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Okay, this big empty space of a profile is all mine. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT EES ALL MINEEEEEEEEE!! Looks at the audience giving her weird looks

Ahem. Anyway. I really don't know where to start, so I just will. I am a pretty slow writer, so it might take a while to update. I..um...well...

Love: Any Final Fantasy game, FullMetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Avatar, Pendragon, Wolf's Rain, Warriors, the Twilight Series, Abhorsen, Arthur Penhaligon, Anything Stephen King, Artemis Fowl, Megatokyo, The Legend of Zelda, Honey & Clover, High School Debut, His Dark Materials, and playing my flute. Oh, yeah, and Disney, and Kingdom Hearts, and learning languages, and reading stuff on Fanfiction. I think that's it. Is that it? I guess so.

Favorite couples:

EdxWinry: Mmmm... I wish they would just kiss already. That was one part I hated in the movie, when thye didn't show anything for each other. That's why I like the books better.

RizaxRoy: When I was watching the movie, I almost yelled, "WHY AREN'T THEY MARRIED AND HAVE SIX KIDS YET?!" Then I laughed at the thought of them having six kids. Riza would do all of the disiplining, of course.

LinxLanfan: I hope he gets back to normal so they can get married.

HarryxGinny: I thought they were a little rushed, but everybody knew Harry would be a Weasley.

RonxHermonie: Ever since the beginning...we knew...

RosexScorpius: oooo.. a new, interesting couple fans are going to jump on. Malfoys and Weasleys united! So cool!

KataraxAang: Another pair of cuties...is a little young, though.

ZukoxKatara: Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they got married.

MaixZuko: Actually, I believe they complete each other. She keeps his head on straight, while he adds a little color to her life.

SokkaxSuki: YESSSSS... They are THE coolest non-benders in the whole show!

TophxSokka: I think the previous couple is better.

AangxToph: ??

BobbyxLoor: I hated how they haven't been together since book six.

CourtneyxBobby: At first, I thought they should be together but then...

MarkxCourtney: They became so CUTE together!

KibaxCheza: I wish they had at least ONE makeout scene.

HubxCher: WAHHHHHHH!! sobs

LyraxWill: Love incarnate...

TouchstonexSabriel: I was a little surprised when he was the next king.

EdwardxBella: Awww... I don't want her to be a vampire though...

RoxasxNamine: Why does no one appreciate this couple? Everyone thinks everyone in that game is gay...sigh Nothing against gay people...but still...just because you have a best guy friend does not make you gay.

SoraxKairi: Ahhhhh... Classic knight and princess...

ZackxAreis: Starts sobbing profusly again

CloudxTifa: I wish he would appreciate her a little more...

CloudxAreis: I was sad for him when she died, but I think he's better off with Tifa anyway.

VincentxYuffie: They are so awesome together, I wish they would go out.

TidusxYuna: What's kind of funny is, I look almost exactly like Yuna, my cousin looks almost exactly like Riku, and I have a best friend who looks a little like Tidus.

WakkaxLulu: Hate Wakka, Love Lulu.

LockexCeles: Love Locke, Don't really like Celes.

SquallxRinoa: I'm really not sure. After all, I haven't played the game.

DaggerxZidane: See above comment.

YamadaxMayama: Humph. She deserves better.

MoritaxYamada: AWWWW! He's really sweet to her...

HaguxMorita: Um. No.

TakemotoxHagu: SOOOO CUTEEEEE!!

RikaxMayama: Okay, them, I can handle.

YohxHaruna: This one was so obvious.

ArtemisxMinerva: WHY? Why didn't this one work out??

ArtemisxHolly: Ugh... Not at them, they're cute too... It's just I doubt Artemis can handle a love triangle...

LinkxZelda: Hail the beautiful princess and her green, tight wearing hero!

ErikaxLargo: Cute.

PiroxKimiko: She's gonna make him not want to leave Tokyo.

PirogoethxLargo: Thy are the best computer couple in the world.

Hates: Prejudice people. People who nag me about my manners, spelling, or Algebra grades. (I'm doin' the best I can!! LEAVE ME BE!!) Any villains on any of the stuff I mentioned above, and just people in general.


See ya' later, I'll update soon!

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