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NEW UPDATE: Okay, this is pretty much just to assure you guys that I'm not dead or anything. This is also to assure you that Mirrors of the Past hasn't been abandoned. My writer's block...and artist's block...has been pretty bad, but I definitely plan on finishing it at some point. However, that time may not come anytime soon due to my starting college once summer break has ended. I'm terribly sorry, loyal reviewers. ;_; I'll certainly do my best to update, though, so please be patient with me. :3

Also, my love for the series Hetalia - Axis Powers has turned me into a bit of a romance writer lately. Ameripan (America x Japan) is totally my OTP. 8D Seeing as I haven't written (a fanfiction) in so long, my writing skills are a little rusty, but I'm currently working on a one-shot for this awesome series. So be on the lookout for that, too!

Hello, there! As you can tell, I'm osaka-chan4, otherwise known real name, which I won't display up here for obvious reasons. ;D I'm a female junior in high school who is cheerful, friendly, kooky, short-tempered, and aspiring to become a graphic designer and illustrator in the future. Japanese stereotype-wise, I'm quite the meganekko. :3 As for my hobbies, I enjoy drawing, painting, writing (obviously), listening to music, playing clarinet in my school's marching band, and daydreaming off into my own little world. I'm an only child, so I turn to creativity for inspiration whenever I get bored.

As for number-one fandom is Fruits Basket (Natsuki Takaya), so I can guarantee that most of my stories will be within this category. And, most likely, all of those will involve the fantabulous Ayame Sohma, who is my absolute favorite within the series (no joke...I'll go on for hours about how much I adore him if you give me the chance)! X3 However, I also really love Hetalia - Axis Powers, so I may just write some stories for that, too!

If you aren't already bored, continue reading if you wish. Have a wonderful day, everyone! Hope that (some of) my work appeals to you, even though there isn't much!

Favorite anime/manga series: Fruits Basket, Hetalia - Axis Powers (Hidekaz Himaruya), Chobits (CLAMP), Pita-Ten (Koge-Donbo), and Yotsuba (Kiyohiko Azuma). I'm mainly a shoujo fan. :)

Favorite movies: Mostly Studio Ghibli and Pixar films.

Favorite books: This is quite an extensive list.

Favorite music: I'll listen to anything that isn't country, rap, or religion-associated. I really like Tokio Hotel and Birthday Massacre (which is not metal, despite the name). I'm also a Vocaloid fan...Luka Megurine and Miku Hatsune are my favorites.

Some interesting things about me: My nickname amongst my friends is Osaka, derived from the lovable airhead in Azumanga Daioh. I enjoy collecting mannequin heads and dolling them up. I'm only 5'2 and, according to my mom's height, will probably get no taller. I am a sucker for cute clothes and hats. I can whistle through my teeth. I can recite the first 170 digits of pi by memory. I am extremely inflexible...I can't even touch my toes while standing. Mentally, however, I'm very flexible and easy to get along with. Slugs terrify me. That is all.

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