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Author has written 4 stories for How to Train Your Dragon, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends.

Hello there!

Feel free to call me E-C.

For the most curious readers, I am a lover of writing, drawing, and playing video games. I currently work at a very humble job and hope to write a novel that everyone loves one day. I tend to spent a lot of time writing my stories as I put in a lot of research into the characters and what situations would work with the established story. In more recent times, I've become very bad about reading others' stories. Most of the time, I have the attention span for short one-shots and minifics. Otherwise, I love finding compelling stories: Characters and tales that are so magnificently intriguing to me that I can't resist writing more around it.

Enough about me, though. I hope you enjoy my current stories here. Reviewing my older stories isn't really necessary anymore. I've already improved from them so any advice for how I used to write is irrelevant. If I post new things, though, I would love to hear your thoughts. Perhaps say what you like or what you don't like. Give me advice or even share it with others who might appreciate it. Anything helpful would be great.

-Story Info-

Dawn and Dusk: (League of Legends) Faced with the massacre of the Solari, the Radiant Dawn is forced to balance being the sole leader of the surviving followers while seeking justice for what happened. But what Leona never realized is that there were skeletons hidden in the temple and it only took one vengeful woman to let the truth slip out from between the cracks. Disclaimer: The characters, locations, and factions depicted within belong to Riot Games. Claimer: This fanfiction belongs to me.

Light The Fire: (Team Fortress 2) Everyone has secrets. Some you can tell others, and some that would get you fired if you did. When the Spy finds himself curious about his teammate, he ends up discovering the Pyro's secret and can't seem to let it go. Which only frustrates the resident pyromaniac. Surely nothing good can come of this? Disclaimer: I do not own Team Fortress 2 or any characters or places involved in the game. Claimer: This fanfiction belongs to me.

The Devil and Its Rider: (How to Train Your Dragon) 10 years after the events in the movie, Kelda, a dragon-rider, finds herself stranded on Berk when her archenemy downs her dragon. All seems well enough until this mysterious rider returns to torment her as she find herself in a dangerous struggle for her life. Even though she's met Hiccup and his friends, will this be enough to save her life and her people? Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon, the books or the movie, or any characters created by Cressida Cowell or Dreamworks. Claimer: This fanfiction and all original characters belongs to me.


Nov. 11th, 2014: So, I'm just gonna leave a new little update note and remove the rest. The Devil and Its Rider is officially the only fanfiction I have ever written to completion. I will leave it for archive's sake. I probably won't read it again, myself, to remind myself how it goes. All I can say is, looking back, it doesn't resonate with me anymore, but I was really proud of it in the past so I'm not gonna take it down unless, for some reason, some corporate entity tells me to. On the note of Light The Fire, that will never be completed. Anyone who wishes to know how it was supposed to end is free to message me with the knowledge that it may take me some time to see. I'm sorry, I'm just not active on here at all anymore. I may post some of my newer writings, especially ones that I've already posted to my personal tumblr account. I'd be reposting them here so that I can have the broader userbase looking for things to read and hopefully review, as I still love getting feedback at this time.

Nov. 28th, 2014: Gonna add another update. Dawn and Dusk is now a complete, standalone fic. I've been considering posting a sort of companion to it for what happens afterwards, but it would likely just be a series of prompts with no notable struggle. Anyone who's read to the end of the story can guess what sort of events might transpire. In the mean time, I've considered both writing Diana's story from scratch, which would be very long and in-depth as I'd like to start from her time as a kid in the temple, and/or posting a few prompts I've written of how Diana and Shyvana became friends. I would still like to revise a few things of what I already have and write a closing chapter, but it's not much more left to it. If anyone's interested in either of those, feel free to let me know. :)

Mar. 28th, 2016: To be honest, this is an overdue update. Besides writing smaller bite-sized things or dipping into the RP community again, I haven't been as focused on writing lately which is why there haven't been any changes made to my last two posted stories yet. On the subject of those changes, they were meant to be to amp up the quality of the pieces overall. I realized with Burning Moonlight, I was shifting into a somewhat trickier place to progress and managed to rewrite the first chapter in a way that improved dialogue and added more details. Dawn and Dusk, however, I realized only well after I'd posted it that the pacing of the story was very poor and there was nothing to describe the reasoning for some of the earlier interactions and had also gotten started in adding changes. I was also curious about cutting out the need for characters outside of Targon, but that's still something I need to decide on. Beyond this, I've written some things for my original fiction and kickstarted an outline for the overall story to a Diana origin, starting from her very early years. The latter was actually meant to be directly in response to the lore updates and you will understand why once I get it rolling. In the meantime, I'm closer to finishing a one-shot of my own that was inspired by another group of writers that I'm sure a lot of people will like.

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