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Yeah, What can I say, I love to write, I write allot, its my anti-suicide...lol. Yeah, you can call me Zeal, its not my real name but, hell, call me it anyway. =))

I'm on here just for Wrestling (cause its the awesomest thing ever!) and maybe Heroes...but, Idk...

My fav wrestlers are: Shannon Moore (yeah, I love him so your gonna have to deal with reading all about him. :) and I like to make him Gay and Emo so deal with Shannon being whiney, homo and cutting himself... and Its just kind of sad he's being used as a jobber. =( cries), The Undertaker (HEHEHE! He's awesome but, getting a little boring), Finlay & Hornswoggle (BEFORE they went face, cause them heel rocked I think), um...Who else, I don't mind the Jeff Hardy (Though, sometimes he annoys me...), oh and The Big Show! (he's funny and has a nice smile...)

The one's I hate are: Lets see, where do I start...lolz. Um...Khali (who doesn't), Jamie Noble (He cries too much), Chuck Plaumbo (or however you spell his freakin' name), Paul London (cause he's ugly...), um, who else, Batista (STEROIDS!) , Rey Mysertio (Send him back to mexico...and I realize the two there are in one of my stories, even though I don't like them.) Big Flabby V (He's gross as hell!), John Cena (gay and overrated), Cade and Murdoch (Losers), D N' D and Cherry even though she's not with them anymore. (Freakin' 50 freaks, they need to realize IT'S THE FUCKING 2000'S ASSFUCKERS!), CM "Punk" (cause he's a poser! I mean, com'on! He calls himself Punk!? What the fuck!? POSER! Plus, he's ugly), Edge and the Edgeheads (Edge is scary and gay and the Edgeheads are soooooooo pitiful!), Jimmy wang Yang (YOU'RE NOT A COWBOY! YOU'RE FUCKING ASIAN!! I HATE YOU AND NOT JUST CAUSE OF THAT IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE UGLY AND STUPID AND OVER-FUCKING-RATED!!), Most everyone on ECW (their worthless shits), and...whoelse...Umaga (ewww...), Chavo (stupid) and Vickie (she needs the shit kicked out of her), JBL (He looks like the pillsberry dough boy!), Most all of the Divas (WHORES!! THEY ARE TELLING EVERYONE WOMEN ARE WHORES WHO CAN'T FIGHT FOR SHIT! I CAN PROBABLY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF THEM!...well...maybe not the manly ones...) And I'm still pissed at Matt Hardy for abusing Shannon, he'll never be forgiven for that in my eyes...that is until someone does the same to him or he says hes sorry!

and I know theres more I hate, but, I just can't go through the whole dammed roster!


Yeah, So...I'm gonna be finishing The next chapter to "This kid can soften any heart" soon, like...maybe later today or some time in the morning tomorrow. I seem to be getting allot of good feedback, seeing all the faves (Thanks to: I don't care what People think, Straightedgechick, Angelcatvampkaneblood, Vixen Of Extreme RKO FAN, ) and Alerts (thanks to: I don't care what People think, SKYE-07, Lumberjane, Souless666, Jaded-Chaela and Vixen Of Extreme RKO FAN) and the 4 Reviews (Thanks to: I don't care what people think, Souless666 and Vixen Of Extreme RKO FAN.)I'll be finishing the next chap soon. =)


Sorry its taking some time for me to finish the next chap. I've been really busy, lol. I'll try to finish it soon. =)


yeah. I'll be putting on the next chapter to "This kid can soften any heart" soon, I'm really sick, so I can't get the time to write...whines I'm so sick...I'm gonna die...waaaa...jk, I just got the flu...lol. You can't die from that right? I hope not...lolz. nervous laugh


'ello peoples of Fanfiction.net!! Waz up!? Yeah, I'm weird today, anywho...Case ya'll don't know, I finished the last story I was workin' on "this kid can soften any heart" and yeah, course I didn't kill Shannon! HOW COULD ANYONE KILL HIM! lolz.

But, anyway, I'mma be writin' a new one, thanks to devinxsanji, who gave me the idea for a Rey Mysterio and Shannon Moore Slash, so I'll be putting the first chapter up sooner or later, I'm hoping today but, i dunno...Oh, and If you like Jimmy Wang Yang this is NOT the fic for you to read...cause I'mma make him evil cause I don't like him...=D so if you do...yeah..sorry 'bout that... But, Anywho...I'mma put that up and ya'll can read it now...shit...I'm breaking into that southren accent again...


'ello!! I gots the next chapter to"When No One's Looking" up...Wanted to thank everybody for reviewing and faving and alerting and shit like that...sorry, if I swear too much, I've kinda got a prob. wit' that...

Anywho...-Looks around awkwardly- MARRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL!!

And yes, I know I'm weird...


'ello! I'mma real bored right about now...But, I wrote something new...its all like Vampirey, I may put it up sooner or later, I'm feeling Vampirey today -bites you- haha...nah, I'm kiddin'...aw shit I really bit you...dang it...

Anywho, I gots the next chap but, I haven't put it up yet cause...I'm just stupid like that: Yah,But, I will...I know its hard for some of you do see JWY doing what he does in that story...But, yeah, I wanted it to look that way, so you'll be kinda shockedish seeing Jimmy seems nice but, he ain't...-nods-

anywho...-bites your neck-


Yo PEOPLES! Sorry, again, I'm weird, I'm all drugged up cause I'm sick and need pain-fuckin'-killers! Lolz. But, yeah...

Anywho, I'mma be finishing the Story soon, well, tbh, I already did, but, I'm having problems putting the Chaps on my Computer, so...its gonna take some time...Sorry 'bout that...

But, yeah, I'm freakin' bored right about now...I think I'mma go...do stuff...

Someone review on my crap...I'm so bored!

So...-bites your neck- hehe!


Yeah, I finished "when no ones looking" a bit ago and no body's finsihed readin' it?! What the fuck? eh, oh, well...

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas for somethin' for me to write let me know, 'kay?

-Bites your neck-

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