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here's the day you hoped would never come don't feed me violence just run with me through rows of speeding cars the papercuts the cheating lovers the coffee's never strong enough I know you think it's more than just bad luck...there there baby it's just textbook stuff it's in the abc of growing up now now darlin' oh don't kill yourself cause none of us were angels and you know I love you

UPDATES AS OF 10:23 A.M. SEPT. 21 2008
Yesterday, I bought and read Warriors: The Power of Three #4: Eclipse. (What a title!) As I stood in line and gazed at its hideous cover, really the worst I've seen on the Warriors books so far, the overused "Eclipse" title, and the generic Warriors name (which, incidentally, if you put into a search engine comes up with nothing Warriors cat-related) I wondered if I should have given up on this series.

Then I read it, and I remembered why I couldn't possibly "give up on it".

I think Eclipse was possibly my favorite in the POT (hehe) series so far. Action-packed and surrounded with intrigue, it made me look forward impatiently to the next. However, I have no theories as to what could happen next, as I usually do with the books! That's a good mystery right there, but it leaves me no stories to write.

I am working on inspiration right now, so if anyone is reading this, I hope you know that Gladewing is making a comeback.


"Sleep well, my lovely. I will be here when you wake up." -Brambleclaw, Eclipse

"I loved her once." -Lionpaw, Eclipse

"He has to believe things are going to be all right." -Jaypaw, Eclipse

"I'm not as blind as you think." -Jaypaw, Eclipse

"Do you want me to look at you?" -Jaypaw, Eclipse

I really only have a couple of miniature rants, and that is...
The warrior names. Poppyfrost is good--I like that one., well, I guess it fits her, kind of, maybe. Moving on. Cinderheart. I think I actually used that for her somewhere, so I feel psychic. Happy with that. Lionblaze, yes. That's good. I actually used Hollyblaze at some point.
So my main fury?
No, Erins! Just no.

I had it on here, but I lost the exact wording. Suffice it to say I swear I'm going to review all stories I like.

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