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Author has written 9 stories for Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter Nights, and Dungeons and Dragons.

RonCN is the fanfiction penname of author Ron C. Nieto. In fact, RonCN is where everything began! If not for the many words written and many friends made at , she wouldn't be able to direct you to a website with full bio, list of published works, blog and even newsletter suscription. Which she obviously can. Here, watch: "If you would like to know more about RonCN, please visit her official website at http://" See? Totally possible.

Ahem. Let's try again, shall we?

RonCN is an avid reader, a gamer and a lover of all things fantasy. She's a bit of a lurker but loves meeting people who share her writing passion, beause that means she can discuss it without being considered a loony. Do PM her if you want to know anything else or just to talk!

What has RonCN done?

- Crimson Moon: A one-shot. Because she was frustrated at the abrupt ending of the original NWN campaign, she wrote a very short story of what could have been of the Hero of Neverwinter if she truly loved the exotic and mysterious Aarin Gend. Not much of a plot, just feeling and scenery.

- Dreams of Destruction: This story has been discontinued, because RonCN needs to get in touch with her inner Blackguard for this and she's not in the mood.

-Future Markets: Featuring Kimmuriel Oblodra with references to Jarlaxle. A one-shot, but it's a prelude for another, longer story featuring Jarlaxle (see The long way to profit). In any case, it will stand alone (although for background purposes, it works better as a spin-off of another fanfic, 100,000 Lousy Coins).

-It's a hard life: Kimmuriel plotted against his superior and tried to kill him, and it is a well known fact how that went. This fiction is a series of related scenes following Bregan D'aerthe and its fearless leader in the dark pit of Menzoberranzan, and because this is RonCN we are talking about, yes, there will be a certain dose of humor. The story takes Future Markets as cannon, and will have the same time-line as The long way to profit.

-A tossed coin: Or an absurd project that crept up on the author completely unnoticed. This is a study of drow culture, males and redemption, and while slightly darker than her usual writings the text includes, if I may say so myself, rather interesting points about beliefs, culture clashes, good and evil.

-To catch the moonlight: A project. The main character was born as a secondary name in It's a hard life, but somehow grew into having a background and a solid personality. And somehow, RonCN fit this backstory into a Challenge wherein a young drow reaches the surface for the first time. It is a oneshot, but will probably be continued.

-The entrepreneurial saga:

- 100,000 lousy coins: The attempt at humor, based on NWN: Hordes of the Underdark, and the beginning of it all. A greedy sorceress decided to find profit takes on the mission of saving Waterdeep from the greatest Evil, as long as the price is right. Will the adventure change her? Unlikely...

-The long way to profit: This story is the much-awaited sequel to 100,000 lousy coins and to Future Markets. The author picks Jarlaxle and Entreri right after Servant of the Shard, because she doesn't like what RAS did with the rest of The sellswords trilogy, and tries to develop the characters from there after mixing them up with her original ones, imported from 100,000.

-The greatest prize: This is the sequel to The long way to profit. It'll be a longer project, and there will be new characters with important roles - such and Kimmuriel and Eldath, for example, - as well as a healthy amount of mystery, intrigue, and adventure.

What is RonCN doing?

-Writing original fiction like a madwoman. If you would like to keep up with her published works and see what's coming up, you can check out her author website (http://).

Feel free to comment the stories, the author's personality, or anything else you might wish to share with RonCN. She will not bite your head off. Thanks for your time!

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To kill the moonlight reviews
Rhyl'lyn has defied the bane that shut his kin from the World for three long ages, but escaping his confinement is only the first step: he must face a reality that he never knew, but that was forever changed after the War even as he struggles for revenge.
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Part IV: Kimmuriel finally manages to step out from under Jarlaxle's great purple - I mean, Jarlaxle's shadow: new jobs, new policies, new look... If only he had known *beforehand* what this meant, he wouldn't have tried so hard. -series of one-shots-
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100,000 lousy coins reviews
She wanted an easy life, thank you very much. Problem is, she also wanted the money. The reward got her in trouble with the whole Undrentide fiasco, and she never learnt: Yria is on her way to save Waterdeep... and to claim her 100,000 golds, of course.
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