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Hi! And welcome to my profile for my fanfic. account: Moonlight-Wolfe (Bella27137)! First off, a little about myself.

My name is Maggie.

I just love to write and read, and sometimes I stay up half the night typing or writing anything I can get my hands on.

Friend's accounts:

Some of my friends also like to write. And I have convinced them to either make an account on fanfiction or fictionpress. Please check them out! Although some of them don't have stories yet, they will soon!

One of my best friends, who is also considered my 'Twilight Buddy'. Her fav book from the series is New Moon, as you can prolly tell from her username. Her name is Grace, and I am so lucky to have her. She just currently put out two stories, and they are really good! Please read them and review! They are much appreiciated!:

And another one of my best friends. Her account is not on fanfiction, but on fictionpress. She posts WONDERFUL nano-stories (stories shorter than 750 words) and they are really wonderful. Please check it out:

I will add more as more of my friends create accounts!

Below are a few more things about me..


book: Twilight saga, Harry potter, Eragon, The Sight and Fell, The Giver series, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, The Hunger Games...etc etc

I also love watching anime and reading manga.


Instuments: i have been playing piano for 8 years. I also play violin, but I'm not so good, haha.

Hobbies: i like writing, reading, and surfing the net..

I would like to note, that I do in fact reply to ALL the reviews-good or bad-that I recieve. Although it might take a while, I do reply to all of them.

I also reply to every chapter that I completely finish.


Edward and Bella:

I am working hard to write this, and a BIG thank you to my reviewers for the WONDERFUL reviews! They really motivate me!

Summary (a better one): This is a Twilight version of Romeo and Juliet. It has the werewolves and vampires up against each other, and true love. But what happens when the prejudice of the werewolves interfere? Please read!

Some pics:

Bella's dress (chapter 5):

Bella's mask (chapter 5):

Charlie's mask (chapter 5):

Edward's tux (chapter 6):

Edward's mask (chapter 6):

Someone has requested that I have Esme's, Alice's, and Rosalie's masks and dresses. Since I prolly can't send them over to you over PM, I'm going to post it here instead. Enjoy!

Esme's dress (chapter 6):

Esme's mask (chapter 6):

Alice's dress (chapter 6):

Alice's mask (chapter 6):

Rosalie's dress (chapter 6):

Rosalie's mask (chapter 6):

I will have more soon! If you want a picture of anyone else's dresses/tux at the party, please PM me and ill send them to you! thanks!

Second Chance

Summary: Bella and Edward are married, finally. But Alice takes Bella shopping one night, and while trying to go back home early, a tragic accident takes Bella away from Edward. With her leaving, Edward is mortified. But what happens when Carlisle rescues a little girl by the name Isabella? Edward and Bella gain a second chance to love again, and Bella also gains a second chance at living.


January 6, 2009: Oh wow! It's already 2009! Where did the time go? For my new year's resolution, I have created a writing schedule, balancing my stories and fanfictions. This way, on a good day, I should be able to write one chapter. Hopefully, I will be updating more on my stories. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed them! They really mean a lot! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year!

April 7, 2008: I probably(hopefully) will not have any HW this week, so I will (again, hopefully) be updating like CRAZY! Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

April 14, 2008: I will be deleting my other story, "Forever isnt Forever" in 3 days and maybe rewrite it better when I am done with "Edward and Bella".

April 18, 2008: I will not be able to update for a week starting Sunday, as my best friend has betted that I cannot last a week without internet, which includes: no email, fanfiction, and internet, and no Micro. Word. I took the bet, as I want to try and prove her wrong. I will update Saterday (tomorrow) and then I will stop for a week.

April 28, 2008: I am back! I'll update soon!

May 23, 2008: School is out! Summer is here! And that means upates! I will be leaving tomorrow for vacation for a week, and will try my hardest to update. If not, I will 'see' you guys in a week! Happy summer!

June 02, 2008: I will be staying at home for the next few weeks, so I have time on my hands. I will be updating either each day, or every other day or every day two days.

June 08, 2008: I have posted all the girls' dresses/masks for the party. Enjoy!

June 16, 2008: I will be going to camp for the next two weeks, and I will be very busy. I will try my hardest to update, but not that many chapters. But I will try my best. Thank you!

June 28, 2008: Two things. One, tomorrow, Sun June 29, I wil be leaving on a reading camp in another state. I will not be able to update, unless I have a computer, which is unlikely. BUT, I will write many chapters to my stories to make updates faster when I return on Saturday, July 5. Second, I have updated chapter 24 of Edward and Bella. But I don't think that people have recieved it, since I have not. If this is true, please PM me if you did not get the update for that chapter. See you guys later! Thanks for everything!

August 06, 2008: Well, tomorrow school is starting for me. I will still try as hard as I can to update my stories; maybe twice a week or so. Thanks for a wonderful summer! Oh, and I'm thinking of changing my username. Hmm...

August 08, 2008: Well, today the olympics are starting!! And I've changed my username to Moonlight-Wolfe...very sorry if it will confuse anyone in the future. Thanks so much for reading all my stories!!

Thanks for reading!


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A Twilight version of Romeo and Juliet. The events that will take place because of two forbidden lovers will bring forth hurt, heartbreak, fights, and the true meaning of love.
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