The Dreaming Angel
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"On a journey I am, across the oceans of life. Always seeking answers and only finding questions. Learning more and more about this mystery called life. I dive head forward, to see what will happen"

I truly am an angel, dreaming and hoping for the best things in life. I was in heaven once, but God told me I was needed on the earth. So here I am, as a mortal in this life. Though I know most answers, I seek new ones for myself. Forever writing my novel, "The Art of Life" so that everyone may know.

Really I'm just a 22 year old guy from the lonely state of Virginia. Writing as well as music are my passions in life, and I intend on bringing them both out through instrumentality as well as words. I'm a fairly cool person I think. I enjoy my Friends, Video Games, Anime/Manga, Dancing, Singing, Helping Others, and Cosplay. I cosplay at every convention I visit, which are all along the east coast. I'm usually dressed as Kyo Kusanagi or Shuichi Shiundou from Gravitation :3.

I love my readers. Every time I recieve a review from a reader I feel so priviledged to have someone even to see my work. Until I really know about, I felt like my writing was never appreciated, especially when I tried to get my friends to read them. As much as that sucked, I kept at it. Now that I've been on for awhile, I have to say I love all the readers on here. The comments, suggestions, and flames I recieve are all close to my heart in a good way, and inspire me to write even more! Thanks readers and viewers, and happy reading to everyone!