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I'm not really much of a writer, which any stories I do end up producing will probably show. I read primarily HP Fanfiction, and the occasional crossover, primarily Lotr, and Firefly.

Update 2/11/08-

Ludus is on a temporary hiatus. I'm going to try to write four or five chapters before I next update it. It'll probably be updated in March. Sorry, but I'm trying to make the rest of the story somewhat unique, as I'm trying to separate my story from the works of Flairgold and Toki Mirage. Thanks for reading!

Update 4/24/08

I will be updating eventually, so, no the story is not abandoned. I'm not really entirely sure when I'm going to update, but it should be within the next two months. Please don't send reviews bitching about it, as that's not going to make me update any faster.

Update 4/28/08

Story is currently being Re-worked. I re-read the first chapter, and realized that i had damn near plagiarized much of aSCaL, and I really didn't want to do so. Probably be a month or two before it's back up. Sorry.