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Author has written 3 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Manao ahoana e!! I'm learning Malagasy online! Hi I'm Chy you can call me that or Madagascar or Maldew... Anyway i've only got two stories up for now but maybe I'll write more?

Favorite pairings

Axis power Hetalia

Ger/Ita Its like sugar on steriods!

Spain/Roma- What can I say about its other than its sweet and sour and sausy!

Swe/Fin- Thier so cute!!!

Turk/Greece- Love, hate nothing goes better together!

and last but not lest

Germania/Rome- I'm not sure anymore... Rome is my hero on the inside lol

Kingdom Hearts




Anyway thats about it besides that I'm pretty much up for anything.

Hetalia characters I like in order from 1-10

1- ... Germany

2-N-Italy ^.^



5-Finland He's cute!


7- Prussia

8-America Fuck ya!

9- Japan I like him an all but come on!

and last but not least

10-Spain! Can you not like the spanish guy?

Anyway theres more my least favorite characters are France, Poland, Sealand, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Romano (on a bad day), and Turkey...

My favorites after 10

11- Greece

12-Canada (I live near him!)

13- Belguim (Seen her once!)

14- Hungary

15- HRE (Holy Roman Empire is so cute)

16- Austria...

17- Germania (He's in the damn videos once and he's awsome!)

18-Rome (Just because he's Rome.)

Anyway my own personal favorite pairing is Australia/Madagascar I think they work well together Madagascar's the planer and Australia would be the one to do those plans... ^.^ I hearts Aussies.

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