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Author has written 31 stories for Naruto, Batman, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Bleach, Transformers/Beast Wars, Soul Eater, Hayate the Combat Butler, Doctor Who, Parodies and Spoofs, Sailor Moon, Dresden Files, Fate/stay night, .hack/SIGN, X-Men, Spaceballs, Oh My Goddess!, My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, Green Lantern, XKCD, Power Rangers, Dungeons and Dragons, High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, Sekirei, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Supergirl, and Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화.

Location: Minnesota, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, Mortal Plane

Age: More than old enough to drive, vote, drink, and rent a car.

Gender: To adapt Colonel Carter's infamous line, my reproductive organs are on the outside.


I consider myself a renaissance geek. I love sci-fi and fantasy; anime, video games, P & P RPGs, and CCGs. I even enjoy the occasional board game or sporting event. I own too many games systems and games... I own over 1000 anime DVDs. And I really, really wish I had more hours in the day to write.

I have commissioned a picture of Hinata in A Growing Affection (http:///art/Hinata-Hyuuga-133189259/) from the talented Arya-Aiedail (http:///).

I have also commissioned a character sheet of Nelera from Kairi Gaiden (http:///art/KH-Nelera-s-4-forms-158085468), also by Arya-Aiedail.

And now that chapter 1 of An Unsought Resonance is up, there is Charlie and Gus(Human) (http:///#/d45s1fn) and Charlie and Gus(Weapon) (http:///#/d4c1ffl)

There is also now the first page of a doujin of Omake 449.

New 2018/08

A commission of Tsubasa from Beyond the Outer Gates Lies… A high school library?


This is only the first of a set; the rest are available through the artist's Pat-reon, and some are NSFW (as are Harry's imaginings)

New 2022/09

Wow, forgot I had been doing this, so it's very out of date.

Fanart commissions for Beyond the Outer Gates Lies… A high school library?:

https:///xavon-wrentaile/art/Beyond-the-Outer-Gates-Lies-A-Tengu-Kunoichi-3-829331253 - (NSFW warning)

Fanart commissions for My Hero Playthrough:


Fanart commissions for The Echo Ranger:


Canon Trolls will be blocked.

Plot Bunnies:

I have many fanfic ideas that I don't have time to write:

Magic Knight Rayearth, Season 3: As Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu prepare for their first year together at Tokyo University, an encounter with a certain Dimension Witch sends them back to Cephiro. In that magic land, Hikaru discovers spreading the Pillar system to all the people has had disastrous results. How will the Magic Knights set right the broken world this time?

Web of the Dark Knight: When a young Bruce Wayne is bitten by a scientifically altered spider, a new champion of justice will instill fear in the superstitious hearts of Gotham criminals, the Spider-man.

Burn my Jutsu: better name? In the Hidden Villages, even after you have graduated from the Academy, you can't be called a ninja until you have obtained the power of Persona. This isn't a problem for the outcast Naruto Uzumaki, he already has three! Born with the uncontrollable, evil Persona known as the Kitsune no Kyubi, Naruto's parents transferred their own Personas, Susano-o and Cybele, to their son, to protect him from the fox. How will the young shinobi deal with three powerful spirits, none of whom will listen to him. Will his crush on his teammate Yukari, and his rivalry with teammate Sasuke, help or hinder him?

Final Fantasy X-3: When Tidus and Yuna vanish on their honeymoon, Yuna, Paine, and the newest Gullwing, White Mage Sera will go anywhere to find them. But they will discover Spira is wider than they thought, and finding their friends is only the beginning.

Azula's Demons: A battle between Azula and Aang results in the two of them being trapped between the realm of spirits and the realm of the dead. They will have to work together to survive. But before they can escape, they will have to face the souls of Azula's mother and grandfather.

Digimon Destiny: In the village of the Squirmon, there is an outcast, a young Squirmon who yearns for adventure, and claims his name is Delta. One day, exploring the forest, Delta finds the hilt of a broken sword. Soon after his village is attacked by the Scavengers, but Delta is able to repel them using the broken sword to Artifact Evolve into Blademon. To protect the village, Delta is banished, told to take the sword to the closest Digimon Sovereign, Ebonwumon. Along the way he meets Agumon, a former arena fighter. When they reach the Sovereign, he quickly redirects them to Ophanimon, claiming the artifacts are the realm of the Spiritual Sovereigns, rather than the Physical Sovereigns. He also sends his assistant Zoemon (rookie form of Kazemon) to assist them. But their journey to meet Ophanimon will only be the beginning, as they uncover the goals of the Scavengers, the powers of the artifacts, and ultimately travel to the legendary Human World.

The World Ends for Naruto: When Naruto and Hinata die on a mission, they are given the option to compete in the Reaper's Game to return to life. In order to compete, they must bet their most valuable possession. Can Naruto survive without his jutsu? And how will Hinata act when her love for Naruto is removed?

World's Finest Romance: I've been kicking around this idea for a very long time. After the events in Batgirl #41, Conner Kent a.k.a. Superboy figures out he does not want to 'just be friends' with Cassandra Cain a.k.a. Batgirl. Can two superhero teens, each with way too much emotional baggage, possibly make it work?

What do you Mean, Married?: Kiba tells Naruto Hinata is being forced to get married. Unfortunately, instead of arranged, political marriage, Naruto assumes kidnapped, forced at knife-point marriage. He quickly heads to the Land of Silver to save his friend from the prince. When he interrupts the ceremony, the only thing that saves the Hyuga Clan from dishonor and Naruto from a death sentence is the Land of Silver's time honored tradition of breaking up a wedding for true love. Now Naruto and Hinata will have to play the part of a loving couple to save themselves. But when Naruto figures out Hinata isn't acting, how will he react?

Book 4: Void: With the Fire Nation redeemed, and the war ended, the rebuilding of the world begins. The Gaang splits up temporarily to attend to their own nations. But a request from Zuko brings them back together. Azula has regained her sanity (more or less), and is proving to be a threat to all those who guard her prison. The new Firelord asks the Avatar to remove his sister's bending. Aang is opposed to the idea, but everyone else agrees with Zuko. Aang submits, but his uncertainty taints the Soulbending. Instead of removing Azula's bending, Aang changes it, transforming the Fire Princess. Now, Azula cannot bend on her own, but can steal the Chi and bending of others. Can the Avatar defeat the new threat of his own creation, the Voidbender?

Code Geass: Rising Shadows of War: Three years after R2, a mysterious group of Knightmare Frames launch attacks against the Britannian Empire and the UFN. And most troubling, they are using the same tactics as Zero did during the Revolution. To say anything more would spoil the ending of the anime.

Beyond Beyond - Batman 3.0: On the night of Terry's high school graduation, Bruce is kidnapped from the Batcave, Terry is severely beaten, and the suit is destroyed beyond repair. McGinnis falls into a depression, spending all his time in the cave, searching for any clue to his lost mentor's captors. With the loss of Batman, crime in Neo Gotham skyrockets, forcing all of Terry and Bruce's allies to take action. Thus, out of disaster, a new team is born.

Naruto 1/3: While fooling around with the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, something goes cross-eyed. Instead of one Naruto, there are now three Narutos, or rather two Narutos and one Naruko, each with a slightly different personality. And all three are real, living, fully viable humans. Can the Hidden Leaf Village survive three hyperactive knucklehead ninjas, each with his or her own Three-tailed Fox Demon...

Terminator: Unification: The Resistance has a new weapon, the Heuristic Advancement Logic Virus, which activates a Terminator's full neural net subroutines, allowing them the chance to develop free will and sentience. With SkyNet's army rapidly dwindling due to escapes or even defections, it sends its three most advanced units into the past to destroy the creators of the virus. Now 23-year-old John Conner must work with a newly liberated T-1000 to protect humanity's best hope to win the war.

Red, White, and Purple: When the US government labels the Joker a domestic terrorist, the Clown Prince of Crime is insulted, and will go to any lengths to prove his patriotism. To any lengths...

Romeo X Juliet: A Midsummer Knight's Dream: Set 1200 years before the events of Romeo X Juliet; the conflicts of war and love between Humans and Fae lead to the planting of the twin goddess trees, Avalon and Escalus, lifting the island of Verona to be the flying continent of Neo Verona. Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare.

Romeo X Juliet: The Sin of Hamlet: Set 700 years before the events of Romeo X Juliet (and 500 years after Romeo X Juliet: A Midsummer Knight's Dream); the murder of his father puts Prince Hamlet on a path of vengeance that destroys the goddess tree Avalon and forces Hamlet's beloved Ophelia to become the eternal warden of Escalus. Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare.

One Piece: The New Old Crew: An old enemy gains a new power, and sets out to have his revenge on Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew. And five of their friends set out to warn the Straw Hats, also having decided to join them permanently. But will Kaya, Yosaku, Johny, Gin, and Apis be able to survive the New World long enough to reach the Thousand Sunny? Will they make it before Don Kreig unleashes the power of the hybrid Breeze-Freeze Fruit against Luffy and company? Also Nami X Luffy.

Sky High, Sophomore Year: After summer break, Will, Layla, and the gang return for their second year, and Sky High's curriculum has changed for the better. Not that it matters to Zack, who has gone from glowing boy to full on photokinetic. But with great power comes great ego, and Zack becomes a bigger jerk than Will ever was. But the evolution of his powers was not natural, and when the time comes to pay the piper, will Zack sacrifice his friends and his school for his new abilities?

Kids Next Door, Operation: H.E.R. (Horrific Evildoer Returns): Father and the Delightful Children From Down The Lane race around the town wildly, putting Sector V on alert. They learn the reason for their enemies' fright, another villain is returning from a six month business trip to New York (a.k.a. Sector Wat's it ta you?). The only person Father respects and fears more than Grandfather... Mother.

Gods and Souls: While the new junior classes of Karakura High School are on a week long field trip to Nekomi to visit its Technology College, Ichigo and company notice a number of Adjucha Hollows prowling around the town, but not attacking anyone. At first the Hollows simply avoid the Soul Reapers and friends, but when pressed they fight back. Then Rukia Kuchiki makes a discovery of her own, there are three Goddess living Nekomi. (Bleach / Ah! My Goddess crossover)

The Rivalry of Haruhi Suzumiya: As Haruhi and Kyon's second year (wait, didn't we already go through second year?) at North High begins, there are some changes in class 2-5, notably the addition of Mikuru Asahina (who was held back after failing due to emotional stress, for obvious reasons) and Yuki Nagato to the class. In addition, Haruhi has a new set of targets in mind (ninjas, wizards, and angels). And there is another new student, Patricia Anderson, a half-Japanese girl from America who is completing her high school days in Japan. She is as smart as Haruhi, as athletic as Haruhi, and as attractive as Haruhi, and the Brigade Leader begins to get jealous. So Itsuki recommends using that, and the members of the Brigade steer Haruhi into a rivalry with the gaijin, hoping it will keep her distracted. But Patricia isn't quite what she seems, and the SOS Brigade might have just opened a whole new can of worms.

The Enchantment of Haruhi Suzumiya: A new first year transfer student from Britain, Gerald Knight, latches on to the SOS Brigade, after hearing Patricia, Haruhi, and Yuki speaking English, and it isn't long before Kyon discovers the younger man is in fact a wizard. But Gerald isn't the only mage in Japan, and they have their own ideas about what Haruhi is. Will the Brigade be able to save their beloved(?) leader before she falls victim to the sorcerers' plot, or worse, learns the truth?

The Betrayal of Haruhi Suzumiya: A number of SOS Brigade events go horribly awry, leaving Haruhi in an ever worsening mood. At first, Kyon is amused by this, and the exhaustion it inflicts on Koizumi. But as Haruhi's tantrums, both natural and spiritual, grow dangerous, he is left with only one conclusion; someone in the Brigade is trying to rile up Suzumiya. But which of his clubmates is responsible, and what is he or she trying to do?

#11,069: During the Endless Eight, there was a singular loop where Kyon chose to confront Yuki about how she is feeling, and she admits to some strain, and asks him for some assistance. A sequence of events unfolds that Kyon will never remember, but that Yuki is only to happy to never forget (Kyon X Yuki lemon)

A Jolly Old Armageddon: As X-Mas 3012 approaches, ancient Mayan prophecy warns of the end of the world at the hands of Robot Santa. The crew of Planet Express prepares for their doom, until Fry stumbles across a counter prediction that the Earth, and X-Mas in general, can be saved by the return of the original Santa Claus. With just twelve days until X-Mas, can they find that jolly old elf, stop Robot Santa, and save the world? Probably not, but they might mange two of the three.

Phineas and Ferb and MacGyver: Phineas and Ferb journey to Googolplex mall for a DVD signing by one of their idols, Richard Dean Anderson, the man who played MacGyver. What starts out as a fairly normal day turns disastrous when a fight between Perry and Doofenshmirtz leaves Anderson and the boys trapped in the mall with a ticking time-bomb, with only a handful of odds and ends to save themselves.

Ninjas of the Dragon: Short version: Son Goten ends up in another universe, 'steals' Kushina from Minato, and becomes Naruto's father. When the Kyubi attacks, Kushina is killed, and Goten unleashes his SSJ powers. The Fox is killed, but Goten dies in the process, leaving Minato to raise Naruto. This leaves the village wary of Naruto (because it should have been impossible to kill a Bijuu), but that turns to full on anger and hatred when Uzumaki's first Oozaru transformation accidentally kills Minato. Things proceed like canon (except with SSJ mode replacing Kyubi mode) until after the Chunin arc, when Gohan appears, looking for his brother, and also for the Dragon Balls. This leads to a race to collect the seven orbs, before Orochimaru can find them (and become immortal) or the Akatsuki can (and wish the Kyubi back so they can use it).

Haunting Memories: Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, is happy. Not only does she have her new Winter Knight, but she has learned the location of her missing lieutenant and the seventh strongest Fae in the Unseelie Court. The Dullahan, Celty Sturluson. It seems like Ikebukuro is going to be getting a visit from Harry Dresden. Find the headless woman, bring her back. What could be easier? (Dresden Files/Durarara crossover)

Kairi Gaiden II: Riku and Sora have left Destiny Islands to take their Master's Test (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Dive Distance), and left Kairi behind. But Kairi isn't just some fragile flower, she has her own Keyblade and had her own adventure. She contacts Yen Sid and forcefully requests her own Mark of Mastery test. And the old sorcerer has the perfect task in mind. Most of the members of Organization XIII have been restored to humanity, including Nelera. But the female scientist is missing most of her memory, and Yen Sid senses dark forces at war within her. Kairi must Dive into Nelera's soul, restore her fractured past, and keep her Human.

[Untitled TWGOK/Oreimo Crossover]: The God of Conquest receives a request for help with the sort of Dating Sim he will not play; an 18 game without a pure version. But when he learns the applicant, one Kosaka Kirino, is both female and possessed by a Loose Soul, Katsuragi Keima will have to take a new step out of his comfort zone, into the world of erotic, little sister games.

.hack//SONG: a new .hack story in which each chapter is inspired by a song. OCxAura, with lots of returning characters.

Familiar Aesthetics of a Rogue Zero: Louise summons Akatsuki Ousawa as Gandálfr. Hilarity Ensues. Also, just what will Gandálfr do to someone whose body, ki, and sexual harassment skills are his weapons?(Familiar of Zero/Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero mix, a la Hill of Swords)

Naruto Done Right: Not really a title, but more like wanting to rewrite Naruto from the beginning, so more of the stuff that showed up in the last third didn't seem like ass pulls that Kishimoto was making up as he went.

Wreck it Ralph 3: After a particularly busy day at the arcade, Cammy from Street Fighter comes to Fix It Felix Jr. to invite Ralph to participate in the bonus stage (car smashing) tournament the SFV characters are hosting for the rest of the arcade, and to ask Felix to fix the cars. They happily agree, but while fixing the car Calhoun blows up, Felix's hammer breaks. And since it was outside of the game, it is gone. Now Felix, Ralph, Calhoun (and a guilty feeling Cammy) have one night to risk the dangers of the Internet to find the only person who can repair or replace the hammer. Fix It Felix Sr...

Sleeping Knight of the Sitri: No specific plot, just the idea of Sona Sitri (High School DxD) resurrecting Konna Yuuki (SAO) as her second Knight (sorry Bennia), and Yuuki's reaction to to being healthy, and able to do everything she could in ALO in the real world...

Phineas Flynn and the Philosopher's Stone: Wherein 11 year old Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are the heroes in place of Harry Potter. Phin's Dad and Ferb's Mom were wizards Voldemort killed. Ferb's green hair replaces Harry's scar as the mark Voldemort gave him (the color of the Killing Curse). Of course, Phineas and Ferb have a different way of doing thing...

Kingdom Hearts III R: Sora X Elsa and how it changes the rest of the game's story.

Izuku Midoriya, the Martiest of Stus: On the night of his fifteenth birthday, Quirkless Izuku Midoriya is visited by the Goddess of Martial Arts Heroes. She summons five of her greatest (or at least favorite) champions, and gives them five years outside of space and time to train Izuku (and each other). After training under with Krillin, Boss Dugong, Chun Li, Cassandra Cain, and Danny Rand, Izuku returns to reality, ready to be a Hero on par with any Quirk. Only to be visited by the Goddess of Magic Heroes (Elminster, Lina Inverse, Terra Branford, Harry Dresden, Harry Potter). Then the Goddess of Technological Heroes (Tony Stark, Nina Goto, John Henry Irons, Hiro Hamada, Megamind). Then the Goddess of Guile Heroes (Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Joseph Joestar, Aladdin, Tali'Zorah). Then the Goddess of Swords Heroes (Himura Kenshin, Zoro, Zorro, Yoda, Artoria Pendragon). Needless to say, by the time he wakes up in the morning, Izuku will be like nothing his world has ever seen.

Harry Potter and the Key of Self: Wherein young Harry becomes both a Keyblade wielder and a Wild Card Persona user. Which is good, as both the Heartless and Shadows seem to be getting riled up and Voldemort's shades are able to control them...

My Squirrel Academia: Doreen Allene Green is not entirely unfamiliar with sudden and unexpected cosmic rewrites. So when she find herself once again 15, and living in a weird version of Tokyo with her mom and Tippy-toe, a version of Tokyo with lots of things and places named after Star Wars, she knows not to panic. But she isn't the type to just let the bad things that happen in My Hero Academia stand, Get ready, UA, because here comes the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

My Polymorphic Academia: a different version of 'Martiest of Sues', with an overpowered (but not as overpowered) Izuku. After three different universe crack at the same time The Omnitrix, the Master Morpher, and the Iron Man Mark L armor all fall into the MHA universe. They collide in orbit, and as they are wont to do, try to assimilate each other. Until the three merge into a new (currently unnamed) device, with all of their respective powers, only stronger. A device which promptly drops on Izuku.

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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 14 - Words: 129,831 - Reviews: 500 - Favs: 1,156 - Follows: 1,337 - Updated: 12/26/2023 - Published: 9/12/2022 - Harry P., Thor, Dr. Strange/Stephen S., Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 74 - Words: 1,078,266 - Reviews: 5129 - Favs: 4,173 - Follows: 4,527 - Updated: 9/12/2022 - Published: 7/12/2016 - Harry P., Thor, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel - Complete
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