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Name: Rya Hue Keeper

Age: 15

Hobbie: Drawing, volleyball, tennis

Favorite Color: Gold and White

Animals: Dog, Cat, Phoenix (who said they don't exist?)

Favorite Anime: Naruto!

Favorite Pairings:

Neji x Tenten

Naruto x Hinata

Sasuke x Sakura

Shikamaru x Temari

Shikamaru x Ino

Chouji x Ino

Favorite Fanfiction Pairings:

Neji x Tenten

I'll only read this, I have no clue why

Current Story:

I really like Nejiten stories so I think I might only write about them unless you have a good request. I'm gonna start one story at a time and work to a lot of stories and my goal is to be a favorite author to a lot of people. Reviews are appreciated.


Hobbies: I can draw anything you want me to, realistic or anime...

School: ...

Likes: Ice Cream, Naruto, Hawaii, Sweet Things

Dislikes: SPIDERS, BUGS, ETC.!

I'm not a manga fan, Naruto is an exception, though.



Rate: T

Pairings: The usual (Nejiten and others)

Genre: Humor/ A little bit of Romance

Summary: Tenten, Neji, and Lee are roommates, but one day, Lee gets a mail from Tsunade saying that she needs them to share their house with seven other people. Of course, Lee accepted without hesitation. They were known as 'THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS' of Konoha. Each day one of the sins would come(Yes, they are the Naruto characters. Example: Sakura is rath, but that's all I'm giving away!).

Ten people in a house + Seven of them are sins= chaos

Copyright 2008 (lol)


Rate: T

Parings: Same as above

Genre: Humor/ Romance/ and a little bit of Action


Tenten: A former CIA agent, now a taxi driver, Neji: A high-class assassin. Neji needs to escape from a police mob and grabs a taxi drive from Tenten. Hot, sexy, whatever you want to call it, but deadly and sinfull. This could be the worst or the best luck she's ever had.

Copyright 2008 (rotfl)


Rate: T

Pairings: Same old, same old...

Genre: Humor/ Romance


After being almost ran over by Neji, a star, Tenten thinks she meets her dream man. Hot and... not single. Neji is one of the hottest couple with another star named Cyan. So being friends are okay... right?

Copyright 2008 (lmao)


Rate: T

Pairings: Do I have to repeat it?


It's based on the story FLIPPED and STARGIRL, so just check it out on google or yahoo or whatever

Copyright 2008 (heehee)


Rate: T

Pairings: Same,same


Tenten is an extraordinary girl, a little below popular, and never thought as cool. Neji is the hottest guy out there, thinks Tenten is strange. But now, after a few things, he just can't stoping looking at her.

Copyright 2008 (booyah!)


Rate: M

Pairings: You should know by now


There is a gang legend that long ago a man fell in love with a women. She and the man were happily living together until the man died for not paying his debt to a gang. The women got so mad, she killed all the members in the gang and robbed all casinos. She knew a secret how to change the chance or luck of something and soon it became a power. The gang leader's brother wanted to get revenge and killed the girl, carving a star and moon on her cheek and 5 stars on other part of her body. But they say she predicted her death and sent her powers to someone else and one gang believes they got her.

Copyright 2008 (waz up?)

Thanks for all the people who read my story and I luv ya all!

And plus, feel free to message me-- I love hearing from you guys!

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SEVEN reviews
Team Gai, Seven Deadly Sins of Konoha, One House : Chaos. Check my profile for full summary. NejiTen
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Good Girls vs Bad Boys reviews
Tenten, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata are new to Konoha High. Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Naruto are the cool guys. One day, the girls messed with the cool guys and they aren't planing to leave them alone.
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Pairing: Nejiten. One Easter day- a lot can happen. Short one-shot.
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