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Author has written 4 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Name: You can call us Vari and Yuuki =D

Age: Below mid twenties

Gender: Female

Birthday: Two of 365 days


Still here people...

Oh joy.

People say two head are better than one, but that would not fit in our condition. Theoretically we are two people, yet it actually doubles our laziness. You are forewarned that we will rarely create new stories. However, we do appreciate all your kind efforts to review when we do get our bums out of the trees.

Things you might want to know:

We usually work with oneshots, because "Bobby" knows we ain't the pro-est writers around. Also, ideas are hard to locate, especially when they dump their useless counterparts on your head and run away. Maybe one day we will work on a chapter story, maybe...

We have no sense of correcting grammar problems whatsoever. I (Vari) have issues with tense problems, sentence structures, and anything english has to offer. This is problematic at times when I finish a new one shot. I await for my editor desperately- that would be Yuuki's job- but editor prove to be useless. That is why I hired a second one! Getting a beta feels like a heavy responsibility. Because we are lazy (note above), we would feel terrible for having someone to edit bad work.

Last and not least, we want to make original and creative story ideas for readers to enjoy. That would explain the oneshots and possibly why every story is either angst or humor. Vari is told by Yuuki that she excelled in making funny stories no matter what genre she is aiming for. That would include horror- Yuuki thought draft one of Intake was funny- and romance- which is why Vari wrote none.

Now after so much jibberish and non-consistent pronoun usage, the both of us have finished ranting.

New Updates: =_= Slump... but luckily, I feel like continuing "Offense." Whether it updates or not depends on my mood, so don't expect too much.

A piece written by Vari. Posted here because it is too forceful to insert it as a fanfiction, stated by Yuuki and Second editor.

He is fading, crumb by crumb. The missing chunk from his forearm left him motionless. Time stops for no one, and that is the fate he is facing in his final awakening. It is pointless to gather back the parts he lost, or reclaim his bitter sweetness. An unforgiving hand snapped him mercilessly in half, from his core to his toes. It takes him by his neck, lowering him into a dangerous white substance. He is in anguish when the liquid runs over his whole, and his limbs dissolve despite his protest. It is last time we shall see this chocolate chip cookie.

(Bet no one saw that coming)

For the lack of things to say... I shall proceed with telling you some of my favourite quotes! -Yuuki

"Sheer desperation is a powerful motivator"

"The music of logic will never fail to tell the melody of truth" -spiral

"The closer you get to light, the darker your shadow becomes" -KH

and of course! I shall quote Hibari's infamous catchphrase

"Ore wa omae o kami korosu/I'll bite you to death."

(someone's got issues... -Vari)

Vari: Not long after, I discovered that I misspelled Yuuki's name.

Yuuki: Took you long enough.

Vari: To tell you the truth, I was too lazy to fix it.

Yuuki: Meh.

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