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Name Lord of Daemons'

Real name: N/A

Age: 25

Gender: Male

General things:

Likes: Mature girls/young women, Warhammer (both 40k and fantasy), books (especially Lovecraft's works despite his blatant racism), comics, manga, anime (bleach especially), fantasy, sci-fi, video games (Kingdom hearts/god of war/various shooters etc.).

Dislikes: Filler arcs in general (thought there are some I can tolerate if done well), BL and yaoi. I've moved the last two out of the Hates category because I've come to a realization that I have no right to force people to stop posting things I don't like and that I don't have to read something I don't like.

Hates: Rapists, child molesters, and hypocrites. Assholes who shove there beliefs down your throat. Crappy filler arcs in shows and a good chunk of the Naruto series, because Kishimoto kept doing stuff that pissed me off. Oh and Junji Ito's works, its less that they're bad and more along the lines that they're too good at what they were written to do! I saw the name Uzumaki and picked up a digital copy of his works by mistake while looking for Naruto stuff. Seriously they need to put a warning label on his works or something! Actually when I first read them I thought they were actually rather silly until I went to sleep that night...yeah not pretty. SO yeah avoid his stuff if you hate really scary/creepy stuff for he is king at what he does!

Dreams:TO RULE THE WORLD MWAHAHA HAHA! No seriously it's to become a successfuly lawyer who has enough time to also still write fantasy novels.

My pride: To write fanfics that are unusual and original in there premise. Admittedly it severely cuts back on the number of readers and reviews I get, but the pride I get from writing something no one else has done before is well worth the cost (though I still wish people would freaking review!)

Now don't read the next part if you don't want spoilers for the Naruto series or your not at least 13 folks I don't need your parents complaining to me

My personal Naruto Sh#t list: These are people in the Naruto story I would like nothing more than to see them ruined. And since I like to debate with people and believe in the first amendment of the U.S constitution feel free to PM me and we can discuss our difference in opinions:

Canon Naruto: good guys in a story are by definition supposed to be good, I get that but in real life if a person got put through half the crap he went through they would snap. People constantly talking about you as a thing or IT. Being forced to Live on your own at that young age. A leader who acts nice towards you but in truth do next to nothing to help your situation. Teachers who apparently either ignore you or scream at you without any attempts to actually help him. They know he doesn't have parents to help him but do any of them take that into account when he messes up? Maybe I don't know assign him a tutor to help? Hell why is it nobody freaking noticed that the reason he couldn't do the clone was because of his inhuman chakra reserves? The boy is the villages ultimate weapon and instead of helping him succeed they avoid, ignore, or just mistreat him. Hell even if some of the people on the site are right and the Ichiraku staff are just being nice because he's a good customer (not that I believe that) at least they're using common sense! And why is he so gay for Sasuke?! Yeah they were both alone but seriously Naruto your going to give up your life and your dream for a freaking traitor like him?! Is it because he was your first kiss you orange jumpsuit wearing closet case!? Because you and I both know it was an accident...or was IT? Anyway I'm sorry but if that was me at the valley of the end the second Sasuke tried to run me through with the Chidori I would of said F#ck it and killed his sorry ass. But then again if I was Naruto I would never have sought the villages respect, I would have burned those horrendous orange jumpsuits, and I would have tried to go nuke-nin. On top of that canon Naruto just so freaking stupid and naive that the only way I can see the manga ending is with him and Sasuke both dead. Seriously it took 500 chapters to figure out that those who become Hokage were chosen because they were respected and not the other way around WTF?! The only reason he got as far as he has was a combination of dumb luck early on in the series, and his inability to admit defeat and while the later is admirable under the right circumstances its also a bit pathetic under the wrong ones. Yami Naruto was right Naruto should have told those villagers to shove it up their ass once they started being nice to him! Now given later events in canon (namely the newest power up Naruto got) you might be expecting me to have changed my opinion on this...you'd be wrong! More power dose not equal a better character! Naruto's personality is still annoyingly brash and naive and his constant prattling on about peace gives me a migraine. I have never liked characters like Naruto with the exception of Goku from dragonball/z and only because while he still tried to save people, he at least knew that some people had to be put down for good whereas outside of the filler arcs and movies Naruto has never killed a single living person (and no Zetsu and his clones don't count since their...well clones and all). And that nonsense about world peace is just that, nonsense. I guarantee you some a$$hole is going to be starting another war at some point in the series future. World peace is against human nature, there will always be conflict in the world. Philosophical ramblings aside, you want an example of a hero I like, look no further than Ichigo Kurosaki. He's one of the smartest kids in his class, he cares about his friends and family enough to put his life on the line for him, but he does it in a cool way. Admittedly his bout of honor before reason during the fight with Ulquiorra made my jaw drop at the stupidity (seriously you're going to let him chop off your arm to be fair!?) but given his honorable nature throughout the series I can understand it. A shame his series got fucked over the way it did, but getting back to Naruto though...

Many of the various Kage's: I think the ultimate lesson the Naruto works are trying to teach us is if you get into a position of power your either going to die, become an inhuman monster, or horribly f#ck up your families future. Think about it according to canon every Jinchuriki is related to the Kage's in some way shape or form. And every jinchuriki with the possible exception of Kushina (it's ambiguous whether or not she would have survived had she not been wounded by the fox for all we know she could have been dying just much slower pace than the others) has died because of their tailed beast being extracted. That means every time the current one got too old to be of use they were killed and someone else got their life was made into a living hell. Then there's Mu being an asshole, Gaara's dad and his mind rape of Gaara, Sarutobi will have his own section. Yagura is somewhat exempt because of his being brainwashed. The second Hokage Tobirama was paranoid and his mistrust pretty much laid the groundwork for the attempted coup by the Uchiha, not to mention if he had just let Hashirama make Madara the first Hokage like he initially wanted then Madara wouldn't have gone crazy evil and NONE of the crappy events in the series would have happened! Hashirma the first Hokage seemed to be alright excepting the fact he helped hook Tsunade on gambling so he's cool. I'll reserve my opinions about the Raikages until we know which Raikage was behind the Hyuuga incident. The second Mizukage and third Kazekage and Gaara are okay. Onoki is a mixed bag for me, I'm not sure to be honest. Oh and Mei is awesome despite her concern over marriage induced bouts of nigh-homicidal rage...

Minato Namikaze: I'm going to get a lot of flak for this one but you know what it's a free country so to any and all who try to force me to retract my opinion have the decency to confront me in a personal message or kindly go f#ck (︶︿︶) yourselves!

Now onto the rant: This man pisses me off so much I reserved a separate section just for him. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THIS GUY?! You know your wife had a rough time because of the eldritch abomination sealed inside her and your first instinct is to pick your son to contain the thing which just leveled half your freaking village? And you think just telling the villagers he's a hero is going to work. Now let's assume for a moment that idiotic plan had even the faintest chance of working...what if he didn't want to become a ninja?! My dad's a bus driver and my mom's a nurse but that doesn't mean I want to be either one of those things! Last time I checked you can't force someone to be a ninja, so the kid would have been SOL (sh#t outta luck) and would have gotten captured by Akatsuki unless they put a round the clock watch on him and even then there's a good chance that wouldn't have worked. Unless he knew instinctively that Naruto would become a ninja. Which means either A). He knew his plan wouldn't work and that Naruto would pretty much have no choice if he was going to be accepted or B). He planned on Naruto being so emotionally messed up that he would be easy to manipulate into becoming a ninja. Great job a-hole. Now why didn't he let Kushina drag the fox to hell with her? Something about not being able to kill a tail beast for good...except where's the proof?! They have yet to show any evidence except possibly the three-tails being on its own, but even then for all we know it got free when it was being extracted from Yagura (we still don't know how he died). Okay then there's the fact that instead of having someone else do the freaking sealing like every other Kage in existence and thus being their to take care of his child, he choose to sacrifice himself. Yeah his wife is dying but your kid needs you a-hole, no one says you have to remarry. Thus the only explanation is that he wanted a weapon for his precious village not to stop Madara (because his plan required the tailed beast) but to serve as a deterrent for the other villages. Now I can understand not knowing that Madara needed all the tailed beasts but In light of information in the manga I present 4 alternative solutions to what he did. 1). Seal it in Naruto but have someone else do the sealing, as for the power source Kushina was dying anyway use her to fuel the sealing like Gaara's dad did to his mom. Besides recent issues seem to suggest that Karura's spirit is what's actually protecting Gaara so thusly Kushina would be able to watch over Naruto. 2). Do your original course of action but while telling the other villages you have a Jinchuuriki don't freaking tell anyone in the village that the fox is in Naruto until much later in his life, you know after people have gotten to know him! 3). Let Kushina drag it to hell and then have the villagers lie about them still having a tailed beast in the mean time that way in case the fox does magically return you could have had time to find a way to seal it. Speaking of which what happened to the method Mito Uzumaki and the Sage of Six paths used to seal the fox away? It doesn't look like either of them had to sacrifice anyone to seal it so why didn't they use that instead of the one they did use? Hell did Minato leave Naruto anything besides grief? Don't ninjas have a life insurance policies or wills or trusts or something? In light of all this and the fact that Minato was supposed to be a genius and thus would have probably come to the same conclusions I did I believe that A). He was too emotionally messed up to see the big picture and properly protect his child (thus meaning he failed as a father) and used Jiraiya's idiotic prophecy as justification for ruining his son's life. B). He emotionally manipulated Kushina using her desire to see Naruto as an adult to make her stop opposing him. Oh and I don't care that he's back from the dead and is going to help Naruto out, that dosen't make everything right after 16 years of hell! The man was in my opinion a complete and utterly naive and overly idealistic fool. You do not gamble your child's future on a prophecy and hope someone who is clearly unreliable will be there to pick up the slack! Which brings me to the next person on my list...

Jiraiya: Where to start with this asshole. Hm...ah yes I know where...WHERE THE HELL WAS HE FOR THE FIRST 12 or 13 years of Naruto's life!? Now I get he runs a spy network but he had to report in sometime! Since Naruto obviously didn't know who he was when they first met, that means Jiraiya didn't so much as send a freaking birthday card to Naruto! The man obviously has his toads so why the hell didn't he send one with a message saying. Dear Naruto, my name is Jiraiya and I'm your godfather. I'm sorry I wasn't their for you while you were growing up but I have to make sure my homicidal ex-teammate Orochimaru and a bunch of crazy S-ranked nuke-nin don't destroy the village. I'll try and keep in touch but given my job that may difficult. Take care, sincerely Jiraiya. It took me all of a minute to write that and yet given the info in canon the only thing Jiraiya did was A). refuse to train Naruto till he bribed him with his own nudity which is the very definition of wrong. B). Abandon Naruto, all the while thinking that because of a prophecy he'd be okay. And speaking of that prophecy it's complete B.S! I don't care if Naruto's the messiah world peace goes against human nature and will mean the end of the ninja world as they know it! Anyway getting back on track C). Force Naruto to pay to learn a technique (the rasengan) which is his freaking birthright! Oh and let's not forget D). Ignore his godson during training to go chase skirts and when his godson asks for help his response is to throw him into the ravine to try and tap into a power he has no experience with and despite the fact he has poor chakra control! Speaking of which how the hell is Jiraiya qualified to teach Naruto how to draw upon the fox? I know he's good with sealing and whatnot, but he's not a jinchuuriki so how could he know how to use it properly especially given the fox hates Naruto? Did he work with Kushina when she was trying to use the fox or something because if not then the best he could do was weaken the seal. Throw in his general perversion and the fact that in the three years he was with Naruto he only taught him, an overgrown rasengan which could be avoided by any competent enemy, a basic technique to disperse illusions he could have learned in a book oh and the fact he ended up weakening the seal holding back the nine-tails and you get a recipe for disaster. Not to mention that since Minato was his student its his fault Minato fell into that overly idealistic nonsense about world peace and prophecies. And as for the water walking technique it doesn't count since Naruto almost had that down even with the suppression seal on his gut. Hell we know Kakashi has some knowledge in sealing he could have fixed it if Naruto had brought it up. And even if Naruto didn't do that he probably would have noticed Naruto's problem if he had bothered to train them both and if he wasn't such an Uchiha fan boy! Which brings me to my next character...

Kakashi: Fellow fan-fiction writer insomniac1came up with a lot of interesting points about Kakashi in his story Returning the Pain. In all the time he had Naruto he only taught him tree walking, meanwhile he taught Sasuke an A-ranked assassination technique all because of some perceived obligation to his (supposedly) dead teammate. Hey Kakashi if you pulled your head out of your ass you'd realize that Naruto is just like your (supposedly) dead teammate! Speaking of which how is that so called one original technique worth an A-rank or even count as an assassination technique? You can see it and hear it from a mile away! Not to mention it's just a lightning chakra enhanced jab which given that his affinity is for lightning must not have been that difficult to come up with. Oh and that story about his old teammates...how did Rin, a girl who had just been proverbially mind raped by an interrogation technique and quite possibly actually raped manage to perform a delicate surgery with no problems? A surgery which just so happened to give her teammate the item necessary to overcome his problems with his one technique...wow Kakashi the gods *cough Kishimoto cough* must really love you! Now his actions during and leading up to the chunin exams are also suspect. The exam was potentially lethal even without Orochimaru, and yet despite knowing that he had only taught his team the tree walking exercise he thought it would be a bright idea to sign them up. Sasuke was the only one who was half-way competent enough as a ninja to have a chance of surviving in that exam! What did Kakashi expect him and Naruto's resident tennant to pick up everyone else on the teams slack? Hell Kakashi didn't even think the team would get that far he just wanted them to learn a lesson about how dangerous it was...which makes no freaking sense! And how did he think with just the tree walking exercise they would be alright? While the tree walking exercise is useful it is such a basic technique I cannot for the life of me understand why it wasn't taught in the academy or in lieu of that immediately after the teams passed there test. No instead Kakashi waited until they were on a mission which they should never have been on in the first place. Kakashi was so arrogant he assumed that just cause he was there everything would be alright. BULL CRAP! The second he found out the truth about the mission he should have scrapped the mission. Then there's his actions towards Naruto, he didn't teach Naruto anything besides tree walking despite being able to do the rasengan. And he did absolutely nothing to help Naruto for the exams instead pawning him off to a guy who hated his guts! Something he would have known if he had bothered to listen to his own advice and look underneath the underneath. On top of that he waited until after the time skip to tell him about elemental manipulation and then didn't even really follow through with it. He also like the Hokage failed to tell Naruto what the shadow clone could really do. Oh and the fact that when Naruto threw a hissy fit instead of sternly talking him down like an adult he freaking punched him. That's something an immature brat like Naruto would do not a grown adult! The man may be a skilled Shinobi but he is a crappy teacher!

Those three guys who guarded Minato (I can't be bothered with their names) plus any side/filler characters in the village who either knew Minato or that Naruto was not the fox: Why did none of them help Naruto? There is no evidence that anyone save the Ichiraku's (and Iruka but we'll get to him later) did anything to help Naruto. WHY?! I know the bodyguards might have thought if they got to close people might start to ask questions but is a few words of encouragement so difficult and time consuming they can't be bothered? I believe that what happened is what people would call the bystander effect, everyone thought that someone else would be nice to the kid so they didn't try to help him assuming it was under control. That being said once Minato's bodyguards found out Naruto knew about his dad they should have gone to teach him the Hirashin. Speaking of which what's so special about those three guys? They apparently got their asses kicked by the sound four (who in turn got their asses kicked by a bunch of genin in one on one fights) but let's be fair both parties were exhausted at the end of their respective fights. But ignoring the fights, let's look at this from a story perspective, these guys have contributed next to nothing to the overall story and we are just finding out now they were Minato's bodyguard? That is just piss poor story telling! Hell I just realized, if the Hokage's are marked with the Hirashin seal like Tsunade seems to me then that logically Sarutobi would have had the same seal, so why didn't they just teleport him out of the barrier the sound four erected? Speaking of the third Hokage...

Sarutobi: He was too much of a wimp to do what needs to be done and get rid of Orochimaru (and the above mentioned thing with Naruto) plus he covered up any and all evidence of the previous jinchuriki. I'm pretty sure if the villager's had known that Mito Uzumaki had contained the fox the villager's would have had more faith in Naruto. The only reason I can see covering it up was to keep Naruto from finding out about his parents, or possibly keeping the people from crapping their pants at the possibility of Madara being still alive (though I doubt that seeing as their's no evidence Minato told Sarutobi his suspicions regarding Tobi). And how was giving Naruto the surname of a clan that was so feared they were exterminated so much better than giving him the Namikaze name? Hell the current Raikage A seemed to be able to figure out his relation to his dad with a glance so the second Naruto got into the bingo book his life was good as f#cked! There's also the fact that he believed that Naruto could keep his mouth shut about the fox but apparently didn't have faith in him when it came to his parents identity. Not to mention his little idiotic announcement to the village not only ruined Naruto's life but also probably served to inform the other villages of Naruto's status and turned him into a target. Also we have no evidence to suggest he tried to help Naruto, hell he knew Naruto had the shadow clone technique yet he never told him about its potential uses in training. He knows Naruto is valuable yet he never once thought to assign Naruto a tutor to help him. Hell once it was determined that Naruto could keep his mouth shut about the fox he should have had more than enough proof that Naruto was trust worthy enough to tell him about his heritage. He's the Hokage and unlike in fanon the council can't do crap to stop him from doing so. The Uchiha massacre was done behind his back and was a one time thing. And also recent events in the anime make me wonder, why the hell didn't he have anyone guarding Kushina given her special chakra and the fact she was specifically brought to the leaf village just to contain the fox when the time came? That just screams either incompetence on Sarutobi's part or that whole mess being some manipulative plot like in AkashXD's fanfics. *Update: it's definitely incompetence,even he himself admitted his incompetence in Naruto 627!*

Iruka: He's part of the reason Naruto is a overly forgiving dumb-ass. Yeah Naruto is partially to blame because he's a completely impatient spaz but Iruka himself admitted he didn't do nearly enough to help him. And the fact that instead of sternly talking Naruto down during his spaz attacks he screams like a child would. And why the hell didn't he notice Naruto's chakra control problems if he was his teacher for Kishimoto only knows how many years!

Tobi aka Obito: Sociopathic whiny emo a-hole who ruined the life of everyone else all over an offense that happened years ago! He also caused the the whole mess with Naruto and also helped to provide Sasuke's final push into utter evil cackling insanity. The one thing I have to admire about this guy is how far he came from virtual dumbass to super badass Kage level fighting ninja on par with Minato but even then that admiration is tempered with the fact that a good chunk of this was only possible because he had Hashirama's cells juicing him up. On that note I suspect that the vitality provided by the cells is part of the reason he got so good so fast (probably used the new found energy reserves to do something like Naruto with the clone training).

Orochimaru: creepy ass Michael Jackson looking pedophile who's actions helped push Sasuke over the edge! He may be helping Sasuke now...but dude is still creepy and his amoral attitude is pissing me off.

Itachi Uchiha: for someone so smart his plan sure was dumb. You murder your entire clan including the innocent, the Uchiha by marriage, your lover, and parents and then decide to spare your little brother. That really does not speak well about his relationship with his significant others if he could do that! Then you proceed to mind rape your little brother and turn him into a brooding emo. Then just as he is starting to gain friendship and bonds to prevent him from going rogue you decide to mind rape him a second time thereby providing necessary motivation for Sasuke's betrayal. Then despite knowing there's a potentially immortal sociopath who knows about your double agent status and knows more about the tricks your fancy little eyes can do, you decide to bank on either killing him with either a technique he more than likely has developed a counter for in case you betray him or further mind-raping your brother with a one shot technique that ultimately didn't work out. Good freaking lord man! You should have just wiped Sasuke's memory of you crying and partially spared him the trauma or just put him out of misery that night!

The various leaf village girls in Naruto's age group before Shippuden: They were all worthless fangirls before the timeskip. Sakura admitted she only tied with Ino in the exams because Naruto encouraged her and while she may be skilled in medical techniques the fact is if Chiyo hadn't been backing her she wouldn't have survived her big fight debut in part 2. Ten ten couldn't do anything of value movies be damned. Hinata was a pathetic stalker outside of filler arcs who never did a damned thing to help out her crush. Hell for all the problems it would have caused with her family if she had shown some back bone and approached Naruto her family might have been impressed. Sure pre-exam they had a problem with him but after the ass-kicking he gave Neji I'm sure they would have lightened up. Ino was the only one with arguably the most abilities and skills of them but she's held back because she was such a fangirl. Hell I'd rather Naruto be paired up with one of girls from the various filler arc girls (Yakumo, Sasami, Isarimi, Shizuka etc.) or nobody at all pre-timeskip than any one of the Konoha rookie girls because at least they were halfway competent as kunoichi! Good lord I owe Sasuke an apology, for the longest time I just thought he was gay but now that I look at all the options he had in the village, suddeny Sasuke's refusal to go out with any of them while he was in the village makes perfect sense! Thankfully the leaf village girls seem to have FINALLY become useful! If I write a fanfic featuring them and I decide to pair them up with Naruto expect it to occur AFTER the timeskip, not before.

As for the rest of the rookies and Konoha and general, well I'm not going to waste any more time talking about them so to summarize they are assholes. Never helping Naruto out or trying to befriend him when he was young. While I give Shikimaru props for helping Naruto out in that one filler arc that still does not make up for their general asshole attitude towards him throughout most of the series. It shows how much of a desperate attention whore Naruto was if he could believe these people were his friends. Given all this I cannot for the life of me why Naruto stuck around in that god forsaken village. If you want more reasons why well just read my new stories.

Sasuke: there's only so far you can push the sympathy card before it becomes ineffectual and Sasuke had long since passed that line. Hell he crossed that line when he betrayed Konoha. Also his attitude throughout most of the whole series pissed me off, the sad thing is he was showing possible signs of improvement until Itachi and Orochimaru messed with his mind. While the sharingan has become overpowered lately I have no problem with its usage. After all its hypocritical to say its okay for Naruto to use the Kyubi but not okay for Sasuke to use the sharingan. After he seemingly turned good again as of chapter 627 I wasn't too sure what to think of him. I still think Naruto should have at least tried to run him through back at the valley of the end. I was almost willing to forgive him after all the only people he's killed/injured/ forced to kill themselves so far was Danzo (who was an asshole), Deidara (who was a badguy), Orochimaru (a freaky possibly pedophilic badguy), a bunch of scrub nameless samurai characters and he attempted to kill Karin whose bipolar nature actually creeps me (and Sasuke appearently) out...and then he went and imprisoned the tailed beasts and then tried to go evil again with zero consequences afterwards! For fucks sake man get some anti-depressants and a counselor cause this shit is fucking ridiculous.

Characters I'm on the fence about:

Rock lee/Gai: It's not so much I have a problem with these two but with their situation. How did Lee pass if he can't do any techniques but Taijutsu and yet Naruto was flunked for not being able to do the clone technique? I mean Naruto was bad in his academics and all but I believe he got average marks in the practical crap and a B in Taijutsu according to the databooks. It just dosen't make sense, I would like a proper explanation.

The A-the raikage: loved how he beat up Sasuke however he might have triggered the Hyuuga incident which means its his fault Neji got as fucked up as he did.

Pairings I like:

Naruto x Fem-Kyubi: most kitsune in myths are female seductresses so why not? Also powerful confident women are a turn on for me. And if you think about it Kyubi despite the voice is just a mass of chakra so gender for any of the tailed beasts isn't an issue. Just have to overcome the attitude problem.

Naruto x any female Jinchuriki or tailed beast

Naruto x a reasonably older women: there are limits dammit Tsunade and Mito Uzumaki are too old unless time travel or some kind of reverse aging technique is used in the story. If that's the case than any older women is okay in my book. Especially the current Mizukage (SO HOT)

Naruto x any girl from outside the village/harem in general...except Karin...that girl is just WAY too crazy for my tastes!

Naruto x a well written original character.

Naruto x Kushina UNDER VERY STRICT CIRCUMSTANCES. Like alternate reality or if either one of their DNA is overwritten enough that they're no longer technically related. Speaking of which I'm sure you're curious as to why she is not on my hate list if she allowed Minato to go through with the sealing? Take into consideration her weakness following the fox's removal and Tobi's comments and it's clear to me she was going to die no matter what happened. Also I don't know if her plan would have worked given how weak she was, plus the only reason she went through with the sealing is that she wanted to see her son grow up and be there at the time when he most needed her. Now having finally seen the sealing in animated form, I find myself understanding why she did what she did and hold nothing against her. Minato is still an idiot for putting so much blind trust in a bunch of people he barely knew though!

Naruto x fem-Haku: Haku is so feminine that the Serbian dub even went so far as to refer to Haku as a girl so why shouldn't I gender swap in my own fics.

Status Update:

Blood, hope, and chaos might be coming back after all. As for Naruto: Gods and Demons...well I'm sad to say its not going to be finished. Now for those people that reviewed thank you I greatly appreciate you taking time out to do so. And I have good news in the form of the fact that while I won't be updating Gods and Demons I will be rewriting it under the title of Eye of the storm. Look out for it in the future!

Tthe following story is priority one (until I decide otherwise):

Eye of Storm

Other new fic ideas:

Naruto Rifted: A portal deposits heroes from the Palladium books Mega-verse throughout the Elemental Countries. Why are they here and how is their fate tied to Naruto's?

Dominion Ascendant: Marcus Friedrich was just minding his own business when he found himself kidnapped by a strange woman. But who is this woman? What does she want...and why the hell is she claiming he's some kind of galactic overlord?! (1st chapter up!)

The difference of a few Years: In red alert 3 erasing Einstein in 1927 brought about a world were the Soviets were on the offensive against Europe at the cost of their nukes and the creation of the Empire of the rising sun. But what if they had chosen to erase Einstein a few years later say in 1939? Surely the changes wouldn't be too great... or would they?

Parent & Guardian: We all know the story about Naruto Uzumaki, he was for most of his life alone. But logically someone must have taken care of him in the beginning and yet no mention is ever made. That is until now, during the wave mission Naruto displays skills no one, not even he knew he had. Secrets and suppressed memories are uncovered but what does this mean for Naruto and Konoha? And what does Iwa have to do with this?

Naruto: Strange Aeons: Once there was a little blond boy named Naruto Uzumaki who wanted to have a family more than anything. Well he got it alright...too bad their not entirely human... Dark but not evil Naruto. First chapter is up!

Fate's Entangelled Webs: What makes a person a hero? Are we destined to be who we will become from birth? Or do our own decisions and outside factors affect the equation? On a far different version of Earth in the Marvel multiverse Peter's Parker life circumstances are altered heavily by chance encounters and outside influences. Granted superhuman spider powers but under far different circumstances than his more well known version, will Peter Parker become the hero we know so well? Something greater? Or will he become something far worse...

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