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17/04/2021 The most fanfiction stories I enjoy is With the Fairy Tail Character Natsu Dragneel. whether it is in the Fairy Tail Universe or in crossovers, I love the character and enjoy many fanfiction around it. currently I am in the middle of making some fanfiction, one already in the process, and I hope to be able to improve my writing as well. One story that I am conflicted on is making a Natsu x Narutoverse fanfiction. I watch small bits of the anime but I cant seem to get into it which I will try and watch the whole anime. the idea is of Natsu being born to Kaguya and having the rinne sharingan already awoken and maybe the byakugan. Naruto would live a small life as a small boy and he would love Kaguya alot, the paranoid version wouldnt be seen by Natsu so he doesn't know that part of her, but she plans to reincarnate Natsu near the Minoto and Kushina time. Natsu will be energetic but he will be smart and Godly, but will hide his powers. he wouldn't know about the tailed beasts and hagoromo six paths. Natsu would be in the same class as minato and Kushina and from there he would fall in love with Kushina and her red hair. she would be shy around him but still the energetic and ramen loving girl she is. They would be seen together and grow up together. Natsu and Minato will have a good friendship but Natsu a prodigy will always be better at Minato at everything. My idea for Kushina's kidnapping is that the one when she is little, Natsu saves her with Minato missing out on it which would make them official boyfriend and Girlfriend. Natsu will make her happy and they would be the best couple. When Kushina gets the Nine tails sealed in her, I see it that Natsu is able to go into her mindscape and meet Kuruma. There he would befriend him and he will learn that he is Kurumas Uncle and other tailed beasts. the time when Minato learns the hiraishin, natsu learns about the formula and makes a better version of it. When Minato learns Rasengan in the 3 years, Natsu learns it in a day but he is able to complete it with his infinities. his strongest being fire and lightning. he would leant the vanishing Rasengan from the Boruto version and it would annoy Minato off. Natsu would end up in the land of the dragon summon world and from there he will go on a reaining trip to learn from there. he would be leaving kushina but she would be fine and off he goes. from this that will be how he gets his 'dragon slayer magic'. his main summon would be wolves. when he comes back, he found out that kushina is kidnapped and he hiraishins to her and frees her, but when he goes see her, he ends up seeing her with minato in an embrace, he would approach them and would allow kushina to be happy if it was with minato and then he would leave them, anhu would come and it would be found out that natsu killed 200,000 kumo ninjas who were here to kidnap Kushina. natsu leaves the village but he has a connection to Kuruma. he would come back on the day of the attack and he would seal half the chakra in him and half in naruto and he would try and lookout for him for kushina sake. minato and kushina will die but kushina would reveal that she made a mistake in cheating on Natsu, Natsu would be married to mebuki and be the father of Sakura who is one year older. but she wouldnt get any of natsu abilities just his strength and anything to aid her when being a medic nin. Natsu and Sakura would have a close relationship. This story I was planning on having it as a big ass harem, And even though the girls are young, they are shinobi when they are 12. I know it isnt right but when they are older especially hinata and hanabi. they are fit. this is my idea, let me know if anyone hates it or doesnt see any merit to it.

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