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(Mall-Bro King) not Mal-bro king

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

There was a picture i told you about in my Story Sad picture piece

Here's the link to the picture

Code geass Group shot

sad isn't it, it's a lovely great picture.

Profile status:

New of today Updated 4/26/11.

Now I'm back, if you don't remember me thats good. a long time ago i disappeared over a year ago from this site. So yeah, basically my stories below are crap... i wasn't the best writer back in the day or even a writer at all. Now i'm an excellent writer. My new stories will be a little better but they'll be like random. so yeah whatever. Back when i was still on this site my spelling was the worst in the country of the US. Now it's much more better since i'm an amazing typist and i look over my work so my work won't be needing a beta since i don't suck that much anymore. My profile below is what i left behind and the spelling as you can see is atrocious... i won't change it since I'm lazy. seeing my spelling from the me i was back in 2009 i want to travel back in time and slap myself for being such a terrible speller...

Im black, if you don't like me sorry for being so Different :-( but i believe all of our race is equal just because of our color of the skin were still all human beings.

ME: Im really Petty. im a Masochist and probily a sadist. im petty to my friends. readers (don't expect me too be fair). evan one of my friends said when i asked him for something "no because you do me petty", i did get what i want i still owe him 2 thing through. I LOVE BEING PETTY. so sorry.

Likes: Yuri Yoai, hentai,Lemon,learning about the past, Ancinet coins. Being petty. makin my cats surffer (when im in Unknown mood)

Hates: Homophobia people, Rasicum, Igornate people, Crimanals, Crule herated People,Anti Christ people,My school. You tube, AOL

Homophobia people and you: they are people too you know stop the hate and speraded the love!

i am the girl kicked out of her house because i confied to my mother that i am a Lesiban
i am the prositute working on the streets becasue no one will hire a transexaul
i am the sister who holds her gay brother tight throught the pain full ad tear-full nights.
we are parents burried our daughur long before her time
i am the man who died in the hospital alone becuase they would not let my partner in the room
i am a foster child who walks up with night mares of being taken aways by two fathers who are a loving famliy i have i wish they can apdot me.
i am one of the lucky ones i survied the attacks that left me in a coma for 3 weeks and in a nothor yeari might be able to walk again
i am not the luckiy ones i guess. i killed myself justs weeks before my high school gruadution it was simply to much to bear.
we are the couple the realtorhang up on us when she found out we wanted rent a bedroom for two men
i never know which Bathroom i should use if i want to avoid getting Mangerment called on me
i am a Mother who is not allowed to visit the child i bore,nursed, and rasied. the court says i am a unfit Mother because i live with another women
i am the domestic violence who found out the surrport system suddenly grow cold anddistance when they found out my abuisve partner is also a women
i am the domestic violence who has no support system to trunto because im a male
i am the father who has never hugged his son i grew up afarid to show affection to other men
i am the home economs teacher who always wanted to teach gym util i was told only lesibans do that
i am the man who died as soon as the Peramedics stop treting me as soon they knew i was a transexaul
i am the person who feels gilty because i think if i did'nthave to deal with socictly hating me all the time
i am the man who stop attending church not because i don't because,but because they close doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world need most, Love
I am the person who is afaird of telling his christen loving parents he loves anothor male.

Re-post this if you belive homophobia is wrong. Plese do your part to end it.

i am the boy who's best friend who was gay shot himself because i gave him a gun for protection.

i am the boy who waste time of his life to build up his muscles because he is afraid of being bullied in high school since some people think he's gay.

i am the girl that now has no friends since she told them she's a lesbian.

I am the son of my abusive father that threw me out as he found out i was a homosexual

i am the boy who can't feel safe or can't let his guard down with out having a knife since people see me as god's abomination.

i am the convicted murderer that just found out he was judged and tried because he is a homosexual.

i am the girl that has supportive friends and parents to help and protect me threw the hard cruel beatings.

i am the teacher that got fired from my job as soon as my boss learned i was gay

I know it's stupid. But i gave it some thought and typed it.

If you think Homophobia is wrong copy this to your profile as a hook for the original longer version. Malbro king owns this. Gays are people to ya know.

Greatest Favorite ANIME and shows

One Piece (Robin awesome)

Will and grace

Bleach (you al know i love this)

Blood + (Saya a doll :-) )

Card captor Sakura (this comes Frist the FRSIT Anime i EVER wacthed in Per K Kindergarden 1st grade 2nd and bam it got canclled i forgot about it,and then in 5th grade it came back to me,i wactherit on Demand i was so Happy,i still remeber it and always will i say this is the best Anime Better then Naruto AND Bleach im not lyin)

Good Anime

Death note (it okay...)

Super GALS

GTO (it use to be my Favoruite it still is but i don't know why i put it in here)

Marmalade boy (Daramtic)

Air gear

Nd Bros

Venius v.s Virus

so i live in North America so i see all the bleach eposode up to 50,but i wacth youtube ALOT and go on the Bleach,Naruto,GTO wikepedia mostly Naruto.i Know about Ririn,Nova,Kuround Bount the Arcers from you tube and wikiPedia so Japan you hide Nothing from ME and i bye the Manga volume 18,19 and 20 im going to bye 21,22,23 hoping to see the mod soul...

and saw Naruto to 132-134 so far and i already know about the Shiunden how ever its Spelled.

Parring i love

Sakura x Itachi (really imposible :-)

Itachi x Naruto x Sasuke (Itachi and Ssuke fighting over Naruto YES!)

Tobi x Sakura (Tobi and sakura i don't know why i like it i just do!)

Hinata x Ino (Hot!! -drools-)

Hinata x Sakura x Ino (a love triangle)

Itachi x Naruto (love it because it's Impossible to happpen)

Renji x Ichigo (Renji loves Ichigo but don'st know it to and impssoible)

Tsunade x Sakura (LOVE IT !!)

Tsunade x Naruto (don't know)

Oriheme x Renji (Oriheme nice and Renjis Bad dons't mix i love it)

Oriheme x Zariki (i hav'nt tried it yet but just the thought of those two woo!)

Oriheme x Rukia (love it now)

Lulu x Tidus (Fanal fantsy 10) (i love lulu)

Pein x Konan (Impossible)

Pein x Naruto (i love it!!)

Pein x Tsunade (Tsundae desevres someone better than Dan!)

Shikamaru x Naruto (it don't mix well a little but i still love it)

Hanataro x Ichigo (Hanataro is weak ichigo is strong he derserves Ichigo to protect and love him)

Naruto x Sakura (50/50 like)

Naruto x Lee (its a rare sight)

Kakashi x Sakura (don't know)

Kakashi x Naruto (don't know)

Hidan x sakura (Don't know)

Jiraya x Naruto (Jiraya a pervert and Naruto likes Sakura way to impossible love it)

Lilin x Ichigo (Ririnhas a special Relaitionship with Ichigo a bond if you will Rukia does'nt Deserve Ichigo,Ririn does. not Impossible i don't care i hate possible parrings that can happing but i love this one it may not be Possible but who cares)

Urahara x Lilin (Famliy kind of thing) (but i have a Massive Imagination so i can Imatgtion Any one doing it but i have Limits,Sometimes)

Oriheme x Ichigo (don't know)

Gin x Yachiru (Gin is being Abused by Yachiru,but sometimes Gin protects her CRACK to)

Gin x Hanataro (i don't know)

Ukiesu x Hakafu (From Ikki Tousen a good Yuri parring)

Nami x Grimmjow (WOW it just Great !, i don't care if it posible or not)

Luffy x robin (i been like this i forgot to put it)

Grimmjow x Robin (Don't know)

Tsunade x Yamaoto (Don't know)

Cream x Rukia (Rukai will keep huging Cream to death, it a good Yuri parring for Me)

Sakura x Hinamori (Don't know)

Itachi x Iruka (Seme Itachi Uke Iruka, SO Impossible,like it)

Aizen x Mandy ? (they are equality crule,Love it)

Luffy x Sanji (I am Crazy)


Urahara x Hanatarou (Great)

Ulquiorra x Hanatarou (Sooooo imposssible.)

Grimmjow x Hanatarou (...)

Yumichika x Hanatarou (i don't know. it doesn't make any sence.)

Any bleach male charater x Hanatarou (Its sooo hot ! yes even with KON. well yes Hana x Kon...)

Hanatarou x Naruto ? (fluff and i imagned them, i was driving a car they were in the back smoking weed and geting high, Naruto talked Hanatarou into it. we were driving in the desert. Naruto was so high he had a boner, He asked for a BJ hanatarou gave him one there... i imagned that 2 months ago)

Yuki x Atsuma (from enchanted arms. Yuki one of my favorite charater on there )

Yuki x Raigar (don't know)

11 divison squad x Hanatarou (they rape him. not any more,they make passes at him.)

Parrings i hate

Hinata x Naruto ( i hate hinata,to Possible too)

Sasuke x Itachi (there brothers! well i like a little cest but i Depise Sasuke)

Naruto x sasuke (to possible)

Sasuke x Sakura ( i hate sakura and diepise sasuke)

Renji x Rukia (50/50 possible)

Rukia/Ichigo (Rukia is not good enough for Ichigo well that my opion)

Saya x haji (could have happen for 124 of years ago)

Itachi x Hinata (uhh sick...)

Kismae x Hinabe (she a you-know-what )

Zetzu x Tobi (to possible)

Obito x Kakashi (to possible)

Kismae x Itachi (Kismae and Itachi are perfect togather,they mix like ying and yang so i don't like it)

Sasori x Tenten (she has'nt met him at all she don'st evan know he exsit!)

Neji x Hinata(I can't stand it)

Neji x tenten (to possible)

Parings i Depise

Jiraya x Tsundae (Impossible,but no old saggy perverted jerk off touches tusnade)

Orohmaru x Tsunade (impossible but he's a ugly evil pedofile who tried to kill Tsunade)

Kon x any body (i dislike kon from the Beging but when Lilin Beat him up,i hate him,i don't hate him i don't like him)

Saya x Diva (i can't imanging it so i depise it)

and all other parings in Anime that is Possible to Happen i love Imossible Parrings

i hate Shikamaru and Dipise, Sasuke i want to kill him (God forgive me)

Favorite Charaters

Naruto (some times i want too shoot him but, now i don't hate him any more)

Hanatarou (nice. and deserved to have respect !)

Tsunade (LOVE HER !!)

Oriheme (the world needs more people like her with the Kind the Kindness she has -Smiles warmly-)

Jiraya (he okay)

Saya (she is a doll. I really cried when she was about to levae Kai and the others again. I missed the old saya VERY much. I miss her now because she'll be sleep for 30 years)

Solomon (he desevers saya)

Riku (he nice)

Ichigo(he's annoying at times but knows when to be Fair)

Ririn (love her not as much as Tsunade,she knows how to keep how to keep kon in line)

Cloud (okay)

Nova (Never have to deal with him)

Chad (okay)

Sakura (from Card Captors, i love her Evan more then Tsunade)

Lee (From card captors i use to dislike him because he was so cold to Sakura,but he was nice and it seemed like some LeeSakura hehe heh hehe heh)

Konan (she okay... a little cute)

Tobi (not as Madara)

Zetsu (the white side)

Fry lock (from Aqua teen hunger Force, he the only one on there who's not a "Ass hole Jack ass self Centered BASTERD" )

Shake (Me and Him are the King of Servering People up and down,but i do it when it Nassersary or every time when i do it to Sasuke the Basterd)

Meat ward (...)

Renji (he easy to pick on i swear) (Renji: what !) (Malbro king: you heard me,don't make me show that Picture again) (Renji: sorry sir)

Grimjjow (i don't know his Charater but i know it a little he's like Ichigo in a Way,but he really easy to pick on)

Robin (she is awsome and Powerful)

Luffy (so care free so vulible to pick on but i won't)

Yachriu (...)

Madara (Awasome, evil and powerful. one of my favorites)

I LOVE YOU TSUNADE!! (im a tsunade fan boy)

I like doing cross overs


Balence is what keeps the world at peace all the time

Balence can be good Balence can be bad but balenec in this world is unkown

the Unkown is a mixture of good and bad and something else

a Thrid portion of Balence what is that?

with out the thrid the world would rain hell distrtion would be full choas and distrution

if there is only good there is no balenec the world be out of order

if there is only Bad the world would be distroyed 50/50 is balnece 50 is good

50 is bad, good keep the world form being distroyed

Bad keeps the world in order it like a hour glass good sands and bad sands they each fall

touching creating balence we have balene for now and Forever

-Marcellus (Copy right) (me: how do you do the c in the circle thing the copy right sign)

If you belive in balence copy or paste this to your Profile


my name is charles

im am but 42 no firends or Famliy

Everybody hates me

i must be different from the crowd

every body knows where

i get my class from my father who has life in prision

every body hates me i try to be nice

but there faces trun into the purest hatered and

and rage im out side infront

of people who depiseme because im deferent or

or see me as a abomantion

there faces trun into the faces of

forbiddan with the purest hatered and depisenes

my sreams and crys simalar to a Banshee

i lie on the ground in a pool of my own blood mosionless

my name is Charles

i am but 42 today People police co-workers Every body Murdered me

nobody cares i had no friends i wake up

still in my suroundingseverybody faced with the purest fear

and confusion i look in the glass and for what i am

a Forbiddan my name is charles i am but 42 tonight

i walk the the living dead with others who share my pain.

(Copy right) the forbidden im talking about is the zombie from FF 12 at Guverganin in the other part of the Great christalthere hard to kill really worth the effort because a good fight they spawn well i only enconter them when the Christal Kinght is there 2 of them come out thats how far i got i only wanted to fight them because they looked strong they were! i ran like hell i was lv 70-72 trying to get to the top of the Pharos towers. Vaan lv 71 Basch 68 Fran 69 others lv 41-45. . so any way only copy this if you belivebeing Different from every body else dose'nt Matter.

i did other poems about pain and other sfuff another one this one came up 2 months ago when i read this fabfction stroy at the end Naruto and Sasuke friends ship had ended

Click on here for my polls and REVIEW and REVIEW and REVIEW

Pain & no place

My name is Marcellus

i ame 13 still no place for me

i hope to find a place

and yet in my own pain in my Heart

i mentaly say "i hate you"

but when it's thrown into Choas i have no place

Friendship moving father apart

oh how it pains me to say goodbye to those i hate

it pains me that you hurt your friends

Falling into deep Darkenss it pains me to just watch

Losing my place into a Dark abyss

i hope to find my place in my own pain and Surrow

My name is Marcellus

i am but 13 i found a place not in the dairy of Mary jane

not in my own pain or Surrow

but yet in my own imagination i always feel the same pain as always inside

i hope to find my place in the world of Marcellus watts


(Copy right)

ive saved this in my note pade copy this to your profile if you have'dt found your calling. im not EMO it's just how i feel when i think about how much Sasuke made Naruto and Sakura suffer and i just sit there and watch as the 3 get father apart it makes me sick that i can't do anthing to help :-( also another resaon to put it on your profile.


today my life is good

a normal abnormal black ninja with his 2 white friends

there a boom i fill great pain

i look to the soureit a white man with a gun

glaring at me the cries of my friends

the white man yelling traitors to my 2 firends

the man called me "niggar"

it hurt so bad i felt like cryingi lay on the ground

chuhing the would of the bullet place

my other friend protocting me from the white man im so scared

my other friend using his powers to heal me

my friends my firends don't worry im alright that word "niggar" why

why why why dose it hurt were all the same

just for the color of my skin my other friends are confused on why

the 3 of us try to run my firends try to

protect me from what others call the KKK i hate this town

i just want to go home with my 2 Friends

i yell why were all the same why are you guys doing this

and im saved by a Martin luther king

marching helping us saying "are you alright brother"

the other blacks did'nt wnat to fight

so they gave us the chace to get away form the KKK

i wonder why were all the same.

- Marcellus

(Copy right) any body can copy this imsorry for my typing errors my fingers well there something wrong with them so copy this to your prfile if you hate Racesuim do your part to end it and bring us togahter this is jsut something that happens in my new stroy "Were all the same" you know who the KKK the Ku klux klan, never know when they'll apper at your door knocking allways have a pistol but when im 21 i will get 13 pistols through heh. but my friend tyron say they just call Blacks names and just get beat up,but still i'll alwas have a Pistol for protection.

New of yesterday 8/18/08 8:40 am

Naruto: Were BACCCK

Sakura: We have so much news to tell But to start we have a specil guess the current Hokage Tsunade-sama.

Tsunade: Thank you. I have to get to the slots imean I mean to do Paper work.

Sakura: sure...

Naruto: right !

Sakura: Now i'll start with the new location that ELWM pt 2 is being moved to. It is orginal at Naruto In the Anime Catogory. Then Anime X-overs in the Misc catagory, Now being moving...

REASON: Many other catagorys coming to mind with this Stroy.

LOCATION: Cataogory- Misc. Show/Location- X-over


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New Summary: Mild Urahara x Hanatarou FRIST ONE EVER in the whole history of bleach and fanfiction. Renji plans to make hanatarou forgive him as Urahara Kisses-. It's starting up again since this has 2 alerts.
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I'll tyy to be quick on the updates
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Discountied forever.
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