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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Age: Old enough to worry about bills and my garden.

I never know what to write in these things.

First, an explanation for my absence. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in December of '08. I began writing Paradigm Shift while undergoing radiation treatment. Of late, I've been dealing with an average of 5 doctor's visits a month, many ER visits, undergone countless MRI and CT scans, lost 4 sizes in 10 months, and by August will have undergone my third surgery in 2012. During an ER visit I contracted MRSA and had to do antibiotic infusions at home for a total of 6 hours a day. All this, including all the normal symptoms of brain cancer, which are too many to list- but the top ones are pain and fatigue.

I'd like to get PS done ASAP, but first I must overcome a few... challenges. Bear with me, it WILL get done!

I love anime, but am too lazy to list my favorites, but my top favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist. I love anime as an art form that can express every single part of the human experience and all our wishes, dreams, and fears.

I love to read, write, and RP. I've been writing little things here and there since junior high. Being an anal perfectionist, it's hard to approve anything I write enough to post it on, but with encouragement I try! I'm also a terrible procrastinator with ADHD to top it all off. So with some nudging, I can get my butt in gear :D I don't have a beta reader but would like one who is highly skilled in editing and specializes in the flow, tone, IC-ness, and clarity of writing.

I only write RoyAi in Fullmetal Alchemist as there is nothing more important to write about concerning the series. :) I write Rizacentric fics because I role play Riza, cosplay her, and we both have a military background (OO-rah! USMC!) among other similarities. Write about what you know, I know Riza inside and out.

Ultimately my favorite type of fiction novel is a political thriller. I love me some spies and sneaking around the globe and running from The Man in dramatic and explosive ways! But I love many types of stories and genres. A few of my favorite authors are Robert Ludlum, Micheal Crichton, Stephen King, C.S. Lewis, Dean Koontz, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, and Jean M. Auel. My favorite poets are Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson.

I tend to read more non-fiction, however. Theology is my primary topic of research, followed by psychology and then mythology as related to astronomy.

I do my best to reply to every review personally, and I absolutely love reviews, especially if they are specific. They are my favorite thing about sharing my writing. I do take each one into serious thought and consideration and DO cater my stories to my readers. The story is a journey we are all on, we are all participants. If you really like the story, don't forget to favorite it! If you like my style of writing, be sure to add me to author alerts and favorite authors so you don't miss any new works.

Works In Progress:

Paradigm Shift: Now undergoing beta review by the talented and marvelous Antigone Rex! Edited story will be reposted as it is completed.

Paradigm Shift Chapter 10 Preparation: Part 2 (uncensored)-

The New Flame Alchemist: Based on an idea I've been mulling over since early '08. I plan to release the story of TNFA in two stories, actually.

Lust!Roy is a collaboration of three minds, but the primary concept and inspiration belongs to HayakuGaki. GrinningDog also helped with his costume and marking design elements. I always go to Hayaku with my first draft - very helpful throughout Paradigm Shift! Some of those lines you enjoyed and noted in reviews were either direct quotes or versions of HayakuGaki's own words. I've taken liberties and developed him in my own ways as far as personality goes due to the demands of writing a story, and created his origin story as well as the unique marking on his back. Below is GrinningDog's AMAZING illustration of Lust. THANK YOU!

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