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Had it not been for one dreadest accident, none of this would have come to pass! I would still be in Rivendell or, better yet, within Mirkwood forest stalking, I mean, courting that golden angelic elf Legolas. *sigh* But, unfortunately, that ass of an elven king got in my way! He KNEW that I was on an assination job to kill the Mordor ambassador, Sauron, but got in the way anyway! Fool!

sigh* And so I now sit at this human computer, trying to desperately reach the last of my people, the Elves, as I am lost from their world forever, forced to adopt a more mortal appearance. If only I had my ears back...

So read, fellow authors, and bring me the last few steps home.

Regarding "Legends: Nihojin."
All sword manuevers within Ch. 9 are not, completely, historically accurate. While the Viking style have been researched correctly, the individual moves that make up the style could not be found. So if any further information by an individual can be found on the precise fighting style of the Vikings/Norsemen/Scandinavian, then an email would be greatly appreciated at TakatomeIchido@aol.com. *Kiitaa sina* (Thank you.)

Furthermore, the moves within the context of the chapter, while not mentioned in any text, are named for their motions, after myself. For ex: a forward thrust will be known as a "yksinkertainen" or straightforward thrust, in Finnish. All moves by said character will be in Finnish unless otherwise stated, abbrievated Finn.

Kiitaa sina*

The Elf behind the Ichido

Age: 2, 322 ("Creator": 14)

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Hair color: Blonde gold with streaks of white

Sex: Female

Ears: POINTY! ^^

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There are a bunch of other great authors out there, so check 'em out, okay? Especially Originals! We don't get enough coverage. ^^

So ja ne ya'll! ^^

Keebler ^^

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