or red and blue. Another one is the star or sampaguita she keeps on it. The star, as explained in Philippines Visits Russia, represents the herself, Luzon, on the Philippine Flag, with her brothers wearing those stars as well. A sampaguita is used as well but sometimes.

Well, I just see flowers as too mainstreamed, so I checked up for the stars...and the reason she holds only one star is to show she is only a part of the Philippine Archipelago and she won't be complete without her brothers.

The Magic Club (Complete)

I ship UKxPH. This is kind of a oneshot turned long due to how I wanted to show her relationship with England before and during World W Academy times. It's a smutty and fluffy story, so hope you can read it. Rated M to be safe, for explicitness (Chapter4 (slight) and 5)

The next stories will somehow be based during the World W Academy Timeline, in and out of the club.

Philippines meets Russia (Oneshot)

Maybe the title should be meets Russia. But oh well, here, Philippines meets Russia and his family for the first time. How does it go?

Note: THIS IS NOT HISTORICALLY, well, accurate. I am planning to edit it again. But it's kind of a cutesy How we Met...formally. Piri might have met Russia even before when she was with America and not just during this time.

Honesty (Ongoing)

A Gakuen Hetalia UKPH Fanfic. So, as it goes. England is a TsunTsun who has a developing crush on Piri...but how does he deal with it? This was supposedly a one-shot, but kind of got long since I thought some development wouldn't hurt and some fluff and comedy to spicen it up.

Currently working pn the next chapter! Thank you all for the support!!


A banner as well!!

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito

DCMK Crossover: Clues and Magic (thinking over)

This is a oneshot kinda long.. of the next generation of Magic Kaito and Detective Conan. Still my first and I am still thinking over the story.

Sweet Love (Oneshot)

KaiShin drabble..


Konoha High School Ninja Club (Discontinued)

It had been..more than 3 years since I last updated my account..I just thought of this back when I was in high school. I can't recall the story much now..but I'll think about if I want to give it a new twist..

Well. Thanks for reading! Go for it! FIGHTING!:D

Three Words to describe me: Serious, determined, sunny! XD.

I'm not just someone, I'm AW35OME. -ABM Chamber 35
I like flags...especially the UK and Philippine flag together.
Hetalia Piri and the World!

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Honesty reviews
UKPH shipping! England always has a hard time expressing what he wants to say, thus everyone deems him too strict and aloof. So how can he tell the girl he likes how he really feels? Banner by: Heartbreaker19 on DA A slice of life AU-Hetalia Academy, A bit of History on the side.
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