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February 2018 : Hello from Indianapolis!

Yes, I have seen in your reviews and some messages your requests to "hurry and update" my story A Question Of Allegiance. I am honored. Please accept my apologies for not updating soon and regularly.

I have had so much going on in real life. I have an elderly mother with advanced Parkinson's Disease and have had to move her to assisted living situation and still dealing with making her house ready to sell. Hopefully we can get it on the market by end of summer. Also, I went on overtime at work in Aug 2015 and am still working that (the extra money helps us out, so...). Those two things have kept me busy. I really want to get back to writing. Greg and Wendy (my husband and daughter) will tell you that I am a much easier person to live with when I can write! It makes me happy to let off all that creative steam.

I'm getting ready for knee joint replacement surgery soon, so, maybe in between physical rehab sessions and being on disability leave home from work, I can finally get some writing done!!!

Until I get some new stuff up, thanks for reading--and re-reading the old stuff. I really want to revise a lot of it, as well!

Thanks for staying with me and for your patience! JScorpio

Thanks for visiting here and for reading my stories! I appreciate that you took the time to read one or some of my stories. I know how valuable everyone's time is! I hope you enjoyed and re-read again in the future!

JScorpio lives with her husband and 13 year old daughter in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Favorite things: History, writing, music, singing, piano, working out, being outdoors, boating and waterskiing, spending time with family

I'm a wife and also a mom to a busy 12 1/2 year old, work full time and then have my household to take care of. Writing is second to real life stuff (author crying!!), so sometimes it may take me a few days(or weeks as of late--UGH) to update my stories--thanks for your patience! I know many of you are in the same boat! Ah, life!

I am not a professional writer. My goal here is to write something entertaining, good technically (I hope--I'll try), set within the time of the Revolutionary War in the American colonies. I have fictional characters in historical settings and if they happen to cross paths with famous historical people or are in historical happenings, I will try my best to stay close to historical accuracy, but can't always guarantee it. Artistic license may be used in some instances if it is viable. Call it "loosely based on history" if that makes you feel better and helps you to be more accepting. Please forgive me if I don't get the Historic minutiae correct.

I am currently moving toward trying to get published in the professional writing world. Yes it is a competitive business, but you don't know until you try. I expect my manuscript to be rejected the first 25 times and have to re-write it at least 17 times! Whose manuscript gets an offer the first time out, huh? (except Nicholas Sparks). The worst you can do is fail and the worst you can be told is "no", which in that case, the world doesn't end, you learn from the experience, and life goes on.

My pet peeve #1: Use of the contemporary American slang term "O.K./OK/Okay" in historical fiction. Per etymology, this term was not first recorded until 1839, and not popularly used in American speech until over one hundred years later!(so, in the 1930s) Usually Americans are the only ones that use this term, even today. If you are writing something "historical", I hope you consider NOT using this contemporary slang in your historical writing!

My pet peeve #2: UNFINISHED STORIES! (yeah, like my own is right now 2/2018) I challenge all writers to try hard to finish your stories! If you don't write and are strictly a reader, then I challenge you to write your favorite authors of your favorite unfinished stories and encourage them (harrass? ha ha) to finish their fics

Feb 2018: Current avatar picture is General George Rogers Clark at age 26, portrait shortly after he won the Northwest Territories back from the British in 1780. Yes--he is the older brother of William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame. Of the 10 Clark kids, all 6 sons were officers, 5 of them serving with distinction during the Revolutionary War. The 4 Clark sisters had married officers, as well, 3 of the brother-in-laws having served in the Revolutionary War with the Clark brothers. George, 2nd oldest, and William, the youngest brother, were both adventurous explorers and the lands that they conquered, George, the modern day Midwest in the US, and William, some of the Plains states and Pacific Northwest states in the US, served to vastly increase the size of this country way beyond the Allegheny Mountains and the original 13 tidewater colonies.

George Rogers Clark website:

NOTE TO ALL READERS 2/3/2018 : When reading any of my stories posted here (older ones/older updates), if it reads "oddly", like you feel like there is a break in the scene/time/action, well, it's probably because it did have a break. Within individual chapters, I usually denote a change in scene/action/time/ or memory flashback to give story background, with a long row of asterisks (*) to set it off. Recently this site ran some sort of update that has deleted rows of astericks (and maybe rows of other characters such as slashes??) within the text of stories, so now these are no longer separated. I apologize for this that the time now looks like it runs together--it is a technical error in the site. I am trying slowly to go back in to the old stories and reinsert these scene separators, but it is a process in which you have to take stuff out and re-post and very time consuming. Again, I apologize for this and any incovenience in reading it causes--I obviously like the changes separated or I wouldn't write them that way! Please bear with me while I attempt the updates. It has happened on several others writers' stories here, as well--not just isolated to mine. Thanks!

Update to above: "The Boundary" and "Bordon's Girl", older stories of mine are done now--the scene/time breaks have been put back in. Am currently working on getting them back into "The Pacifist's Daughter"--the first 17 chapters are done. Thanks again for patience--am getting this tedious process done little by little.

My stories: "The Patriot" fics (featuring Colonel Tavington and Captain Bordon):

"The Boundary" originally written&posted 2001 Revised/new scenes added completed:May 2009 posted

"Bordon's Girl" originally written&posted 2001 Revised/streamlined and completed: June 2009 posted

"The Pacifist's Daughter" writing began 2002 completed June 2011 posted

"A Question Of Allegiance" currently writing June 2011 to present ( RevWar historical drama/romance)

"A Night In Charles Towne" (tentative/working title) Planning/outlining stages for the future (RevWar historical short story comedy)

NOTE: An artist named Kelley Raine at DeviantArt had done a rendering of Karen and Tavington from my story "The Boundary". I think it was done in 2007. It is beautiful and excellent and brought tears to my eyes looking at it! Please follow this link or copy and paste it into your search engine and view it!

If you're a fan of the movie "The Patriot", you may want to check out the following sites :

Tavington/Isaacs discussion page:

Bordon/Jamieson Price discussion page:

There is a new and active Jamieson Price/Captain Bordon website at:

There is now a FaceBook fan page dedicated to Captain Bordon. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Captain-Bordon/180273831994974?sk=wall

There is now a FaceBook fan page for RevWar General George Rogers Clark, father of the modern midwest and conqueror of the Old Northwest, for the History channel documentary "Frontier: Legends of the Old Northwest-Long Knives (George Rogers Clark and his legion)" at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/George-Rogers-Clark-Frontier-Legends-of-the-Old-Northwest-Long-Knives/160276647371460

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