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I'm a novice writer from England who mostly writes fanfic for Doctor Who and Torchwood, but mainly Doctor Who these days, if anything.

Never expect regular updates, and I have a (bad) habit of leaving my work for long periods of time. But I will finish them. Eventually.

In addition to above, having looked back over some of my pieces, I do intend to finish Virus off, eventually.

Am going to try and work with shorter pieces, but I may, like with Tea Anyone?, clump what would be several short stories together.

Tea Anyone? has however been abandoned. I may tidy it up at some point, round off the edges, but that's about it.

I have a (number of uploaded pieces one)th story that I've written, but it not on here because it's in script form, and as I enjoyed it and mainly wrote it straight into said script form, that's how it's staying.

Why am I bothering to tell you this? So you know it exists. It's also the first 'story' I initially wrote on paper before typing up- a method I'm hoping to keep to in my future works as it ensures I don't abandon the story partway through as I have others.

The Last Laugh, an Eleventh Doctor scriptfic, by Kirrithian

The Doctor takes Amy to a future Earth to show her 'Konex, Earths first and greatest fusion generator' to persuade her that she doesn't need to worry about an energy crisis and whether she left her light on. But they're thrown off course a little, and land in a nearby village- in the middle of the night, the witching hour. They quickly decide to stay until morning, but the village is asleep.

So why are all the lights still on?

If you're fed up of people saying copy and paste this onto your profile, you may want to leave this sentence alone.

After having participated in the Butterfly effect challenge (A butterfly flaps its wings, causes a hurricane in Peru), here's what I have to say on the subject of the butterfly effect:

A butterfly flaps its wings. A light breeze hits a small kid in England who treads on a caterpillar.

Balance is restored.

I have a fiction press account, but before you could have your account with both- go have a look

Update 16/04/13: A Chance Encounter- the 10th and 11th Doctors meet, inspired by the fact that they will be doing so on screen for the 50th anniversary.

Update 12/08/2013: Two announcements, firstly I am working on completing Virus as a long term project, including developing and updating the already published chapters. Secondly, a more short term project (Updates starting within a month) I am making A Chance encounter into a full story. I have most of the plot pinned down already, but I intend to type up the whole thing before posting anymore of it, for sake of completion.

Update 01/01/2014: Happy New Year! This is not one of my resolutions, but work on my stories is going slowly due to other life commitments, so it'll be a while until anything gets updated. That said, I may be updating A Chance Encounter if I get the next couple of chapters finished (they're currently being written in tandem and I'm in the rather peculiar position of the third chapter being more complete than the second.), just to keep things rolling a bit.

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The 10th and 11th Doctors meet. Just a short drabble of what I think would happen.
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