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My motto: I don't classify myself as anything. I'm just unique. I was born original, and I won't die a copy.

I have decided to move my challenges onto my forum (that has yet to get off the ground), entitled Orion's Utility Belt, mainly due to the fact that my profile page is getting a bit lengthy. Feel free to take a gander. Along in the forum is a more accurate detail on my updating progress. Once again, feel free to take a look.

Since you can no longer access the Forum linked to this profile (thanks, FFN *sarcasm*), I've decided to give you the link HERE for future reference. Thank you to those who have been patient with me.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 5 February 1988

Residence: North Carolina

Nationality: African-American/West Indian (Who would've thought?)

Hobbies: writing poetry and short stories, creative writing, sketching (although, not very good)

I have now completed my degree in Spanish and International and Global Studies, with a concentration in Asian Studies. Yeah, that is a mouthful. With this degree, I hope to obtain my ultimate goal: interpreting/translation. I would like to work as a diplomat among the United Nations and countries abroad, but if it doesn't pan out, then I can always try for the job as an interpreter on the local, domestic or national level. They are in high demand nowadays. I am now currently learning three languages: Spanish (my primary focus), Chinese (secondary) and Japanese (tertiary). I know a little bit of other languages to boot--some French (long ago, in high school) and some Italian. Consider me a polyglot; I love to learn and speak different languages as effectively as I possibly can.

E-mail: darkheroorion10@yahoo.com

The aforementioned e-mail account is for anyone who is in need of an English-speaking beta reader. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at this e-mail address, should you need to personally seek me.

Fics in the Making: They will see eventual completion. In no way, shape or form am I abandoning my stories. It'll take some time to get up the chapters, so please be patient.

Birth of a Legend: The Fox Druid (in progress)
Summary: A true force of nature arises from the lowly roots of Konoha. This child, a scion of noble birthright, is ironically shunned by his deep-seated burden. Follow along as our coming-of-age noble grows through the test of adversity and new challenges.
Rating: T (Teen) for violence, language and suggestive themes
Current progress: Chapter 21 - 10 percent (base of 10,000 words minimum)
Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance
Pairing(s): Naru/Hina, with potential one-sided Femme!Haku, Sasu/Saku, and other pairings

Hit Count Tallies: Thanks to those who made it possible.

25 April 2008: 100,000 hits

8 December 2009: 200,000 hits

8 February 2011: 300,000 hits

3 January 2012: 400,000 hits

Alerts Tallies: Thanks to those who made it possible.

29 November 2009: 1000 alerts

The Fox Druid: Are no Rekidaishi (R&D phase); roughly translates to "Annals of the Tempest"
Summary: To keep under the radar of the Akatsuki organization, Jiraiya and Naruto journey far and wide to get the young lad stronger. From finding new allies and old friends to making new enemies, what kinds of things are in store for our coming-of-age hero?
Rating: T (Teen) for violence, language and suggestive themes (may be bumped up to M for more mature themes)
Current Progress: Research and Development, Brainstorming
Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance
Pairing(s): Naru/Hina/Femme!Haku, Sasu/Saku, one-sided OC (original characters...plural)

The Fox Druid: Kyuuten no Sansenku (R&D phase); roughly translates to "The Three Sky Heralds"
Summary: Sequel that takes place three years after Birth of a Legend: The Fox Druid and three months after the events in Are no Rekidaishi. Naruto returns to Konoha after an extended three-year training trip with Jiraiya. Sporting a rugged new look and surprising skills, what is the spill-over effect from the events prior to his return?
Rating: T (Teen) for violence, language and suggestive themes (may be bumped to M for coarser language and more mature themes)
Current Progress: Research and Development, Brainstorming
Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance
Pairing(s): Naru/Hina/Femme!Haku, Sasu/Saku, and other pairings, along with one-sided OC

To those that are confused about the title, the elements within these fics are based upon various sources; however, that does not mean that it is a crossover. Here are some of the sources that are included into this fictitious trilogy: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Mortal Kombat, Samurai Deeper Kyo and (quite obviously) Naruto.

If anyone is willing to draw any fan-art for this trilogy, then it would be highly appreciative for me. I will be sure to include your artwork with links on my profile page underneath this bold printing.

Forces of Nature Chronicles
In lieu of a handful of the reviews I had received from a long while back, I have reread them and taken the criticism into consideration, now that I have had (more than) ample time to mull over it. I have decided to be open to the idea of a parallel fic to my Fox Druid series, but with a different take to the entire concept. Some ideas will be borrowed/taken from the Fox Druid trilogy, but, on the whole, will be distinct in its own regard. So, I introduce to you the parallel trilogy: the Forces of Nature Chronicles, comprised of three books:

野火 Forces of Nature Chronicles, Book I: Wild Fire (In-Progress and with an addition to the title)
Summary: A single spark is all it takes to start a fire. Fire induces warmth, but it also leads to a destructive inferno. Naruto must rise to the occasion to grasp that which creates…and destroys. Will he harness this new power? My take on a kitsune-based Naruto; AU
Rating: T (Teen) for light violence, language and suggestive themes
Current Progress: Chapter Three: Spirit of Fire - 100 percent and available for your viewing pleasure
Genres: Action/Adventure/Supernatural
Pairing(s): TBA

轟きの雷 Forces of Nature Chronicles, Book II: Rolling Thunder: Skies darken as peals of thunder rumble across the horizon. A freak accident at the Valley of the End, meant to end Naruto’s life, creates a force the likes of which the shinobi world has never seen. What lies in this unwanted power? Sequel to Wild Fire

猛烈な暴風 Forces of Nature Chronicles, Book III: Raging Hurricane: Something is coming and approaching quickly. The devilish wind brings ill omens for the shinobi nations. It carries with it a calamity that will take the world by storm. What lies in store? Will they be ready for the unknown? Sequel to Rolling Thunder

Potential Stories in the Making (dressed with uncertainty - tentative): These may be worked on after I'm finished with the projects that are currently up. It depends on my erring mood...or how much the Naruto manga is floundering.

Under A Sky So Blue
Due to a mishap in his rush to save Gaara, Naruto is hurled into a strange world where people bend nature to their very whim. Confused and dazed, he wonders as to how come they perceive him as a threat to global conquest in a century-long conflict…when; in fact, he was forced into a role to end suffering and hatred. Did he get a say in all this? A Naruto/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. - Pilot chapter (and storyboard) in the works.

Thirteen Shades of Gray
Many feel the need to divide the lines of morality as either black or white. However, most fail to realize that everything is dabbled in shades of gray. Even in the afterlife, the terms 'good' and 'evil' are completely relative. Naruto/Bleach crossover - Storyboard in the works.

(I feel it necessary to give crossovers the justice they so properly deserve, so here will be my attempt on them, in the future.)

Favorite Naruto Pairings (in no particular order):

Uzumaki Naruto/Hyuuga Hinata (cute couple; that and Hinata is too nice to have her little heart broken--she already has enough with confidence issues as it stands) - after the many debates with the Hive Mind, I've become desensitized to this pairing, in general

Uzumaki Naruto/Tayuya (very intriguing when pulled off, as I've seen beforehand--in past chemistry lessons, like solutions dissolve other like solutions)

Uchiha Sasuke/Haruno Sakura (it is best for Sakura to be the underdog in this one-sided pairing; like Naru/Saku and Naru/Hina, she strives to reach the unattainable)

Hyuuga Neji/Tenten (more along the lines of a serious relationship; stern, authoritarian Neji and ditsy Tenten to complement his shortcomings with humorous antics)

Rock Lee/Tenten (this couple, to me, can be rather off-handed, light-hearted and goofy)

Hatake Kakashi/Rin (...No real reason)

Uchiha Obito/Rin (...Kind of on par with Naru/Saku)

Kakashi Harem (harem usually includes most of the female Jounin, Special Jounin and ANBU--that is, whenever you see underneath his mask)

Naruto Harem (He could use some lovin' from the ladies, as well as add to the hilarity--hmm...I think that Naruto is rather flexible)

Naruto/OC (This is only if she is not the typical, generic, static character. She needs to have some quirks and character flaw; otherwise, that falls into the loosely applied term of "Mary Sue.")

Sasuke/No one (Given the recent state of his character in the manga, the young upstart/ascendant demigod deserves to be the lone wolf, for all I care. In addition, his objectives were lamely put ass-backwards; he probably won't have the chance to revive his clan, at all.)

Corollary to the Above-Stated Favorite Pairings: Pairings can be alternated throughout the fic, if at all possible. You do not have to rely on the head pairing or a one true pairing (OTP). Learn to expand your horizons.

Pairings in Naruto that I Tolerate/Feel Neutral to:

Uzumaki Naruto/Haruno Sakura (not really favored to Naru/Hina, but the relationship will work if she overcomes the childish past, fawning for Sasuke; here, it pains me to see Naruto to go above and beyond for the sake of her happiness, at the cost of his own--or worse, his life--while he does not get much else in return); however, due to recent manga releases, this pairing has fallen to the wayside for me (probably too much history and too much Sasuke between the two for it to even work out)

Uzumaki Naruto/Sabaku no Temari (you have to show the fellow wind-users some love)

Uzumaki Naruto/Ayame (despite the age difference, the waitress of the Ichiraku Ramen Bar seems like quite the catch; plus, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach)

Uzumaki Naruto/Yamanaka Ino (the Mind Mistress has no one to love in canon; the rest of the Ino-Shika-Chou is more like family, in my honest opinion)

Uzumaki Naruto/Tenten (supporting character should at least get some bit of air time)

Uzumaki Naruto/Femme Haku (had the character lived and had been a girl...)

Uzumaki Naruto/Nii Yugito (I guess the similar spiel about them being jinchuuriki and all...)

Matsuri/Sabaku no Gaara (Eh, what can you say? There is obviously admiration...or fanboy worship on her part...)

Rock Lee/Haruno Sakura (I stand in favor, but more so neutral to this particular pairing, once Sakura is liberated of her 'ideal' love)

Hyuuga Hinata/Team 8 member (if the plot development calls for it)

Uchiha Sasuke/Tenten (once again, due to plot development)

Nara Shikamaru/Sabaku no Temari (there is an obvious chemistry there, even though they both don't admit it)

Yuuhi Kurenai/Sarutobi Asuma (it's canon, so I'll grin and bear it)

Anything else within reason falls here, too, as long as it doesn't pertain to my roadblock pairings (see below)

Pairings in Naruto that I Don't Really Favor:

Uchiha Sasuke/Hyuuga Hinata (It's a definite no-go in my book. It just will NOT happen, unless maybe Naruto gets killed for some apparent reason; otherwise, I see the Hinata/Team 8 member pairing and even marrying her cousin before this abomination can happen)

Hyuuga Neji/Hyuuga Hinata (they are first cousins, more specifically, genetic half-siblings--enough said of incestuous relationships and inbreeding)

Sabaku no Gaara/Hyuuga Hinata (very strange, and that will most likely not happen at all, unless the circumstances of Naruto getting killed happens--which is not likely, since Naruto is the protagonist and the manga is named after him)

Naruto/OC (when she IS a "Mary Sue," a "perfect" girl with no character flaw, whatsoever)

Yaoi (also known as shounen-ai or boy's love) (From most of what I've seen in summaries and glancing at them, they are a waste of time! Now, if there were some character development and a genuine storyline included within it, and not putting it out as beat-off material, then I might read it, but I highly doubt it. I'm still uncertain with regard to this subject, especially regarding the fandom for which I write, which mainly has heterosexual pairings. I don't write it, either, so I will not take any requests for a yaoi story, even if I'm held against my will...at gunpoint...)

More will be listed...

Some pet peeves regarding Naruto-based fics or general gripes regarding grammar (among other things):

1. Giving Naruto a doujutsu is (more than likely) a bad idea, unless it actually calls for it. I think it detracts from Naruto's unwavering and dedicated work ethic. Having a doujutsu like the Sharingan will just make the story a bit one-sided and it would hinder Naruto more so than help. For example, copying techniques is something that is un-Naruto-like, save for the Uzumaki Naruto Combo. Creative ones (meaning doujutsu) are all right, as long as they do not provide some cheap shots at trumping any other doujutsu. With regard to other abilities, that's fine by me, as long as it does not detract from the story (unless you alter it completely, hence making it an alternate universe).

1a. Corollary to Pet Peeve Number One. There is one potential parameter in regard to all fan fiction in general. In the rehashed words of a reviewer of mine (Iseriad), any character who is so powered up as to make him or her a literal god in comparison to other characters in the story should not exist as it unbalances the story as a whole.

2. Naruto should be portrayed as a smart-ass who gets under people's skin, first and foremost. In addition, he should have the power to back up his boasts. In essence, you can temper his core persona in fan fiction by focusing on a particular struggle he must undergo, whether it is internal or external strife.

3. If you don't have anything else to say other than "update soon," then move right along. Even though I am past the newbie stage when it comes to writing, I need to read what it is that you liked or didn't like and what I can do to improve or expound upon in certain details (they aren't considered reviews for no apparent reason, ladies and gentlemen). Some of the suggestions may go out of my realm of possibility, so I won't be taking all criticism.

3a. Authors should decide on how they want to set the pace and tone for the story, and not have anyone else tell them otherwise. If you don't like the way it's progressing, then find another one more befitting to your tastes. Some like long-winded details; others want action and fast-paced work. I find myself alternating between the two to create a "roller coaster" effect to hold everyone's interest. With that said, reviewers are just that--reviewers, for they have absolutely no say, whatsoever, regarding your story.

4. I'm not a fan of homosexual erotica (yaoi/shounen-ai and yuri/shoujo-ai fall right into this category--see above for more details), and I don't write that kind of material. It's not like I have anything against it, it's just that if you're willing to write that kind of material, then switch over to a more adult fan fiction site, okay?

5. Some say that the Naruto/Hinata pairing is overused and underdeveloped in fan fiction, but I say otherwise in the defense of said pairing. It's just been abused to the point that it isn't viable anymore (words courtesy of pudgypudge). It's been abused and bruised to the point where you have to call in Domestic Services to help. That and it rushes faster than a fourth-down blitz play. Furthermore, I feel that the pairing is not given its proper service for that viability factor. That's about it, really, in all honesty.

6. I despise flaming with a passion. If you do not have any positive, constructive criticism (that is, avoid writing in your review about the material as 'a joke,' 'crap,' or 'blah,' among other things), then do not post any review at all. It is best to keep those particular comments to yourself. Did your parents teach you one of the Golden Rules? If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. What the author does with the story is his or her own initiative.

7. I hate anonymous reviews that trash and belittle other good literature. They give you absolutely no say in the matter in which you want to defend. Plus, only a pansy would have the gall to hide behind and write an unsigned flame, and even then, it shows how horrible in grammar he or she can be.

8. When writing fan fiction, be sure to check spelling (especially with character names), grammar, punctuation and word usage. It adds more coherence into the story.

8a. Corollary to Number Eight. I can't stand it when authors misuse homophones (to those that need a definition, homophones--derived from Greek homos (same) and phonos (sound)--are words that sound the same but are spelled differently, like to, two, too, they're, their, there, your, you're, hour, our, it's, its, etc.). This includes the blatant disregard to the context in which they are used.

8b. Secondary Corollary to Number Eight. I also cannot stomach the disregard to using "than" and "then." Folks, than is a comparative word, whereas then is a word that indicates an event in a point in time, whether it may be in the past or future. There is a common error in word usage with these two words, as stated by MSN Encarta.

Than (a conjunction and a preposition) and then (an adverb and an adjective) are used differently and have different meanings even though they may sound similar when pronounced.

Do not use than when then is called for, as in:
If the meal is ready,
then (not than) you should sit at the table.

She was the then-president (not than-president) of the society.

Conversely, do not use then when than is called for, as in:
The hole was no deeper
than (not then) 12 feet.

8c. There is no anywho in the English language. The actual word for it is anyhow.

8d. Anyway is an adverb, and all adverbs are, for the most part, not pluralized. With that said, anyways is a nonstandard and regional (colloquial) word that needs to be kept out of formal writing (as it is not regarded as Standard English).

9. I have read some fiction stories (as well as reviews) and some authors/reviewers mistake the word definitely with defiantly. My advice with this is to not rely on Microsoft Word spell check when it comes to these terms, especially if you had written it with an "a." News flash: there are only two "i"s and two "e"s in DEFINITELY. Definitely means that you are certain to do the action, whereas being defiant means that you will not do so with said action.

10. Nothing is original anymore, so it is hard to come up with different scenarios when writing fan fiction and blending it into your own way. Furthermore, in the words of a friend and fellow author, one bleachedserenity, we have all lost originality when writing based upon the work of someone else. That is why I tend to use words like 'imaginative,' 'creative,' or 'innovative,' just to list a few adjectives as viable substitutions. That's just a gripe, not a pet peeve.

11. If I want Naruto and Kyuubi to be in communion with one another, then so shall it be. If I want Naruto to be highly intellectual, then I will make it so through proper development. IF you have a problem with it, then let me know personally.

12. I'm at odds with the manga nowadays, and I'm reading the newest updates with a grain of salt. Let us hope that Kishimoto-san finally ties up the loose ends that need explanation, instead of further introducing more quizzical plot twists. Adding along with that, I have never seen a manga (Naruto) with a protagonist with so many odds stacked against him. It certainly isn't fair, in my honest opinion. Kishimoto-san, please remove your cranium from out of your backside (read: get your head out of your ass) and get your act together.

(Well, those are a bevy of pet peeves and/or gripes of mine, but I may add more later, as necessity dictates.)

Random Note: For all fan fiction, I feel that if you have a multi-chapter story, then it would be paramount to just leave a disclaimer on the first chapter, and leave it at that. The same applies with the text legend as well.

Important Rant, So Please Read: You cannot appease everyone's satisfaction on this site. Writing on this site is like a double-edged sword. You want to express your thoughts and imagination in your own way, but some just won't let you accomplish that task. To those that do that...


You're ruining the fun in writing for free entertainment. This also goes to abusing the privilege of reviewing. Suggestions, by how some "reviewers" come across, can be easily interpreted as "I want you to put this into your fic." This also encompasses phrases like the following:

"Have (insert BS here...)"
"I'd say have (insert drivel here...)"
"Would it be a cool idea if (put nonsense here)...?"
"I'd suggest that/I think that you should (insert diatribe/half-assed explanation here)..." (This really translates to "Put this into your fic," or "I demand that you write this." At least, to me, that is. I don't know about anyone else, though, but it is really frustrating by reading the inherent demanding, albeit unspoken and implied superficially.)

Now, if one were to phrase his or her thoughts in the form of a question, and then give sufficient backing to the claim, then that would be okay by my standards. Here is a skeleton review as a base for an example:

"Have you ever considered (insert particular point of focus for the future..., or "doing this" here...)? If you go that route, then (insert justification, along with a counter-argument here...)."

This should be after a reviewer expresses his or her thoughts in divisions of likes and dislikes. One can also go above and beyond and ask questions like "Will (insert event here) happen?" Sure, I won't answer them, but I'll give just enough of an answer to make the reviewer want to find out later in future updates. One can also call out if grammar becomes too much of an issue. If it's minor, then let the author worry about that. The same should go for plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon.

All in all, the admins should take heed to what I say pertaining to reviews. If you agree with me on this, then leave me a PM and tell me what you think. Like most authors, I like correspondence/making debates. Just...Be sure to have proper spelling and coherence when getting across your point. If you don't, then I will tell you to rewrite it again, if the argument fails...along with your awful grammar.

Moment of Clarity: A Look into Characterization

It has come to my attention as an epiphany. It is a matter that we, as fan fiction authors, must learn to deal with this "reality." What I am referring to is this:

No matter how closely we portray a character or characters credited from someone else's work, and no matter how well we research the universe upon which our fiction is based, said characters will never truly be "in-character."

Here is my rationale. We're not the creators, so the only points of interest that we follow are the brief overviews of personality traits and quirks/mannerisms. We won't know how the characters will react to a given situation and know their thinking patterns.


In lieu of this moment of distinct clarity, Canon Fascists and critics need to get a grip on saying that a character is IC (in-character) or OOC (out-of-character). In a sense, they already are OOC when we write them in the first place, in some way, shape or form. We, the authors, already have our tweaks added to the characters due to our biased interests and where we want the story to progress. If you want 'in-character' characters, then watch the anime (or cartoon) or read the manga upon which the anime is based. Since this is fan fiction, OOC can potentially happen, were it up to chance. That's all I'm saying on this issue.

Miniature Rant: Pairings and Preferences

There is the issue regarding pairings. I believe that we add our own self-imposed beliefs on how a pairing should be (in short, an indirect self-insertion due to one's own personal preferences). The fact of the matter is that, depending on how the characterization develops, an author has to take into account on whose personality meshes well with another character within the same realm. In the Naruto canon, I think that Naruto should be with Hinata; however, in the realm of fan fiction, I let go of my preferences regarding who Naruto will be paired with. Anyone is fair game, depending on how an author sculpts his or her character; more so the story than anything. In addition, I have become ambivalent to pairings of any kind, after frequenting the archives of the Naruto section for a long time.

In any case, one should read a story for what it is, and not tell an author that a story stinks because of a pairing that he or she innately loathes. Learn to be objective, and not subjective. If you don't know the meaning behind those words, then look it up.

This once again goes out to pudgypudge and his stories. You should definitely check them out. Be sure to leave a kind word for him.

Author's Status (Mission Log: 26 September 2013, 4:39 EST)

Good day (or evening, depending on your time zone), ladies and gentlemen. I appreciate you all for sticking out with me for not updating in so long. And for those curious as to why there are now two active stories under my name, I have a rather somber (and long) treat for you, if you haven't gotten a chance to read it the first time.

To All My Readers:

Remember when I had written long ago that I would never leave or abandon a piece of mine? Well, in a way, I am still upholding my end of the deal, but I have come to bring unfortunate news to those who are (or have kept up with) reading and following Limit Breaker for all this time.

After careful deliberation, and in the recent direction/course my life is taking right now, the time has come for me to lighten the load and jettison one of my works, and with an almost seventy-percent certainty, it has to be this one. It had loads of potential, but in light of my circumstances, it pains me, with a heavy heart, to cancel (not abandon) one of my masterpieces.

I detest leaving matters unresolved, unfinished and left for dead without some form of pulse or conclusion to entertain the audience at the edge of their seats. Now, don’t get me wrong: I have had the entire story mapped out from start to finish for ages, but the loose fat being converted into the meat to fill the skeleton of the plot was the deciding factor to give this series the axe (since it wasn’t one of my main pieces, initially). In addition, relating to personal life matters, I have had way too much to balance and juggle on my plate as of late (such as further education for an interpreting licensure, carefully balancing two jobs to make an honest living, getting into the circuit of slam poetry/spoken word, and eventually leading up to a potential internet business partnership, just to list a few), so, logically thinking, this one had to go, sadly, on account of time constraints. Plus, I’ve been a busy little worker bee, so don’t knock me on laziness. It was not only due to the drop in reception over the span of the infrequent updates, but I also felt that it was too big of a task to handle all on my own from when I actually kicked around the idea and thought about posting it. I don’t regret it; in fact, I just wanted to test the waters and experiment more on my writing style. As noted in the first AN, slow updates were to be expected.

On top of all these “excuses” as some of the cynics might think and/or believe, and to nip in the bud the soon-to-be pleas to keep this one and have someone take up the mantle, please know this: my resolve has been cemented, and it won’t budge. Once this story is taken down, it’s not coming back. Ever.

I ask that you all please respect my wishes and don’t try to replicate, reproduce, or copy onto another profile what I have up. With the complexity involved in crafting it, what I had going for the series just won’t be the same without the proper pilot guiding it safely.

Furthermore, out of the respect I have for the reviewers and readers that matter, I deeply apologize for not following through on my word, and that I was man enough to peg out this discourse letter as compensation to inform you all of the recent developments, instead of deleting the story without any notice. To do so otherwise would not only be a disservice to the people whom I’ve entertained over the years at FFN, but it, in my opinion, stands on the side of cowardice and complete disregard to my readers, too. I hope you all can at least try to understand.

Warm and humble regards from The Author…

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Birth of a Legend: The Fox Druid reviews
A true force of nature arises from the lowly roots of Konoha. This child, a scion of noble birthright, is ironically shunned by his deep-seated burden. Follow along as our coming-of-age hero grows through the test of adversity and new challenges.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 20 - Words: 227,157 - Reviews: 838 - Favs: 1,451 - Follows: 1,504 - Updated: 12/31/2011 - Published: 2/4/2008 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
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