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Author has written 13 stories for Ranma, Inuyasha, Skies of Arcadia, Furi Kuri: FLCL, Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Bleach, and Naruto.

I'm JT Jewels, a funny guy that tries to write funny stuff. I like comedy, and sometimes romance. However that's only if it's a romance comedy. I also enjoy reading... well, lemon stories. Those things are pretty entertaining. Anyways, I usually write fanfiction for Ranma and Inuyasha, and occasionally Legend of Zelda. I usually have something ready to post in close to three days to about a week. Well, for those who read this, remember that if you want me to read your piece, make it funny. Or perverted. Either way, I like it.

Some basic Info on me:

I'm 18, I'm a guy, and I live in the US, not that you couldn't already tell by the fact that there's a US flag by my avitar... anyways, That's the basic idea behind myself... now, on to updates!


Sorry I haven't been on in a while... I've been swamped with homework and I've been happily spending time with the greatest girl to ever walk into my life! Anyway, I just thought you would all like to know where I disappeared to. I am slowly but surely updating all of my fics... you will all be pleasantly surprised when I update in the future though!

Ranma's New Sister:

Well, right now I'm editing the older version, cleaning it up. I read it through, and noticed that the sentence fluency was rather choppy, and some of the story was made entirely of dialog, so I decided I would change that. Anyhoo, I will be updating this in the near future...

Inuyasha: Grove Street OG At Your Service:

This one I'm just waiting to revise and improve the other stories first. I already planned out what's going to happen in the next chapter, but again I'm just trying to re-do half of my other stories because they were sucking monkey nuts. That and I have more new material that I've written for new stories.

Legend of Zelda Re-done:

I am currently improving the story thus far, and I will post the revised version soon. That and I've figured out a way to explain half of the stuff that seemed to come out of nowhere--i.e. the portal, the Ranma 1/2 characters, the purpose of all that, etc. etc...

Together Again:

In case you haven't noticed or you came in too late, this story was originally "Kagome and Inuyasha, Together As One". That title was lame however and the story itself was just plain retarded sounding. I mean yeah it was an okay idea, but the problem was the fact that I was using poor vocabulary and I was terrible with all of the other story elements as well. I sounded like a dumbass stoner trying to tell a fairy tale. It wasn't working. So, I revised the first chapter and now I'm working on the second... believe me, it will be better... Anyways, that's it for this story.

Related? To him?!:

This one I'm going to work on. It's a good start, I just have to 'Re-work' the first chapter slightly to make it flow better. That and I have to expand on the idea. I have some good ideas in store, and I'm hoping that the fans will enjoy it...

Mabase Was Peacful; Then Came Haruko:

Just started this fic! I like the way it starts, and yes the 'Intamate' part between Ninamori and Naota was indeed intended. Like I said in the Author's note at the end, it's definately going to play some role in the major plot, just not immediately. Like I also said, I'm going to let you all vote on what happens next! I've started the poll, and once you vote I'll give you what you want... just in a way you never expected. That and I'll make it funny as hell. I love comedy after all!

A Life After Death Situation

Well ladies and gentleman, I'm trying my best to keep it going, but every time I get to writing on it I somehow get interrupted with homework or I have to do chores for my dad... I will however be taking more time to update this great story!

Unknown Heritage

I haven't been able to start the next chapter necessarily, but it will definately be on my agenda to be updated!

A Change of Fate

Well, as awesome as the story is, I've suddently gotten a bad case of... WRITERS BLOCK!! OH GOD NO! Seriously though, I've got a little bit of writers block going and it's bugging the hell out of me... dont' worry though, it will be fixed soon though.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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