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Author has written 9 stories for Twilight, Sweeney Todd, and Death Note.


Fact about me: (Random) I prefer the word "Boredness" to "Boredom"...but that's just me..._

More About me: I love Edward Cullen! It's a given! (Something interesting on that subject: I used to be a totally dedicated member of Team Edward...then I had a dream...and Jacob Black was in it...and now I'm on Team kind of shocked me...but oh well! I'm like Bella...I love Jake, but I love Edward more! lol!) I love to write...obviously, and reading is definately my passion!! I'm also a Nerdfighter!! () And I also LOVE John and Hank Green!!( ...oh, yeah, and also, MY HOUSE IS GRYFFINDOR!! (And FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY ARE HOT!)

I love Edward and Bella, but my second favorite couple has to be Jasper and Alice!! (In fact, I find myself being intrigued by Jasper! He's so quiet and mysterious, yet sweet and's definately something to consider!!)

My Fav. Books:

To Kill a Mockingbird-Harper Lee; The Cirque Du Freak Series-Darren Shan; Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (And soon to be Breaking Dawn!!) By: Stephenie Meyer; Eragon-Christopher Paolini; Speak-Laurie Halse Anderson; Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, School's Out-Forever, and Saving the World, and other extreme sports-James Patterson; Looking for Alaska-John Green; HP Series-J.K. Rowling; Wicked Lovely-Melissa Marr; The Guardians of Time Series-Marianne Curley; Romeo and Juliet-Will Shakespeare; Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte.

(And so much more!)

My Fav. Movies:

The X-Men Movies, Interview With a Vampire, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3, Gone With the Wind, Van Helsing, Dracula, and SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET!!1 (Johnny Depp ROCKS!)

MY FAVORITE SONGS!!: (I have a lot of them!!)

Scars-Papa Roach, Bodies-Drowning Pool, Given Up-Linkin Park, Fake It-Seether, The Worm and the Bird-The Used, Miss Murder-AFI, Kill Caustic-AFI, Prelude 12/21-AFI, Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones, everything KISS, I Write Sins Not Tradgedies-Panic! At the Disco!, Thanks for the Memories-Fall Out Boy, Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade, Holiday-Green Day, Basketcase-Green Day (I can relate to this one!! lol!), Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day, I Don't Wanna Be in Love-Good Charlotte, Welcome To the Black Parade-My Chemical Romance, Hero/Heroine-Boys Like Girls, The Great Escape-Boys Like Girls, Enter Sandman-Metallica, The Unforgiven-Metallica.

MY FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: My favorite song right now would have to be "Mr. Brightside"-The Killers

Yeah, Music is my LIFE!! Along with Reading and Writing, it is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Aside from reading, and writing (And of course Music!) , I LOVE randomness! It's just the best thing to pick me up when I'm down. (Or anyone for that matter!)


Anywho, if you're curious, here's some of my FAVORITE quotes!

The Quotes:

"After all, isn't she just a woman scorned with fury Hell hath no!"-Captain Jack Sparrow

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."-Edward Cullen

"What a stupid lamb."-Bella Swan

"Smile, it confuses people!"-Some Guy

"Why does love have to hurt so bad?"-Me, Myself, and I

"That is what 'to the pain' means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery, forever."-Westley (The Princess Bride)

(This one is a Twilight saying) "Thanks Stephenie, now I'll never find a man."

(Another of my favorite Twilight sayings) "Cullen Boys: Because they don't make them like that anymore!!"

:( pout August 2nd couldn't come soon enough...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Hold the newsreader's nose squarely, waiter, or friendly milk will countermand my trousers."-Stephen Fry (A Bit of Fry and Laurie) I just really loved this quote because it was so freaking RANDOM!!

2nd QUOTE OF THE DAY: "In life, you have to work very hard for the things you want. Now, shut up! They're announcing the lotto numbers!" (thank you Josh!)

OMC! Here's a HILARIOUS convo me and my friend, D, had on Myspace IM!! (Brace urselves! It's kind of long!!) (WARNING: Crazy obsessiveness, and weird Robert Pattinson referencees below!!) so we started off by talking about nicknames for Rob...(who is Spunk Ransom, and used to b R-Pattz)

Me: Cedwobert Culligorattinson
D: huh?
Me: It's a combonation of
Cedric Robert and Edward
and Pattinson Cullen and Diggory
D: lol i like it
Me: It's kind of long
D: yea, but who cares
Me: It's nothing like 'Spunk ransom'! She says in a sarcastic voice.
D: lol
Me: Robert Pattinson walks up behind her with an angry expression on his face.
D: nope definately not, she agrees in a sarcastic tone
Me: 'Oh, uh..hi there..Rob!' she says nervously.
D: lol
D: 'what?! its true?!' she says to rob Me: 'Rob? Rob! What are you doing?'
the computer gets unplugged
D: 'back off bucko!' she says to rob
Me: 'u suck, R-Pattz!' She growls at him
D: 'yes you do' she growls
Me: 'Yes, that's right! I made a reference to ur name!'
D: 'you wanna piece of me rob? huh huh do ya?' she says tauntin him
Me: His face scrunches up, and tears begin to flow.
D: lol
Me: I slowly get up, and sigh.
Me: 'there there' she says in a bored tone while patting him on the back.
'No!!' he sobs
D: ' she puts her fists down and goes to consol him' ' its ok rob, we were just kidding' she says as she also pats him on the Me : She looks down at her watch. 'ok, Rob...I have a 2:30 with Lindsey Lohan, so ur gonna have to speed this up!'
D: lol
'IT WAS ALL THOSE NC-17 MOVIES!!' He screams, ignoring her.
D: "aye yae yae' she says rolling her eyes
Me: 'I JUST WANT TO KILL SOME PEOPLE! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!' it's from 1 of the twilight movie interviews for all u people who don't know!!
D: ' nah not really' she says to rob...' but when your a good vamp, it is' she says
Me: 'Rob...the movie's over...get over it, and DAZZLE ME!!' She decides to use tough love.
Me: 'Now, go b a good little actor, and do some more publicity photos!'

THE END! lol! We luv u Rob! We don't mean it! haha! ;)


(lol! It's official for me! But if you'd like to take a look at the cover I made for it, go ahead and get click happy with the link above!!)

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