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Author has written 9 stories for Code Geass, Skip Beat!, Bleach, Gakuen Alice, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Formerly xXShizukaXx...

Hey there!

I'm a college sophomore into her second semester. Ever since I was a child, I already loved creating stories in my mind. When I was 11, my mom enrolled me in a journalism class, and after that, I started putting into words the stories I have in mind.

Unfortunately, not all the stories that come into my mind are written (or typed, whatever) or finished. I'm so lazy. But that's not the only reason. You can add my schedule and studies. AND WRITER'S BLOCK. :( If ever I finish one, I feel so happy I'm gonna die. (But since I already did, and I'm still alive, cross that part.) =)) I mostly post oneshots. :D

I'm not a great writer, but I always do my best. :D

I love reading. :D

I like the color blue, novels, music, manga...(do I need to mention anime?)

I and it's so unfortunate that my younger sister loves that color.

I'm a girl, by the way...


For Code Geass:

I cancelled the series of one-shots I wanted to do. I was too lazy to do I made it three...

1.A Rose and A Letter- Kallen

2.Spot the Difference-Shirley

3.Violet, Gold and White-C.C.

Another Lifetime-my C.C.xLelouch multi-chaptered fanfic. It's been a long time since I last updated. I might update this only this March or April. It all depends. and i might be editing.

For Bleach:

A Thousand Years-A songfic. It's a HitsuHina story. Fluff

Moonlit Tears-A IchiRuki story. Angst. May be multi-chaptered. It all depends on my schedule.

For Skip Beat:

Low Tolerance-a oneshot. :D

For Gakuen Alice:

Wedding Dress-a story that I already finished (YAY!) I had my friends read them first (I posted it on Facebook). I'm actually undecided whether I'll post it already or not, because I'm not satisfied with it yet. but let's try. I'll be updating this twice a month. :D

For Percy Jackson:

Of Death and Love-this is originally a trilogy, but that still depends. I made up an OC for Nico, because, let's admit it, he's so adorable! =)) Or maybe that's just my weird side working. Anyways, I'm not going to update regularly with this because...Things are getting hectic for me.


None yet. :D maybe the Ouran fanfic I've been planning for years. =)) and the HitsuHina I've also been planning for years.

I'll be updating every friday of the second and fourth week of the month. if I didn't post, then most likely I don't have any to post. :P

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