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Author has written 4 stories for Ace Combat, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z.

Who: I am but a bored college grad who needs something to do with my spare time

Gender: Male.

Age: Classified.

Name: Classified

Likes: I love anime, books, TV y'know, the usual.

Dislikes: Math, Physics, professors who can't teach, stupid/over the top anime (ie Bobobo). The usual dislikes of a teenager. You know, that kind of thing.

Favorite anime/books/video games: Bleach, the Potter series, Naruto, Gundam SEED/Destiny/Wing/00, Final fantasy VII-XII, Ace combat 04/5/Zero, Negima, Hellsing, the list just goes on.

Quotes. These are some quotes that I thought were awesome, funny or I just like.

"It's time to get medieval, I'm goin' in for guns." - Dos Gringos song "I'm going in for Guns."

"Cuz Ken-chan's stupid!"- Kusajishi Yachiru, Bleach episode #173

"The sucker won't die!"- Vic Mignogna, talking about Broly

"My best friend is the person who gives me a book I haven't read yet."- Abraham Lincoln

"Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies share my dread." - Bruce Wayne "Batman Begins"

"Life is not about how high you climb or how far you run but how well you bounce." - Unknown

"When in doubt, C-4 it!" - Jamie Hyneman

"That's what we do on Mythbusters. We blow shit up!" - Jamie Hyneman

"I warn you. You'll only get to see it for a second." - Kurosaki Ichigo to Dordonni

"If miracles only happen once...Then what's the second one?" - Kurosaki Ichigo to Kuchiki Byakuya

"Those who try to escape are scum! Those who stay are well-trained scum! You are all equally worthless bastards!" - Boris Ivanov, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

"Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 60,000 feet and climbing." - Motto outside of former SR-71 base in Okinawa

"The only ones who can shoot are those who are prepared to be shot!" - Lelouch Vi Britannia

"We go through these mannequins like candy." - Jamie Hyneman

"Retreat and you'll age...Be afraid and you'll die! NOW SHOUT OUT MY NAME!" - Zangetsu.

Story Ideas. This is where I list off story ideas as they come to me. If you see one you like, lemme know. Feedback is always appreciated.

Once More: This is the short story that I've mentioned once or twice. Ichigo's retired from being a Shinigami but circumstances force him to take up Zangetsu one more time.

Batman The Second Legend: Set after Batman Beyond and it's AU. Terry's given up being Batman but when Bruce dies, he has a choice to make. Take up the cowl or forsake it forever.

Himura the Jedi!?: This is a Star Wars/RuroKen crossover. The Force works in mysterious ways and now Saito and Kenshin have to figure out what the mystic energy field wants with them while dealing with the Clone Wars and the Sith.

Gohan's Return: Sequel to Gohan's Dilemma. A Shippuden continuation of Gohan's Dilemma.

Gundam Frontier (Working Title): Kira and Lacus end up in Macross Frontier! But the real question is, will Kira pilot Strike Freedom in defense of Frontier or will he let the Vajra overrun the colony!?

Kenshin of the Gotei (Working Title): It's been centuries since the Bakumatsu and Kenshin has long since died. However, that doesn't mean his legend stops there. Ichigo's about to meet Hitokiri Himura Battousai! Bleach/RuroKen crossover.

Zorro/RuroKen crossover (No Title): This would probably be a short story and not one of my longer ones. Kaoru is kidnapped during a trip in Yokohama and it drives Kenshin into a blind rage. How will California fare when Himura Battousai lands on its shores?

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Intervention : Well, it's official! The Meisters are going to the SEED world. I just think it will be more fun for them to try and stop a genocidal war. And I will be changing Destiny's plot, strengthening its weaknesses and so on. For example. Cagalli will NOT be a little crybaby that doesn't do anything. Athrun goes SEED mode in the FIRST CHAPTER! And I shall be toning down both the 00's capabilites and Strike Freedom's, however, once Trans-Am activates, all bets are off!

Bleach Fic (No Title): Surprisingly enough, this is a time-travel fic. Ichigo meets a new Arrancar with the power to travel through time. When the Arrancar goes to kill Ichigo before he became a Shinigami, Ichigo follows after him. Now Deathberry's gonna have his hands full reliving his life and at the same time trying to keep his battles with the Arranacar a secret from his friends!

Ace Combat 4 fic (this one may not come out for a while): The prequel to the Ultimate Ace, following the Ace Combat 4 storyline, telling of how Maj. General Brian Forrest rose from just a nugget in over his head to the greatest Ace the world had ever seen. I may or may not take it clear up to his exodus to Osea.

FMA Fic (No Name though I'm considering Dark Times or Reawakening): Ed and Al were living peacefully on the other side of the Gate. However, when World War Two breaks out, that all ends. Al gets away, but Ed has been nabbed by Hitler's regime. Now the Full Metal Alchemist had been shipped off to a concentration camp and Al is alone in Nazi controlled Germany. Both struggle to survive, but when Ed gets pushed too far in the camp, Full Metal works another miracle.

Our Own Point of View (Star Wars fic): Jedi and Sith, Light and Dark, two sides of the same coin. Soran Yin is a man on a mission. Raised by a Sith Lord, he follows their brutal philosophies, but with a twist. He desires to crush the squabbling remains of the Empire from existence. Luke and the rest don't agree with Soran's methods, but can they really deny what he's doing? The Jedi and his friends learn through encounters with Soran that more often than not, the line between good and evil is blurred. Pre-Yuzan-Vong.

Gundam Wing/Seed cross (No title): Yes I know that this particular crossover is overdone, but I just can't get it out of my head. It's the final battle in the AC159 timeline and when Heero has trouble destroying the Libra section falling towards earth, the other G-boys go to help. When the Libra explodes, the five pilots are thrown into the Cosmic Era and split up. Now with their Gundams out of power from the N-Jammers, they have to find ways to get their machines up and running while dealing with another war.

Halo/Star Wars Cross (No title): We all know the ending of Halo 3. But what happens when the Chief and Cortana end up on Tatooine? The Empire's about to find out what it's like to fight a SPARTAN.

Harry Potter/Mahou Sensei Negima cross (No title): Negi's been teaching at Mahora for a few years now and Asuna and the rest are in high school. Negi decides to take a break and go back to England for a little while, but discovers that Voldemort has returned and while the son of the Thousand Master works at Hogwarts for a summer job, he gets caught up in the conflict. Starts somewhere round the fourth/fifth/sixth years at Hogwarts.

Animorphs/Men in Black cross (No title): The Animorphs' war with the Yeerks continues to rage on. They fight desperately to stop the onrushing space slugs, never expecting to get reinforcements from MIB. Agents J and K are at it again!

My Name is Bourne, Jason Bourne (James Bond/Jason Bourne cross): There's a new villain out to destroy the world (what else is new?), but now this new villain has enlisted a very powerful ally, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known in the underworld as Carlos. Not much is known about the killer and between the new threat and Carlos, M has no choice but to turn to the only true expert on Carlos. A man by many names and of many faces. He's known as Cain, Delta, David Webb, and, most famously, Jason Bourne.

Beyond the Requiem (Code Geass/Gundam SEED cross): Alright, I know I pulled the other idea for a similar crossover but now that R2 has ended I've found a way to integrate the two worlds. It all hinges on the theory of Lelouch and the end. Centuries after the end of the Zero Requiem, the world has long forgotten the countries of Britannia and the United States of Japan. History seems destined to repeat itself as Coordinators and Naturals go on a genocidal campaign against each other. While the severity of the battle escalates, a hero, long since presumed dead, steps forward to once again stop the needless oppression and death. The hero's name has survived the centuries, the legendary tactician and mask-wearing insurgent known simply as...Zero.

Final Fantasy XIX (Final Fantasy 7/12 cross): Okay, the title is supposed to say 'Final Fantasy 19', my reasoning being 7+12=19, but I'm not an expert on Roman Numerals, so I don't know if the title is accurate. Cloud's dead and now he's part of the Lifestream. Then he wakes up in Ivalice. Sephiroth somehow also turns up. The problem? The both of them are amnesiacs. Will enmity transcend memories? Or will two arch-enemies end up as the best of friends? Only time will tell.

Bleach/YYH cross (No Title): Yusuke has retired from the Spirit World and he's going to high school of all things! Surprise surprise! However, his school is in a place called Karakura Town. Innocent enough right? Well, not when Kurosaki Ichigo is around. Yusuke finds out that retirement ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Groove Adventure Rave/Fairy Tail(No Title): While just wandering the world after saving it, Haru, Elie, and the rest end up on a previously unknown, uncharted, continent. There they get involved with a bunch of crazy mages who are a part of a guild. The guild's name? Fairy Tail.

Percy and The Olympians/Bleach cross (No Title): Not too sure how I'm gonna start this story, but it should come to me eventually. The war with Kronos isn't going too well and it's threatening the world. When Soul Society finally takes notice, they send one of their most experienced teams to deal with the threat until the rest of the Gotei 13 can be mobilized. The advance team is one Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends. New York and America will never be the same.

History's Strongest Disciple HiFuMi? (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi/Change 123 crossover): Miu, Kenichi, Matoko, and Kosukegawa are all going to the same school? Oh no. What will happen when History's Strongest Disciple meets an equally strong girl with five distinct and different personalities? Kenichi is gonna wish he'd brought asprin.

School Daze (Bleach Fic): Ichigo gets killed in a hit and run. Now Soul Society wants him to fill one of the vacant positions in the Gotei 13. Now Ichigo's gotta go to school to learn to be a good Shinigami. Teachers, friends, enemies old and new, and to cap it all off, a Lieutenant position. And who said the afterlife was peaceful? I'm gonna take what I call the Harry Potter route to try and put a new spin on things, ie, Ichigo's famous as the man who killed Aizen and now he has to deal with fame, resentment, fangirls, and a whole other host of problems, much like one Harry James Potter.

World's Finest: Probably my biggest crossover idea ever! Stark Industries and WayneTech are collaborating on a replacement for the space shuttle, a little something that could probably take men to the moon and beyond! However, Lex Luthor and Norman Osborne aren't happy about the arrangement. Batman's gonna need help in the way of a freelance photographer, a fellow billionaire playboy, and one mild-mannered reporter. Oh. And did I mention that the Joker's getting in on this too? Previously I said they were all post most recent movie. I can't believe I was ever that narrow minded. This story will now be a fusion of the DC/Marvel universe, incorporating elements from the comics, the movies, and the various animated series that have come out over the years. I'm also thinking of making a whole bunch of stories that fit into this little personal continuity, a kind of 'WingedFreedom-verse' if you will.

Cracked Mirror: Naruto goes on a training mission. While on it he gets caught on the wrong end of an experimental jutsu. When he finally regains conciousness, he finds out that all is not as it should be. The Sandaime's not dead. The Yondaime is still alive for some reason too. Sasuke never left Konoha and Jiraiya's nowhere to be found. If all that weren't enough, Kakashi isn't Naruto's teacher either. It's Orochimaru!? Wait what? What's going on here!?

Bleach/Danny Phantom cross: There's a foreign exchange student at Casper High School. His name's Ichigo Kurosaki and he's the new mystery in school. He's prone to passing out, and carries around a stuffed lion plushie that always seems to turn up in the girls locker room. But when Pariah Dark and Vlad suddenly begin to cause more than their fair share of madness and mayhem, Danny Phantom finds himself hardpressed to keep up with it all. All seems lost until Ichigo Kurosaki turns up again...this time with the biggest sword anyone's ever seen...

Transformers/Terminator cross: The war for humanity's future is going horribly. Every day, SkyNet and the Terminators get closer and closer to victory, no matter how hard John Conner and the rest of the resistance attempt to slow them down. When all hope seems lost, and with defeat on the horizon, Conner plans one final assault. It is during this assault that he meets humanity's last and greatest hope: Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

Night Angel Trilogy/Legend of Drizzt Cross: Kylar Stern has seen untold centuries of life as the bearer of the black ka'kari. Finally he leaves Midcyru and sets out across the ocean were he lands in Faerun, seeking a new life, desiring to see the world and continue his exploits as the Night Angel elsewhere. Drizzt Do'Urden is a drow elf who has forsaken the chaotic ways of his ancestors and left the Underdark to reside on the surface. He and his frightfully skilled friends also wish to see the world. It's only a matter of time before these two worlds collide in a spectacular fashion!

Anthologies (anyone and anything crossovers/oneshots): It's Gaara of Naruto vs Crocodile from One Piece in the climactic battle of the Arabasta War! It's Kakashi of Naruto vs. Artemis Entrieri from Legend of Drizzt! It's Orochimaru vs. Voldemort! It's Jiraiya vs. that Kabuki dude from the CP9 Arc of One Piece! I know most of the people listed are from Naruto, but disregard that and look at the stuff in the big black letters. You read me right. It's anyone and anything from any anime/book/manga/TV show/comic vs anyone else from any of the aforementioned! One shots and short stories suggested by you! The READER! Work shall begin just as soon as I get a request! (Disclaimer: Author (that's me) reserves all right to decide whether or not to actually write the suggestion nor will this...can it be called a fic? be updated on a regular basis due to other projects).

A Phantom in the Dark Knight: Bruce Wayne's travels have taken him across the world, from the Far East to the Mid East, and to Europe. Now he's in Africa, chasing down rumors of a ghost. Bruce knows this creature of the forest and the night. Captivated by the fear the thing, called by many an immortal vengeful spirit of the jungle, Bruce ventures into the leaves of the African jungle chasing rumors and mysterious footsteps. Bruce is willing to go to any length to prepare for his Mission in Gotham. Even learning from The Ghost Who Walks.

DragonBall Z/ Superman cross: Darkseid is potentially one of Superman's greatest enemies, even more so than the infamous Lex Luthor who, let's face it, is merely human. Darkseid fancies himself a god. With the power and resources in his control, there is hardly anything Darkseid cannot do. Except he cannot kill one peace-loving Kryptonian. Fed up with his repeated failures, Darkseid turns to the netherworld to aid him in his quest to kill the Man of Steel once and for all. While looking for a suitable pawn, he discovers a tyrant he'd long thought dead. The tyrant's name is Frieza and Darkseid wants Frieza's power to end Superman's life. Frieza is more than willing to oblige. Not knowing where else to turn, and recognizing that he cannot take on Darkseid and Frieza, Superman chases down rumors he's heard of a man in Japan with strength to rival, and maybe even equal, his own. That man's name is Son Goku, but can Superman get to Goku before Frieza and Darkseid kill one or the other!?

One Piece Oneshot: Inspired by Naruto Chapter 440 and a remark from Master Makarov from Fairy Tail. Makarov said that no parent could sit still while his children bleed. Naruto found that out first hand. Now there's the recent events in One Piece with Ace's...uh...problem and the revelation of his heritage. It's kind of a little thing about how the Pirate King can't sit still while there are big events going on in Marinford. Like I said, there's not much in the way of a long and drawn-out plot. It's more of a little thing that came to me when I saw what was going on with Marinford and Impel Down and I said to myself "huh, wouldn't it be cool if Gold Roger got involved in all this?"

Naruto/Fairy Tail cross: Kakashi was on vacation and thought he'd wander around outside his own continent for a while. While abroad, he runs into a certain city and a certain guild with a penchant for destruction and massive property damage. Now what would happen if, say, Sharingan Kakashi decided to chill out at Fairy Tail for a while? I don't think the guild is ever going to be the same...and Laxus definitely won't. ^_^

Avatar The Last Airbender, Prelude: Avatar Roku reveals his history to Aang during one episode in the Fire 'arc' of Avatar. But it's always left me wondering just what Avatar Roku went through when he was a learning Avatar. This is a fic set in the one hundred plus years preceding the first episode of Avatar.

Splinter Cell/Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2: Third Echelon is the US's last line of defense against many maniacs who want the world to end in fire. Sam Fisher is the weapon 3E uses most often. He's the fireman, the one called in when things are too hot to handle for the politicians and the regular military. Soap and Price are on the run, but still very much involved in hunting down Makarov, the man responsible for the invasion of the United States and the Siege of Washington. Makarov has gone to ground. He's invisible to all the members of the world's intelligence community. Except for Third Echelon. Their new mission is to hunt down and kill Makarov. The two most wanted men in the world, and 3E's most elite Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher, are about to collide head to head! (Keep in mind I've only played Pandora Tomorrow and read the books with regards to Splinter Cell, so that's what I'll be using.)

Assassin's Creed story: Desmond and the gang find a Piece of Eden in a museum, one that Abstergo has somehow missed. In the era of the Crusades, Altair has found a piece as well. Both are mistakenly activated and hurl Desmond back into the past and Altair into the future, where they land in Sixteenth Century Italy. Now a very bewildered Ezio Auditore has to help Desmond and Altair find their way back home. If only it were that easy. All three will find out that when it comes to the Pieces of Eden, Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted.

Live a NOBLE life: Six had the package. He'd gotten it all the way to the Pillar of Autumn. He'd prepared himself to die on the soil of Reach, fighting to the last. A brave group of Marines has other ideas and now the Spartan-III is on the Pillar. His mission now is to help Master Chief survive the coming battles. Only problem is, the fight's going to get worse before it gets better.

Halo: New Beginnings: Master Chief has won the war, destroyed Halo, and now finds himself drifting aimlessly in space. Over the next seventy years, humanity advances even further in its spacefaring, walking arm-in-arm with the Elites and their allies. Thanks in large part to a certain device call the Mass Effect Relay, humanity has even become a player in galactic politics. The Chief returns to the stage just in time to figure out that everyone, not just humanity, needs a hero. Thankfully, they get two. And they're both named John.

Stained:Ichigo's a criminal! He's been locked up by Soul Society and now he's awaiting his execution. There's one problem, Ichigo claims he never did the crime he's been accused of. Now he's gotta find a way to avoid execution, get out of Soul Society alive, and try and find the real criminal. There's a single problem though. It's going to be damned difficult. After all, whoever did this off was able to pull one over on even Urahara.

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