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Phew, ok lets try this again

Mini Biography

Name: Kemmy, Kem, Kemkem, Ham, Hamham and anything else stupid that rhymes
Current Location: Planet Project Work Of DOOooOOM!! (a.k.a Singapore...)
Sex: Male, Bi not gay... well not completely gay...
... shut up Evantis.
Personality: (0_o)... Irresponsible, kinda of a pedophile (I oggled a a blond blue-eyed kid, that looked liked NARUTO!... -_-good Lord someone help me...), horny, moody, absent-minded, forgetful, relaxed, weak, uncompassionate, materialistic, thrifty, uncooperative, polite, sacarstic, likes to do things on the whole and not part by part, damn lazy, suck-ass at chemistry, suck-ass at chinese(yes, i know, unbelievable, why am I even learning this language?), can be quite controlling at times... I guess, cynical, can be a real hurtful critic...

Likes: Biology, Attractive Fascinate (those shiny angelic life-savers ...o thank you Kashimoto-sensei! >w

Dislikes: the fact that my country goes all out against homosexuals, which means no selling yaoi manga, yuri manga, yaoi games, yuri games, yaoi anime and yuri anime and anything else that may involve contents over R21, oh and the fact that we must have rules and regulation in every shitty society.

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black (...asian... duhhh... -_-''')

Genre of Music: J-pop, Rock, some forms of Heavy Metal, anything other than that, isn't in my Dictionary
Bands: Boa, KAT-TUN, News (some people say only girls are allowed to like these japanese boy bands and I'm like WTF?), Linkin Park, Relient K, Nickelback, the all-american rejects, Click 5, Smashmouth, Simple Plan, uhhh... I think thats it...

Favourite Phrases:

I'm anti-social/emo by nature, not nurture.
Dunno, saw it on a web by an annonymous personnel,
but it doesn't belong to me, so don't sue.

I've learned you can make a mistake and the whole world doesn't end.

Lisa Kudrow

The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is 'What does a woman want?
Sigmund Freud (nods head vigourously)

I'll post more when I find the time... if I find the time...


(Can't remeber when I posted this...)

Hey guys!... and gals..

I'll make this short and simple, I have been inactive due to.. well, due to the things that make life so damn unfair and miserable to live in, but I'll be writing as well as updating very soon, possibly a week or so from now. I have just updated C h a i n e d beacuse thats the only story I'm even a bit close to finishing... Gah... I need my horniness back!

Oh well...


Err... I think my readers are unable to get any more updates from me...
Heheheheh... looks like I was lying my way about the updates XP

I can't promise anything but I'm having my exams right now,

so umm... I'm not good with the puppy face but readers could you please hang on for awhile more? Please don't forget this awesome writer! XD bLaTaNt lIe, but still...



'Bless The Lunacy' was released on this date T_T can't believe how long it took me to write that, so pathetic...
...it's amazing how times fly... even when you're not having fun _

Next update might be 'Of Devilish Angels & Angelic Devils', dunno.

(P.s engaging in late burial vigilance of Jiraya, poor soul, nobody really liked him... cept' me o'course :)


Oops, looks like my mood shifted, C h a i n e d: has been updated.
Have a nice read. :D

ღTake CareღGod Blessღ
Jiraya Junior

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