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Author has written 8 stories for Danny Phantom, Naruto, and Warriors.

Hello, I'm Phantomflower. I'm often busy, but come on occasionally. Info about me can be seen below.

Real Name: Beth

Gender: I am a girl, my penname should tell you that.

Age: 23

DeviantART Account: PhantomWing123

Neopets Account: Silverkougra123

Favorite Shows/Anime:


Danny Phantom

Yu Yu Hakusho


Scooby Doo

Some Nicktoons

Meerkat Manor

Any Animal Cops Show

Ginga Densetsu Weed

One Piece

Favorite Books:

Warriors (My penname is a reference of my love for this series and Danny Phantom too)

Harry Potter

Wolves of the Beyond

I love most of the Pokemon games.

I also am on Neopets as Silverkougra123 and DeviantArt as PhantomWing123, though not frequently.

Naruto Fanfiction Stories:

Akatsuki Employee Handbook -- A guide to all things Akatsuki. Explains their rules and regulations. Ongoing.

Prankcalling The Hokage 101 -- 22. I am not to steal Haruno Sakura's cellphone, even if she deserves it. Based off of Lady Ivy's 115 Things Deidara Isn't Supposed to Do. Also has a lemonly Danny Phantom crossover omake at the end involving said half-ghost and Deidara. Is meant to be crack, but not for the faint-hearted to read. In addition, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Danny's arch-enemy Vlad make cameos in the main fic at the end. Complete.

Deidara's Casper Adventure -- Many are not aware that, despite being Amity Park's protector, Danny Phantom is an ally of the Akatsuki. After he is severely injured by Orochimaru, Deidara is sent with some of the Akatsuki's medical supplies to Amity Park to help him. What was simply a mission to help an ailing friend turns into an 'art' bananza on Casper High School. Hopefully, Kakuzu has filed for some insurance. Naruto/Danny Phantom x-over. Complete.

(Deviantart Only!) Whirlpools of Lightning -- Naruto/Danny Phantom X-over. Eighteen years post-PP and fourteen years post-Shippuden. New Gen. Fem!Danny. Uchiha Itachi rescues a certain half-ghost from the Guys in White while on an international spying mission. Presumed dead by her family, Danny starts a new life in the Hidden Countries, gaining a new name (Mitsuki).

Fifteen years later, Yakushi Kabuto comes out of hiding and sets his target on seven children: Uchiha Yuki and Uchiha Akira, Mitsuki and Itachi's twins; Uchiha Rina, Uchiha Kiyoto, and Uchiha Misaki, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke's brood; and Uzumaki Hiroko and Uzumaki Kishiko, the children of Hyūga Hinata and Rokudaime Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. Retreating into a hidden village most believe was destroyed by war, Mitsuki and Hinata make plans to deal with Kabuto, but elements of Mitsuki's old life begin to rear their head.

Defiance -- One-shot. Uchiha Miki was not a weak girl. She was very opinionated on subjects like loyalty. When her betrothed Uchiha Itachi was forced to confront their clan's betrayal, she spared him from a difficult scenario.

Information on my Naruto OCs:

We love them, and we hate them. In the Akatsuki Employee Handbook and Defiance, I have several OCs who make an appearance or two. Some of them also might show up in Whirlpools of Lightning. I will give bios on each one.

Uchiha Miki: A fourteen year old chunin kunoichi who, unlike her clansmen, specializes in poisons. She was betrothed to Uchiha Itachi when they were both little. Miki was a member of an assassination squad named Team Kage. Her teammates were Aburame Takuro (deceased) and Komatsu Kanbe. When she found out about her parents being among those supporting a coup against the Sandaime Hokage, she remained loyal to the village. On mission leave at the time, she died in the Uchiha Massacre, though not at Itachi's hands. Appears in: Defiance, Akatsuki Employee Handbook (mentioned post-mortem), Whirlpools of Lightning (maybe, post-mortem)

Tamura Kazuki: A seventeen year old shinobi in Amegakure who works as Konan's subordinate. He is a medic-nin, and frequently deals with the wounds the Akatsuki receive on their missions. Kazuki remains loyal to Konan until her death. Afterwards, Kazuki and the other Akatsuki subordinates in Ame flee. Wandering the Hidden Countries, he and two other former Akatsuki traveling together apply to Kumogakure for asylum. Appears in: Akatsuki Employee Handbook, A Silver Lining Among The Clouds, Whirlpools of Lightning

Shibata Mayu: A fourteen year old kunoichi who is Itachi's underling. She is a taijutsu specialist, and is sometimes sent on independent missions to earn more money for the Akatsuki. Just before he dies, Itachi gives Mayu one last mission: protect his wife Mitsuki at all costs. After Konan's death, she and Mitsuki stay with Kazuki. Following taking in the Uchiha triplets, the former Akatsuki personnel head to Kumogakure. Appears in: Akatsuki Employee Handbook, A Silver Lining Among The Clouds, Whirlpools of Lightning (mentioned only)

Fujimoto Norio: A fifty-nine year old shinobi who works with Kakuzu in the Akatsuki's financial office. He uses genjutsu and weapons. In his free time, Norio invests in real estate. Even after Kakuzu dies, he continues to works for the Akatsuki on a voluntary basis. He only ceases after Konan's death. Following this change of events, he moves to Hi no Kuni. Norio gains work as an auditor, and by the time of Whirlpools of Lightning, adopts a grandson to be his heir. Appears in: Akatsuki Employee Handbook, Whirlpools of Lightning (mentioned only)

Yoshida Shiori: A sixteen year old kunoichi working as Itachi's subordinate. She takes care of his pets and room while he's away on missions. Shiori uses a combo of ninjutsu and weapons; she is a long-range fighter. After her superior's death, she takes care of all of the animals in Headquarters. When death befalls Konan, Shiori evacuates her cat Arisa and other Akatsuki pets whose owners are deceased or otherwise not there at the time. The big group heads to Shimogakure, where Shiori opens up a pet store. Appears in: Akatsuki Employee Handbook, A Silver Lining Among The Clouds, Whirlpools of Lightning (mentioned only)

Uchiha Mitsuki: A sixteen/seventeen year old kunoichi who is Konan's subordinate and Itachi's girlfriend/wife. She uses ninjutsu, genjutsu, and otherworldly abilities in combat. Originally known as Phantom Danny (Danny Phantom), she was kidnapped from her home by the Guys In White, a ghost-hunting organization who persecuted half-ghosts like herself. She was rescued by Itachi after he discovered the Guys in White's headquarters. Mitsuki mainly fights crime on Amegakure's streets so the village is kept free of criminals (other than the Akatsuki of course!). Pregnant at the time of Itachi's demise, she stays in Ame until Obito kills her superior. This event forces her and the other Akatsuki personnel to flee. Mitsuki, Kazuki, and Mayu eventually join Kumogakure. Appears in: Whirlpools of Lightning, Akatsuki Employee Handbook, A Silver Lining Among The Clouds

(I know several of you may want to kill me now. Unfortunately, I've heard from somewhere that female versions of characters are still OCs. Also, Mitsuki's first experiences with shinobi are with the Akatsuki. Putting her in the Handbook, even if for a brief scene or two, is unavoidable.)

Warriors Fanfiction Stories:

Ghouls of the Clans: Tigerstar's Revenge -- Deleted x-over fic that is being rewritten involving reborn medicine cat apprentices. When it's put onto the site again, it will be divided into four separate stories; the first one will be called Ghouls of the Clans: Speckle's Blaze. I deleted it for too fast of a plot development, poor names, etc. Although the Dark Forest will still be involved, Tigerstar and a certain Lord Voldemort are both out of the picture in the rewrite. In fact, I run a forum and have a thread for submitting cats for the fic there. Please, go there there if you have time.

Snow's Passage -- A deaf apprentice is given the chance to prove herself worthy of a warrior name. As she is assessed on a late greenleaf day, she remembers how she nearly had this opportunity lost. Meanwhile, an elderly leader of a different Clan is about to depart for the stars. Part of the Ghouls of the Clans series.

Ash's Family: Ashkit realizes that she is different from her littermates. She is larger than they are, has a different fur color, and is heavier than her siblings. Her mother takes her aside one day, and reveals that she was not the one to kit her. But, who is Ashkit's birth mother, why did she leave her, and what's this about a promise to bring her home to ThunderClan once she's six moons old? Part of the Ghouls of the Clans series.

Berry's Loss -- A three-shot in the Ghouls of the Clans series. After a disastrous first outing with her new apprentice, ThunderClan's medicine cat Dapplecloud is asked about her past. She delves into a tale of cross-species friendship, the bond of a mother and her daughter, loss, and a promise she made a long time ago. Slight crossover with Discworld.

Note that the Allegiances for all of the above stories are being revamped at the moment. They may not all match up with each other like they should. The releases of Thunder and Shadow and Hawkwing's Journey made several cats in each story die, which has made me rearrange who is kin to who, who is apprenticed to which warrior/medicine cat, and several other changes. The stories are AU after those books to prevent anymore massive editing.

Warriors OCs

Speckleblaze: A dark speckled tortoiseshell with a white tail tip, front paws, and a small white mark on her forehead, Speckleblaze is ThunderClan's future medicine cat. She is not the smartest cat around, but is diligent in caring for her Clanmates. She is reckless, and that occasionally leads her into trouble. Speckleblaze is proficient at fighting, but cannot see herself as a warrior. She is most concerned about young cats, and being a warrior would mean harming them. She loves discovering new herbs across the territory. Speckleblaze is Jayfeather's granddaughter; how this will affect her relationship with StarClan is unknown at the current time.

Smokefoot: A swift dark gray tom with light green eyes. Smokefoot is ThunderClan's deputy at the time of Speckle's Blaze, and is Speckleblaze's father. He is easily stressed by his Clanmates participating in dangerous activities (like provoking rival patrols). Those who do so will receive a tongue-lashing of the highest order. While not comfortable in large groups, Smokefoot is able to rally his Clan when the need arises. He loves all five of his children deeply. His mate is named Robinsong. Smokefoot is one of Jayfeather's kits. His sister Smallblaze died around the time he became deputy from an illness.

Snowheart: A white she-cat with blue eyes and a small gray spot on her hind leg, Snowheart is Speckleblaze's best friend. She is deaf; she had a hard time making it to where she is now because of her disability. Snowheart was shy as a young cat, but grew into a more confident personality as time elapsed. She has sharp observation skills, picking up minute movement that her hearing Clanmates might dismiss. She was able to learn language by watching her Clanmates' muzzles move and watching their reactions to each different movement. Snowheart and her brother Finchtalon are Cinderheart and Lionblaze's last kits. Their mother died when they were little from a lump in her chest (cancer).

Ashfrost: A dark gray she-cat with ice blue eyes. She is an older sister of Snowheart from Lionblaze and Cinderheart's second-to-last litter. She was the only survivor. Cinderheart and her littermates Goosekit, Pebblekit, and Goldenkit grew gravely ill soon after her kitting. Ashfrost had to be left with a pregnant "loner" (actually a pregnant StarClan cat who was in the living world to deliver her kits) after her littermates died as her mother had given birth away from ThunderClan, and her illness had dried up her milk. She and her foster siblings returned to the Clans when Ashfrost had reached her sixth moon. She was given back to ThunderClan thanks to a promise with Cinderheart, while her foster siblings joined RiverClan. Their separation has caused a few problems for Ashfrost.

Ashfrost had been told of her birth parents only a little while before her return to ThunderClan. She saw Spottedstorm, Sandleaf, Duskheart, and Nightfrost as a part of her family. Despite them being in different Clans, she cannot see them as enemies. This has caused her difficulty in large-scale battles between the Clans. She is a normally reserved cat who does not show her emotions to others. Ashfrost is known for her intelligence. She easily comes up with strategies for hunting.

Dapplecloud: A dappled ginger tabby and white she-cat with very dark blue eyes, and a long thin tail. She is a Siamese mix that had been a former kittypet before demons from the Dark Forest killed her family down to her former owners. They wanted to seize power over Dapplecloud's former Twolegplace to prevent any challenges from non-Clan cats when they tried to mount another attempt to destroy the Clans. Dapplecloud and her mother Mottleflower moved to ThunderClan soon afterwards.

From a young age, Dapplecloud had been interested in medicine. The former medicine cat apprentice Alderpaw (now Alderheart) had decided that he wanted to be a normal warrior, so Jayfeather was free to have her apprenticed to him. It caused a large stir because of her roots. Dapplecloud's life has been one of tragedy - she had lost her family and owners at four moons old, an enemy warrior murdered her mother because of her being a former kittypet at nine moons old, her mentor had been presumed dead after an all-Clan patrol attacked the Moonpool meeting without Bramblestar's permission at twelve moons old, and the friends she made in ThunderClan departed to StarClan over the years. She has lost several of her patients despite trying her best. This has greatly affected her character.

Dapplecloud always acts kind to her patients, and is a very patient cat. As befitting her heritage, she is a very bright individual. However, under her kind mask is a very untrusting cat that cannot put her faith into others. The patrol that chased off her mentor included ThunderClan cats. She can barely look the perpetrators in the eye. She is very loud once provoked into it, and has left many a cat with a headache. Dapplecloud acts as a motherly if stern mentor towards Speckleblaze. While the medicine cat mating ban had been repealed towards the end of her apprenticeship, kits and a mate are not in her plans. She is very dedicated to her job.

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Berry's Loss
A three-shot in the Ghouls of the Clans series. After a disastrous first outing with her new apprentice, ThunderClan's medicine cat Dapplecloud is asked about her past. She delves into a tale of cross-species friendship, the bond of a mother and her daughter, loss, and a promise she made a long time ago. Slight crossover with Discworld.
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Horror/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 38,044 - Published: 7/23/2016
Akatsuki Employee Handbook reviews
A guide to all things Akatsuki. From how members are chosen to organizational rules and regulations, look for it here.
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Ash's Family
Ashkit has always been different from her littermates. Her mother takes her aside one day, and reveals that she was not the one to kit her. But, who is Ashkit's birth mother, why did she leave her, and what's this about a promise to bring her home to ThunderClan once she's six moons old? Part of the Ghouls of the Clans series.
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A deaf apprentice is given the chance to prove herself worthy of a warrior name. As she is assessed on a late greenleaf day, she remembers how she nearly had this opportunity lost. Meanwhile, an elderly leader of a different Clan is about to depart for the stars. Six and a half years after The Apprentice's Quest. Part of the Ghouls of the Clans series.
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Nightmares of old foes rattle a kunoichi's confidence. During the rotten day that follows, her comrades reassure her of her ability to protect those that she cares about. An old friend of the kunoichi imparts news about hers and her childrens' future. Based off of my Naruto/Danny Phantom crossover, Whirlpools of Lighting. Takes place two years before WoL. Fem!Danny. New Gen.
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Uchiha Miki was not a weak girl. She was very opinionated on subjects like loyalty. When her betrothed Uchiha Itachi was forced to confront their clan's betrayal, she spared him from a difficult scenario.
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