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Why Hello there! thanks for visiting my profile!

Well, I don't have much to say besides the fact that I'm sixteen years old, and I love writing! I'm sure everyone on here does. Anyway, I'm planning on adding more to this empty profile, but for now we'll leave it at this.

Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, All of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Happy Feet, pretty much any disney movie, and The Phantom of The Opera, G.I. Joe!

Favorite Movie/Show/ Everything Characters: The Joker (The Dark Knight), Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe), Kat (10 things I hate about you the t.v. show), The Phantom (The Phantom of The Opera), Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Lucius Fox (The Dark Knight), Solid Snake (Metal Gear), Christine (The Phantom of the Opera) Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments Series). Those are the ones I can think of so far... the list will add on!

Favorite Music: Everything as long as it's appropriate.

Favorite Colors: Yellow and Purple

Favorite Villain: The Joker. I've never had a favorite villain before. But that changed when I saw The Dark Knight.

Fanfics I recommend:

Okay, well I'm only going to recommend a few. I have a lot on my favorites list, but I'd have to say NaturallyUnlucky's stories are really good, and the story Clockwork by HoistTheColours is really good too. But there are a lot of excellent stories out there, these are only a few of my favorites. And they're perfect for those of you who love Joker stories. NaturallyUnlucky has a good Bruce/Oc story too if you like those.

Movies I recommend watching:

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE DARK KNIGHT, GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!! Even if you're not a Batman fan, you'll still like it. When I was going to watch it with my cousin, at first I thought it'd be some dumb Batman movie (I wasn't a fan of Batman) but when I watched it, I loved it. The Joker was the (no pun intended).

G.I. Joe- The action is great! I didn't really like all the drama between Duke and Ana, and I didn't really like Channing Tatum's acting, but I did like Snake Eyes. He was great, especially when he fought with Storm Shadow. So for all of you Snake Eyes fans, you'll like this movie.

The Phantom of the Opera- This is my favorite musical of all times! even if you're not a musicals fan, I think you'd still like this dark, bittersweet romance. I loved the chemistry between The Phantom and Christine! they sound so great together! I personally think Christine should have ended up with The Phantom and not Raoul (Who I think was portrayed as a Gary Stu in this movie with no personality whatsoever). The music is fantastic!

Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,3- This trilogy is great! I'd be surprised if you've never seen it, but then again I have friends who have never seen it so it's all good. Anyway, if you like adventure/humor/romance movies, then this would be a great movie. My favorite character is of course Captain Jack Sparrow (he's hilarious) and I think he did great in all three movies. However, I'd have to say that my favorite out of the three is two. And I think Elizabeth should have ended up with him because I think she has better chemistry with him than with Will. But that's just my opinion. (Willabethers, please don't send me hate mail now. I know how fanatic some of you huge fans of Will and Elizabeth can get).

P.S.- One movie that I don't recommend seeing is Twilight. Sorry had to say it. Maybe New Moon will be better!

Likes: People, writing, music, clothes shopping, chocolate, chinese food, animals, parents, my sister, family, school breaks, vacations, the beach, guys that respect girls, funny stuff/people, etc.

Dislikes: When people don't update their stories, guys that don't respect girls and treat them like crap, gory stuff, spiders, avocados, homework, complaining, etc.

Joke of the Day:

A duck walks into a grocery store and goes up to the store clerk.

"Got any duck food?" the duck asked.

The store clerk gave him a strange look. "No... we don't sell duck food here."

So the duck leaves and comes back the next day. He walks up to the same store clerk.

"Got any duck food?" the duck asked.

The store clerk furrowed his eyebrows. "No, we don't sell duck food here. I told you that yesterday."

So the duck leaves and comes back again the day after that. And again, he goes up to the same store clerk.

"Got any duck food?"

"No! we don't sell duck food here! I told you that yesterday and the day before that! now if you ask me that again, I'll nail your feet to the ground!" he shouted, annoyed.

So the duck leaves. The next day, the duck returns to the grocery store and walks up to the same store clerk.

"Got any nails?" the duck asked.

"No," The store clerk replied, taken aback.

"Got any duck food?" The duck asked.

(This is when you laugh).

Pick up line you should never use:

"If we picked boogers for dates, I would pick you."

Best Way to Get a Guy:

Be yourself. I know everyone says that, but they say that because it's true. I mean, if you act like you're someone you're not, how is that person supposed to be with the real you? then he finds out that you're not the person he thought you were and that makes things worse.

So be yourself.

Oh and if you're still stuck in the "I'm too shy to talk to him stage" then just go talk to him!! He's not going to bite you (unless he's a vampire. Just kidding. That was supposed to be a pun). And he won't say "Get away from me you have cooties!" (Unless he's still stuck in the stage of girls are gross. But I doubt he is. Unless you're a second grader... but I doubt you are). So just go up to him and say hi, introduce yourself if he doesn't know you, or if he does, just bring up a topic that you both like. Then when you're done, you'll feel proud of yourself for being courageous!

Challenge of the Month:

Since it's Thanksgiving, the challenge is to get a little notepad or something to write in, and write down one thing you're grateful for each day. You don't have to write a paragraph, just write one word. Like "Mom" or "Music" etc. Then when you're down, you'll have that to refer to and you'll realize how blessed you are in your life.

Okay well I think that's it! Thanks so much for reading! Adios! :)

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If I Could Speak to You reviews
He has to watch Scarlett love another man. Set in Snake Eyes's pov. Poem .
G. I. Joe - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 334 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 7 - Published: 11/20/2009
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It's Bella's turn to play the superhero.
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