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My Writing

I adore fanfiction and fanart, but only started writing my own stories this year (save for one Cowboy Bebop slash fanfic that Shall Not Be Named as a gag gift for my college roommate a few years back). I've also dabbled in original fiction, largely romance and horror, and it is my dream to get published and start paying off my mountain of student loans. I've also published a few papers on lung transplantation in some medical journals -- not very relevant to fic writing, I know, but I guess it suggests I have some proficiency in the English language. Uhhh other than that...I guess I should mention that after embarking on my personal journey as a fic writer, I have learned that I write slower than a zombie would (one of the old original Living Dead zombies, not the crazy rabid rage zombies). So, if you happen to like my writing, I apologize and promise that so long as I haven't announced that the story is dead, it isn't and I promise I'll get back to it...it just might take a month or year or two :(.

I love a whole bunch of fandoms and pairings, but because I'm a stickler for in-characterization and hopefully some originality, there are probably only a few pairings I will consider writing about. This does not mean I hate alternate pairings or something, I just saw an interesting argument for the pairing I chose to write about. I also really love and appreciate reviews and take the time to respond to every reviewer because I know that takes time. And I admit, I really love it; I refresh my e-mail constantly after I've updated because I'm insecure like that. On the other hand, while suggestions and constructive criticisms are always welcome, I usually have written two chapters before I post my next one to ensure story flow, and that means I can't change my plot for some scene a reviewer really wants or have a character say something dramatic to another character just because it'd be cool. I mean, if it's reasonable, I'll try but journalistic integrity(?) comes first. Because I am also neurotic and obsessive as well as insecure. Besides, if you want something specific to happen, write it yourself because that's what fanfiction is for for :)! Uhh...letsee...I'll write just about any sort of pairing in terms of sex and orientation. Beyond that...considering I've currently only written one story (and it's still not done why god why??), I should probably devote more time to fic writing instead of waxing poetic on myself.

My Reading

I honestly don't have a lot of time these days to browse through the site. I hope to someday maybe go back and make my list of favorite stories and authors, but right now I'll be happy if I churn out a chapter a week. As such, when I do get a chance to read, I am horribly picky. Unless it is AMAZINGLY written, I'm afraid I'm just not into OOC, AU, Mary Sues/Gary Stus, and ridiculous romantic angst (especially rape/comfort fics, some of those have scared me in the past). I also get creeped out when strong characters break down and cry and cut themselves if they haven't even squeezed a tear in canon. I think if you want to write characters that aren't really the characters in the fandom, you might as well write original fiction, which is also a lot of fun! The fun part about fanfic writing for me is the challenge of creating a new story within the constructs of the fandom, like a writing prompt, while original fiction is like pure creativity. Both excellent exercises of the mind. Anyway...seriously, congrats if you read this far.


Not sure why I'm talking about this but I saw it in another author's profile, and I thought it was cool they were really trying to help other authors improve their writing. But since I don't read that often, I also don't critique that often. So...I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I review you, it means you managed to catch my attention while I was frenetically browsing and didn't bore me with some of the stuff I mentioned above, so hooray!


5/2/11 - after getting my account 4 years ago, I finally write a profile. Might stick some links up next time, some other author did that and I thought that was cool too.

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