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I am Ashley Cruez. I am called as the 'media hacker' by people who know me personally and, now, by my readers. I am a hacker not in the sense that I hack systems, but that I get 'hacked' into worlds of the media: may it be real life with celebs and me in it, or other media stuff, such as TV shows or cartoons. Okay, so maybe.. I don't get 'hacked' into this worlds, no.. It's better. I 'WORLD HOP'. 'Media hack' is still the most scientific title they could give us people like me, so far,.. but that's just because they still don't know much about us. Not anymore,.. because now I am back to reveal our lives to the world. I used to love what I do but soon saw the down sides. I have attempted to reveal this a few years ago, but failed, with only a few believers. Now, I am back as a member of "StopHoppers", a group against hoppers like us. So far, 12% of us WorldHoppers are members of this anti-hopping group.

LOL. This account has been here two years ago, I think, and I have just recently checked back on this. I decided to delete my stories since my grammar was sucky and, back then, I just made it without even thinking it through. I realized I couldn't possibly write my adventures in the Naruto world, so I deleted that. As I read the penned down version of my Pokemon story, I realized how childish and SUCKY my grammar was two years ago! Gosh,. (And, other than that, I realized I didn't WANT to write a Pokemon fic). My adventures there were as repetitive as the show now, even ten (or something) seasons ago. Don't care, I stopped watching that when I was like, eleven, when I stopped being a kid and decided to grow up. :)))))