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I... am the most pathetic 14-year-old girl you will ever meet. And my friends. I play Toontown, but don't play Neopets [anymore)) I like Xiaolin Showdown, Pucca, Avatar, Danny Phantom and Kappa Mikey. And Disney Channel! I ain't saying my whole name, just because I don't want anyone at school knowing all these sad things.

On the other hand, I also have a lot of friends, and am obsessed with a guy named Raiyn. He's, like, the most popular guy and school, and HE WAS FLIRTING WITH ME!!!!! Sorry, did I mention I'm a spazz?! My friends [Sarah, Emily, Crystal, Sapphire, and the twins of the school Victoria and Ashley)) wanna ask him out for me, but I've never went out with anyone, so NO!! Still, they did. And still, he doesn't believe I like him. I'm going through a crisis right now!!

I'm a grammar freak, and, like, the whole school knows that. I can spell any word someone throws at me! People say I'm really pretty, but I hate how I look. It's too boring. They ALSO say I should try modeling. NOO WAY HOSE'!! Literally, there's a guy named Hose' in my school. Also a guy named Pedro, Carlos, and another mexican girl named Selene. She's pretty, waaayyy prettier than me.

BUT if my friend Anni finds out I have another account on here, she'll think I'm the most pathetic thing on earth. I mean COME ON!! She knows that I play Toontown and love Xiaolin Showdown, but if she slips any secrets, I can tell the school that she's always playing on Neopets! But we're Best Friends, Pals, and! Her real name is Annikah. And I got her liking Xiaolin Showdown too. I also got her obsessing over a cartoon character and writing stories about her making out with him. And maybe a little kiss from someone to me... but we don't need to talk about that.

Wow... December 3rd already?? Almost Christmas!!

Yeah, from the outside, I look like a normal preppy girl that likes South Park [I do! and other shows around that age. I do like them, but not only them. But on the inside, I'm a sad, sad little girl just wishing for an abnormal power that will give me the ability to fly. Seriously, I'll literally just go outside, and I'll, like, make the wind start blowing and stop blowing, then control where it goes. I MUST sound like a freak to you, and you most probably are going to show this to all of your friends, either laughing, or aweing at how truthful I am.

Did I mention I'm dating a guy- ACK!!! MY BROTHER'S STUPID SNAKE [Or as he calls it, a "Desert Lizard" JUST ATTACKED IT'S REFLECTION ON THE FREAKING CAGE!! That's, like, the third time he's scared the frickin crap outta me!! My brother's 11. Haha. He's so small.

ANYWAYS... I was about to say: Did I mention I'm dating a guy over the internet?? I met him on a website I made!!

Wow, did I scare you guys?? I know how old he is, he's 13 1/2. I've talked to him, seen pictures of him, and seen his caller ID. I called him once and his mom answered, then in the background I heard his dad yelling at his dog, Tinker Binker. Then the phone dropped and his little brother picked it up and started screaming... THAT was pleasant.

I'm actually grounded off the computer, but I faked sick and my mom went out to do something, so I'm home alone with my two Great Danes, Mimi and Toaster [I DIDN'T NAME THEM!! Mimi came with the name, Toaster on the other hand, I wanted to name him Cat. But I was out-voted)), my cat Karly, who actually hasn't been meowing up a storm because she wants breakfast [She's no skinny little kitty, either.)), my brothers SNAKE! Not Desert Lizard, SNAKE, Zodiac, and my Hamster, Oreo, She's really cute, and's practically- Hang on... dogs are spazzing outside...

[two minutes pass until I'm back))

I have a huge yard, and it's snowy outside. I let Toaster in, and now Mimi's gone. Hang on... she's barking at the front door... be right back again!!

[30 seconds and I'm back again))

I'm here!! As I was saying... Oreo is practically tie-dyed with white and black. I would've named her Cuddles, but how original is that??


My Brother, 11: Dorky, momma's boy, but popular. Anger issues. Can make perfect monkey sounds, and practically is a monkey. A gay one at that, I swear. He never talks about girls, it's always about his guy friends!

My mom, 37: Goes around the house singing Opera in her pink underwear. Heck, she looks like an Opera Singer. She's gone right now, and that's why I'm on the comp right now. Crap, is she home?? BE RIGHT BACK!!

Kay, she's not.

She has curly hair that goes almost down to her butt.

My Dad, 39: ANGER PROBLEMS!! He was in his bedroom across the house, and he called for me to come, so I said, "I'm coming!" and I took too long getting the blanket off me [I was cooollddd)) so he came storming in just as I was standing up, and thought I just got up cuz I heard him coming, so he yelled some things, grabbed my arm and tight as he possibly could, then throught me across the room into our huge tv, then yelled at me for moving it. I'm literally scared of him, and barely talk to him. He's tall and skinny, with a few grey hairs. He's getting oolllddddd.

That's me, my house, and my family. Boring, ain't it?? GOD DANGIT!!!!! I just fell off my freaking chair!! THE GAY SNAKE JUST FELL OFF HIS SHELF AND ONTO THE FLOOR!! Hey, I found Karly, too!! She's staring at Zodiac... kinda creepily. Okay... now she's gone. Freaky cat.

When the family's home, all chaos breaks loose. My cat, Karly, is now taking a crap. Crud, where's the air freshener?? Anyways, my dad's usually yelling at me cuz my grades, my brother's usually playing his army game on the Xbox 360, my mom's usually in her room, watching tv cuz she doesn't have a job, and me? I'm usually grounded off the comp and phone, so I just go for walks all day long, stand in the middle of the house complaining of how bored I am, and lay on my bed and day-dream of new stories to write on Fanfiction.net!

Great life, ain't it?? Sigh... I'm bored...

Oklahoma's no fun... unless you talk about how there was a book written about your city called "The Midnighters", then it's a completely different story...



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