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Hello there. I'm Sergeant Conley. I've been working on fanfiction for about a year now, specifically three that had to be delayed due to medical problems and internet disconnection. Thankfully, one fanfic will be finished soon, hopefully today, and I plan to finish another one before the end of summer. Unfortunately, the third's gonna be scrapped. I appreciate any reviews I get, and I plan to continue writing fanfiction as long as I can.

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Bitter Slice (NCIS): Complete - Gibbs and McGee are each left to deal with a sudden and horrible loss.

Determined (NCIS): Complete - The Major Case Response Team catches a new assignment when a naval captain is found murdered in his home, shot to death by someone who knew exactly what they were doing and how to cover their tracks. When they find the killing is connected to the murder of a senior CIA official who had worked with their murdered captain, NCIS must work with the FBI to find an ex-SEAL who's on a warpath of revenge, targeting senior special operations officials. The hunt becomes a race, though, when one of the MCRT's agents finds himself a battered hostage, and personal GPS, for the SEAL himself.

Five Brave Souls (Halo): Cancelled

Just a Dive (NCIS): Complete - While returning from a dead-end stakeout, car troubles force Tony and McGee to stop at a bard called the Colorado Lounge, where something just doesn't seem right...

Liberty Rock (The Legend of Zelda): Complete - After Ganondorf was slain, and the Twilight Mirror shattered, Link has become a legendary hero of Hyrule. After two years of wandering for adventures to support himself (and his new family), he accepts one last offer from Princess Zelda: help her restore peace in the friendly nation of Calatia, which has been splintered by a civil war. Link, Rusl, and a troop of Hyrule's elite cavalry find themselves in a fortress called Liberty Rock, manned by a garrison so small that hope of victory seemed impossible - especially when an army of thousands surrounds them. This is the tale of that siege, gathered from the written account of one of the few survivors, that tells of the hopelessness they faced everyday yet they persevered against. It tells of the men who held that fort and would not let the unity of their nation fall victim to a blood-thirsty tyrant. Most famously of all, it tells of the final moments of the Chosen Hero, who'd saved Hyrule only to give his life in a struggle to ensure the stability of another's home.

Multiplayer Chronicles: Mombasa (Halo): Complete - The Covenant have found Earth, and the various parts of New and Old Mombasa have become an urban jungle of a combat zone. When a squad of Marines and their platoon Corpsman take down an anti-aircraft emplacement, they find themselves trapped in a sector of the city that is doomed to be destroyed by the UNSC's Hammerdown Protocol in an attempt to destroy any and all Covenant forces in the area. They have only a few days to escape...and they're all alone.

No Good (Halo/Deus Ex Machina machinima): In Progress - John Brent, also known as the crime-fighting vigilante Deus Ex Machina, and Michael Jacobs have waged a crusade against the corrupt and murderous Mayor Derek Owen his underground criminal network for what now seems like an eternity. Just when it seems a small bit of headway has been made- a new police force established in Salvation City, though it's underfunded and undermanned- everything is sent into chaos by the arrival of a new man in town. A psychopath who only wants to have a little fun - and who'll scar Salvation City and anyone unlucky enough to get in his way. Unfortunately for John Brent, he's right in this man's bullseye.

Quiet Professionals (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2): Cancelled - Mutt and Bones are two operatives of Task Force 634, a SOCOM unit made with the mission of implementing specialized, small numbered teams to capture or eliminate terrorists who pose a threat to the United States or its people. When Russia launches a full scale invasion of American soil, however, they're mission changes, and now they find themselves deployed to the front lines in the attempt to push the enemy back - and storm their home turf.

Sulfur (NCIS): Complete - Tony DiNozzo is enjoying a day off in the park, when he's joined by a man wearing a black suit, Oakley sunglasses, and a foul, acrid stench. This man, the Business Man, will force Tony to make a choice that will decide the eternal fate of his nearest and dearest, and ruin him forever.

UPDATES (3-13-11)

Well, today I finally managed to post a fic I've been working on for a couple months now: my NCIS oneshot "Sulfur." With the big response Determined got, I'm hopeful for a lotta reviews. I'm at least hopin' to match or beat "Just a Dive" and its fifteen. That'd be nice.

Now just wish me luck on having "Sulfur" win the Supernatural Challenge I had it submitted to over at the NFA Story Board.

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The knowledge of what happened in the park that day, the day he met the Business Man, has been growing in Tony's chest like a balloon filling with acid. Now he hopes to drain it and let everything out, before it all just pops.
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