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Hey guys! It's Little Esme here, aka A.M. (the letters not the word). Well, I'm a Sr. in OK (the state) & we don't live in teepees. In fact, my native american tribe the CHEROKEEs didn't even live in teepees. they had a log cabin. We don't ride horses to school (that's TX-j/k family! j/k!). No, I take my little '88 blue Ford truck to school (it's Bella's truck's son, I think). In the words of Bella, "respect the truck!"

I love learning new languages (I speak english-what a surprise!-, some spanish, & trying to learn asl-american sign lanuage- from my friends. I also plan to take Cherokee in college). Really, I'll learn anything. However, I'm not that way w/ books. I love fantasy & I'm always proven wrong about books. Ex- "I don't read vampre books" then i was given twilight. now all i read are vampire books! hp- i don't like HP- now I'm his biggest fan! harry's not a horcrux- wrong again! Bella couldn't really have Edward's kid!- ha ha ha ha- breaking dawn! you get the picture?

I love to write poetry, but like my regualr strories I've never let anyone else read them (until my english teacher said otherwise. I'm wrong about life too). Halfling is the 1st thing I've ever let even my friends read. don't forget to check out the prequel to that: Beginnings (I'm kinda getting carried away with the Madison stuff!).

Ok, in Sophomore Year I mention "Syrinx" a lot. It's a flute solo written by Debussy. I've had this solo for a couple of years, & my flute teacher is always trying to get me to play it for contest, but I chicken out every year. NOT THIS YEAR! I will play it. So I found it a few weeks ago & saw the composer. In case you dont' remember, Debussy wrote "Clair de Lune" which is mentioned in Twilight. I think that's another sign I should play the solo. Anyway, I thought you should hear it.

And "Clair de Lune":

I know nothing about cars, so when I'm looking for a car for the Cullens Google's my best friend. I typed in Sports car & all i found was a zillion Acura's. I made Bella's car in Estremita Del Mondo & Maddy's car in Sophomore year amaziningly beautiful Acuaras. Here's Maddy's car:


I have a little, pathtic website sorta that I hope I can use to promote this site & my fanfics. And I was bored. Clicky here:

Bella's Color-nary:

White/ glitter/ sparkles/ ect- ture love; only shown between true love between partners & is the color shown around the person

Dark red- love, romance

Red- annoyance, hatred, agrivated

Bright red- mad, anger, insanity

Hot pink-embarrassed, guilt

light pink- like, crush, nervous, uneasy

Dark orange- fear

Bright orange- confused

Bright yellow- happy, anxious

Yellow- cautious

Dark yellow/ gold- rememberance, deep thought

Forest green- repent, grief, miserary

poisen green- jealousy, envy

green- peace

lime green- worry, concern

dark blue/ navy- sad

true blue- happy, content

sky blue- shock, surprise

dark purple- snobish

light purple- sick, hurt (physically & emotionally)

grey- no emotion

tan- sleeping

black- fear of death; unfortuatly Bella has seen this color on two humans.

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