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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.


Working on GYH chapter 25. Should be up in the next week or so.


My name is Azlyn, but I go by Azzie. I'm 21 and a senior in university.

I'm male. I'm about 6'2, light brown hair, green eyes. I'm homosexual, but that should be obvious by now by the stories I write.


My dogs Yuki and Hershey, Harry Potter (I like all the characters that everyone else doesn't, specifically Albus, Harry, Ron, Luna, Fred, George, Draco, Sirius, etc.). Annette Curtis Klause. Ouran High School Host Club. Prince of Tennis. Gundam Wing. Sailor Moon. Gravitation. Music. Dir en Grey. Miyavi. Lifehouse. Taylor Swift. All-American Rejects. Within Temptation. Evanescence. Enya. Evening Ocean. Spice Girls (that's right). thunderstorms. cuddling. romance novels. history. japanese. the beach. sleeping. writing. painting. guitar. rain. summer. winter. autumn. spring. ice cream. Dr Pepper. movies. God. poetry. making people laugh. reading. relaxing. decorating. cooking. hoodies. candles. flip flops. dancing. road trips. photography. Bones. House M.D. America's Best Dance Crew. hammocks. my family. broadway. theatre. snow. fireworks. smiling. freshly baked bread. holding hands. Black and White photographs. brightly colored leaves. hands. eyes. clocks. love.

I have a wide range of things that I like to write about. Mostly humor. You won't see something from me that doesn't have a fair amount of humor in it. I like building up to love scenes, but I will make random smut at times if the mood strikes me. =) Mostly slash. I don't think I'm good at HET, so unless I just have a big urge to try it, I won't do it. I have been toying around with couplings like Harry/Luna, Harry/Gabrielle, Harry/Bellatrix, among others. I don't like Ginny (who does?), so that will never happen.


-When Harry is portrayed as weak and sniveling and girl-like. If you're going to write slash, write slash, damnit. I know this is fanfiction, but I can't stand it when people actually want Harry to act like he needs to be protected all the time and he can't do anything for himself, and cries whenever something scares him. I'd prefer if we stuck with Harry's actual (and incredibly sexy) personality, in which he is strong, impulsive, has a temper-problem, and likes it rough... actually I made up that last part, but I could see it, couldn't you? lol.

-I don't like it when Albus is portrayed as manipulative and conniving. There are a select few fics that I'll accept because they were well-written and had a great plot-line otherwise, but Albus is pretty much my favorite character in the books. What's not to like? He's funny, powerful, protective, cares a lot about Harry, and he's all-knowing. I love him. And he's not dead. It was only a flesh wound.

-When I read chapters that are only 500 words long. My definition of a chapter is at least 2,500 words, unless it's just that good.

-if you're going to flame me, please follow these simple rules. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean. I'm not saying you need to be sugar coating everything. I write in real life as well and get plenty of constructive criticism, but at least offer some real advice on how I can make it better. Gracias.

Uhh... I think that's it.


Here are some of my favorite stories that are NOT on

Utopia by Moonflower Rose @ . Harry/Draco, a classic, really as far as I'm concerned. Wonderful writing and a wonderful plot in which Draco is in love with Harry from afar, and decides to do something about it with the help of Blaise and Ginny... even though I don't like her, she's okay in the story

The Burning Times by Dracos_Dirty_Secret @ . Harry/Draco, truly heartbreaking in which the muggles find out about the wizarding word and through manipulation of 'muggle-loving' wizards, find a way to trap the wizards in their own magic. Harry and Draco are married, and seperated when Draco gets captured while on a business trip for the Ministry. They are seperated for 6 years before Draco finally returns to find his world destroyed and Harry missing. It's Epic.

Anything By Lani @ is wonderful.

Some of these are NC-17, so please don't read if you're not of age or are just not into that sort of thing.

Currently Working On:

Gives You Hell: (Harry Potter/Twilight) Edward/Harry. This is my main project right now. I'm about halfway done with it, which means that it will be about 30 chapters long, pending I don't get carried away and some of my chapters end up longer than others... which seems to be a problem right now. XD But anyway, I have written the ending, so it will be finished eventually.

When You Say Nothing At All: (Harry Potter/Twilight) Edward/Harry. As a result of the recent poll I took, I have written the plan for another Edward/Harry. This is very different from Gives You Hell, but I really like where it is going. It will be featuring the Cullens raising Harry from infancy with a very matronly Rosalie (shocking, I know), and (as you might have guessed from the title), Harry will have had a spell cast on him causing him to be temporarily mute. I don't think Bella will be in this story very much, if at all. But it does have Edward and Harry together, which I predict will be cool, because Edward is the only one that can verbally communicate with Harry.

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When You Say Nothing At All reviews
Future!Edward/Harry. Rosalie finds a human baby in the ruins of an old house in England. She takes him and raises him as her own, but strange things happen as the baby grows. Lily and James live. Will they ever meet again? And will Harry want to leave?
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