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I'm Flowerdapple and I, like many others, am an aspiring author. My stories may be unplausable but that's why it's called fiction! I love playing bass guitar and I also play piano (never said I was good at either).

Banishment Trilogy Things:

I Flowerdapple am a loyal warrior of DarkClan. My leader Darkstar (Darkstripe) created our clan by combining WindClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan together. All this just because Cinderfire (Cinderpelt) didn't get hit by that monster, imagine how things would be if she had!

Flowerdapple is not a main charactor and never will be.

Awsome Pairings and Crack Pairings:

CherryxSharp: I think this couple is adorable.

FirexCinder: They were made for eachother.

CrowxNight: Yes. I adore this pairing because I finally thought about her feelings. I mean she loves him but he just pretends to love her and stuff.

CrowxFeather: I can like them all so shut up before you say anything. They are perfect for eachother.

CrowxLeaf: see above. Why is Crowy perfect for so many cats...

TigerxSasha: He loves her even though she was a kittypet! He's TIGERSTAR! It doesn't get much better, though I now prefer TigerxBlue.

TigerxGolden: Even when I write with Goldenflower with someone it always ends up as Tiger invading her thoughts about the other tom.

SpiderxLeaf: Longtail's Love had/has a story with this pairing and it's cute.

FirexGolden: I thought this up when she says that he is the only one she wants to tell Tawny and Bramble Tigerstar is their father.

CinderxSwift: I kinda think that this would have been cute if Firestar still liked Sandstorm even if Cinderpaw/pelt became a warrior.

TigerxBlue: I changed my mind, this is a crack couple that has actual proof.

Hated Pairings:

FirexSand: I HATE IT! Don't know why I just do although, I like Sandstorm much more when she has a personality, I'm glad some of it comes back in Eclipse.

JayxWillow: another those not sure why but I do pairings.

Fave charies:

Tigerstar- go ahead hate me but I luffles the great big evil kitty-kitty

Darkstripe- see above

GrayPAW-fluffy boy is ta best

Cinderpaw/pelt/anything anyone has ever named her: She is my number one most favourite charactor ever!! I don't even know why but I absolutely adore Cinder!

Firepaw/heart: He is awsome and then he gets all perfect and junk in the new prophecy! Whitestorm should have been made deputy instead!

Whitestorm: I adore him. Another I don't know why but I do.

Jaypaw: He reminds me of myself. On fanfiction I try to be polite but normally I act alot like Crow/Cinder jr.


Leafpool+Crowfeather=Jay: If Cinderpelt is the mother, Jaypaw got her looks and Crow's personality! I don't know if there is anything Leafpool like in him but still is possible. Also if no Cinderpelt relation, He looks like Ashfoot too!

Squirrel+Ash=Holly and Squirrel+Bramble= Lion: Just a thought. If Cinder wasn't Squirrel and Leaf's's mother then maybe she had a split litter, Holly is Ash's kit, Lion is Bramble's and Jay is Leaf and Crow's!

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