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i love naruto, sasuke, neji, shino, kiba, gaara, temari, kakashi and most of all SHIKAMARU

i'm a total shikatema fan. they are like the only couple from naruto who i think really suit each other.

i also love gin, renji, kyoraku, nanao, hitsugaya, rangiku, kenpachi, ikkaku, yumichika, yachiru, yoruichi, urahara, ukitake.

i dont really have a favourite from bleach cos i love so many of them

from bleach, i love yoruichi x urahara (like duh) they're like a match made in heaven.

i think gin is really hot too. urahara too.

ohohoh! and my friends have said that i'd be right at home as the 4th seat of 11th squad (ie, they say im violent. wahaha)

i love everyone from ouran, but my faves are


like hotness. my friend says kyoya is a nerd but like super hot nerd. it's not even nerd, he's just exceptionally smart. plus i loved him with the tousled hair in the episode when he was lost in the supermarket. tamaki, despite the daftness, super sweet.

the twins are a really close second. i cant really decide who i like more, hikaru or kaoru. they both rock. they're like the japanese fred & george.

and fma! omg.

EDWARD ELRIC! totally the love. he's the coolest ever.

edwardwinry & royriza fan! i'm totally hoping for them to get married or at least get together before the manga ends :D

anime/manga side, i love tv shows though now i only have time for survivor and american idol

i love sleeping

i love eating

i love my fat dog

i love horseriding

i love my friends

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