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Author has written 3 stories for Star Wars, and Naruto.

Hello, my name is Eli,

I'm 22 years old. I am big fan of anime and manga (especially Naruto), books of all types (though I love science-fiction and fantasy the most), video games (RPGs and action/adventure games are best), and good TV shows and movies. I love the Harry Potter books but I thought the movies were really bad. I love music and play classical piano (though not as well as I would like). I am also a big fan of metal, especially power metal. All hail Blind Guardian, Dragonforce, and Hammerfall. I also love Star Wars.

Stories Working On

Star Wars: Birth of the Ninja Nations

Truly my brain child and what I spend the bulk of my writing time on. I am also proud to say it was a completely original concept for a story when I wrote it (now it is almost completely original), which is hard to say in an archive as large as I recently decided that this story was not going to work out, because of pacing issues, clumsy writing, and my slow update rate. I will post a rewrite that fixes the pacing issues and clumsy writing in the near future.


A fic I just started. It was a challenge by EDelta88, and I got big ideas for it.

I will read any pairing as long as the characters stay in character and the story is good but I do have favorite pairings

Harry Potter:









Shikamaru-Ino (though I very much so prefer Shikamaru-Temari)





Star Wars:



I am also a big fan of fish out of water stories and crossovers. For both of them bring attention to facts in the fictional world or our world that are interesting and maybe something we usually don't notice. For example, in the Naruto story, ninja's usually fight and physically interact with other ninja. So we rarely see exactly how spectacular their powers and abilities are in comparison to a normal person. By the way I ran various calculations on the physical capabilities of the Naruto characters. I created a chart. An elite Jounin can on average generate about 1000 pounds of force without using a jutsu. And an elite jounin on average can travel at about 240 mph without using a jutsu. When using a jutsu, an elite jounin's capabilities are much higher.

I calculated everything by carefully analyzing the source material. Calculating speed was easy, as there are many acts of extreme speed in the anime, manga, movies, and OVA. I observed how far a character moved at their top speed, and how long it took them, some simple math and I have a rough speed capability. Strength was harder for me to do, but I eventually got it by calculating Tsunade's strength and moving backwards to an ordinary ninja. I figured out Tsunade's strength by noting she was able to swing Gamabunta's sword. I then calculated the weight of Gamabunta's sword by finding the weight of his make and type of sword if it was proportioned for a normal human. Then I multiplied it to make it in proportion to Gamabunta's size. Then I estimated Tsunade's strength by noting the amount of effort swinging the sword was to her. I have a tendency to research and calculate this type of information. For instance, I calculated that Master Chief in Halo 1 is traveling at roughly 14 mph. I figured this out with a stop watch and a level in the game where it shows you at all times the distance from Master Chief's body to a stationary target. I waited until Master Chief's body and the target were on the same horizontal plane, and I ran the experiment.

I have not run any additional experiments, or done any extra research for my Star Wars/Naruto fic. Though I have calculated the exchange rate between Imperial credits and U.S dollars. One credit is equal to two to three dollars.

Hope you enjoyed reading this profile, and expect multiple fanfictions from me in the future.


1) I am posting an ongoing challenge to anyone who wishes to accept it, about creating auxiliary material for any of my stories. That means fan art, fan manga, etc. Since my story is not that far along yet, you can also, if you want to, create material for anything in my continuity. If you wish to show a scene, write something, or draw a picture, or do something that takes place further ahead in the fic then what I have currently written. You may do so. I am going to use multiple levels of canon the same way that the Star Wars fandom does. If you complete something and send it to me, I'll always put it up on my profile, unless I have a very good reason, which I will tell you about in an e-mail, or a private message. If you decide to accept this challenge, then good luck.

2) Also, I give the challenge to everyone to write Naruto/Star Wars crossover fanfiction, for I really would like to see more of that type of story on the site.

3) I am of the belief that the best type of fanfiction story is a story that makes use of the Domino Effect. So changing one thing at a crucial event, and seeing how that change ripples downs the timeline, changing things massively in its path. I call those points Nexus Points, but its proper terminology based on Star Wars vocabulary would be Shatterpoints. I post the challenge for somebody to write a story based on this principle. The story can be in any fandom, but I would prefer if it is in the Naruto or the Star Wars franchises. If you can't think of an idea, P.M me as I have a lot of ideas in mind.

4) I have an idea for challenge 3 above, which I personally would love to see. What if Lorian never stole the Sith Holocron. If you don't know who Lorian is, read "Legacy of the Jedi" by Jude Watson, or feel free to ask me.

5) A crossover between Halo and Naruto. The basic premise of the story, (note this part has mild spoilers), is that after the end of Halo 3 Master Chief is adrift in space in a destroyed wreck of a ship. It is revealed in the Legendary playthrough of Halo 3, that he is drifting towards a planet, where Cortana says they might not be found by their allies for a while. That planet is the world of Naruto.

6) Narureye told me about a challenge that they wanted someone to do. The challenge in their words:

It takes place on present time.

Naruto stands on top of a building (church, bank...) on a raining night, dressed in black garment, observing ...etc

Basically this is a story where Naruto has become immortal because of the Kyuubi, he still looks like the Shippuden just a little older.(22-27 years of age)He has seen a lot, Empires rise and fall (Macedonian, Roman...etc) Civilizations crumble because of one man's greed. They were all the same, simple minded beasts driven by their basic instincts, he had come to despise them, yet, he was always looking out for them, helping them, why, because this was his redemption, this was the only way to atone for his sins. After his precious people had been taken from him, he had become a monster, one of them, he had killed hundreds even thousands, just to exert his revenge. (Innocents had died too of course). HE had now become a perfect warrior, detached, cold, and calculating. This can be written as a crossover, Underworld, THE MOVIE,He interferes in supernatural wars when humans start to fall as victims, he could interfere in the war between lycons and Vampires, stop the war, create some kind of a cease fire Throughout history he has left his mark, elder beings of the planet know of him and either fear or respect him.

(He could have some kind of help, maybe a couple of followers, a family of warriors dedicated to help and serve him)

7. General Grievous learns the truth of who planted the bomb on his ship.

8. Orochimaru was never caught doing his experiments in Konohagakure.

9. Danzo was the one who took over as Hokage after the Kyuubi attack.

10 Kakashi's dad never commited suicide.

Before you ask, my fic does use the Domino Effect idea. If anybody has any questions about anything in my story, its background, its continuity, etc. feel free to ask me. I will always respond to your questions, and will respond to you quickly.

And special thanks to huntinghalfbreed AKA LigerJager and Thsunami who have agreed to do some art for me. Both of their art rocks, and check out their deviantArt pages. You guys are awesome. :-)

And Thsunami has an art piece finished. It is a cover for Star Wars: Birth of the Ninja Nations.

And huntinghalfbreed has two drafts up. If you have a deviantArt account go over there and give your opinion on them.

Anonymous Review Response


PsyCHo: Naruto will always be someone with a lot of personality. So closer to the latter than the former.


I started a new forum, check it out.

I would also like to tell you about EDelta88's challenges. There are some really interesting ideas in there. You should check it out.

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