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Author has written 3 stories for Veronica Mars, and Psych.

I am a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I graduated in August of 2008.

Since it is the proclivity and perogative of any student to prevaricate, I seized a blessing God gave me to pursue grad school.

Wanna know something even scarrier? It isn't even a Master's program; I'm studying to be a doctor. Before you think 'PhD' or 'MD', let me throw a wrench in the works. I'm a candidate to receive a Pharm. D; a Doctor of Pharmacy. I graduate in 2012.

Yes, I've heard all those nasty rumors about counting pills. Relax, you can throw those out the window.

How many of you know the horror that is O-Chem? Did you hate it? Good. So did I; just about everyone I know did. But here's the catch: as a Pharmacy student, O-Chem has become my life. I have four years of learning ahead of me. The next three are going to be all about how drugs interact with each other, with your body, and with anything they come into contact with (as pills, suspensions, IV drips, boluses...). It's not just straight memorization; we get to look at a structure, and by the end of our degree, we need to say what the action is, what it acts on, and how.

And you thought O-Chem was bad.

Actually, there's more to it than that; ever wonder why Tums are chewey, but EC Advil are harder than rocks? Or how about why dogs can't take Tylenol, why some diabetics need insulin injections while others can get by with a pill or a change in diet? How 'bout what exactly 'Antihyperlipidemics' (cholesterol meds) do-- and why should people take them if they can't see a benefit (seriously, they PREVENT stuff-- strokes, heart attacks... yeah, anything that can get screwed up by a clot, they stop that)? There's a reason for that!

Strange as it sounds, I like this subject; it's taking the rules and theorems and connecting them. It's a puzzle... only, the pieces change with different conditions. In other words, a Pharmacist does one HECK of a lot more than counting pills; we examine the minutiae of how drugs work-- chemically, biologically, mechanically, and psychologically, all so we can help our patients. Kinda neat, huh?

...okay, so I'm a nerd. I think we already covered that.

I eventually hope to work in a Hospital, or maybe even consulting patients. (Yeah, I found out that Pharmacy has umpteen sub-categories two years back, I was pleasantly surprised.) And, as crazy as it sounds, I'm looking forward to being an intern and working with patients. I mean, there are a ton of medications just in the aisle that shouldn't be mixed.

...actually, in the State of Nebraska, I am an intern... huh...

Aaaanyway, to draw away from that particularly tedious explanation and back towards literary information...

I've been writing for a few years, and it's my main method of relaxation. I promised God when I started that I'd keep some degree of faith in my stories... and I'm doing my best.

I am a perfectionist who loves caffeine (or, as some MDs would put it, an anal-retentive practicioner on stimulants), and lives Biology.

I do have some issues with translating what I know into what other people know; I usually forget that not everyone's a BS (honest, not swearing) in Biology, and accidentally talk over heads. Sorry about that. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me... or review, or whatever. I'll do my best to get back to you with some form of explanation. (LOL, part of the Oath of a Pharmacist that I took was to train the next generation of Pharmacists... who knows?)

I have a lot of hope and faith... just not in our species; I take almost everything with a grain of salt, waiting for the other shoe to drop... and to fill in the time, I'm a full-time student. ;)

I love pictures by Blaustein, music (classical, country, classic rock&roll, oldies, crooner songs, only a few pop songs, no rap, no heavy metal), writing, reading, singing, acting, knowing what I'm talking about, or as my siblings would inform you, acting superior, and um... if I come off patronizing, condescending, or any such beast, please forgive me; I have no intention of being rude.

Also, people may have noticed that I don't post often... this is mainly because I have difficulty finding time to sleep, let alone write... and believe me when I say, I've fallen asleep studying. More than once, I dreamt I was still studying and woke up when I realized that what I was reading didn't make any sense with what I already knew about the subject... fun times.

So, to sum up, I apologize for my lack of posting and any commonplace errors I may make.

Thanks for bearing with me.

God Bless!


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