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Author has written 16 stories for Kyle XY, Airhead, Skins, Twilight, Bones, Glee, and Grey's Anatomy.


lol yall 2015 update: i'm now a senior in college and the two things i care about most are cristina yang and my gender and sexuality studies thesis on gay fanfic so i had to publish some fanfic to get in the spirit of things?

so embarrassed by my tenth grade self but not embarrassed enough to delete this comic gold.


I'm Emily.

I'm a bit addicted to fiction.

I drink too much coffee for my own good. I over-analyze. I question my intentions. I doubt the existence of my own subconscious.

I tend to prefer writing about my own characters, but, still, here I am. The idea of fanfiction fascinates me. An aspiration of mine is, one day, to read fanfiction written about characters I've created. That'd be rad.


I'm working on some novels. Constantly in progress. I always end up reading books and even fanfiction and thinking to my self, oh my dear goodness, I suck at writing and know absolutely nothing about life and should definitely stop now. This happens at least once a week. I can't be objective and comparing myself to others makes me nervous, so I try not to. I'm such an anxious freak.

Mostly, I wish I wasn't American. I frequently pronounce words like a Canadian and I enjoy throwing British colloquialisms into my everyday speech. I'd definitely like to go to Europe. And Australia.

My numerous notebooks tend to be filled with scribbled Tegan and Sara lyrics, sketchy fanfictions, and random scenes for potential novels. Oh, and Chemistry notes.

I'll be half-way through high school by the end of this year, God-willing.

This is stupid, I think, but people seem to do this on their profiles, so I'm into:

Ron/Hermione (naturally); Harry/Ginny (I'm not even sure I'd like them if I hadn't been reading HP fanfiction before I finished the books, but, alas . . . ); Lily/James; Remus/Tonks; George/OC or Luna; Rose/Scorpius; Teddy/Victoire etc. in Harry Potter. I didn't read Harry Potter until like grade nine. And I read them all in about a month. I'm unconventional.

Cassie/Sid and Chris/Jal in series 1-2 of Skins are my favorites ever. Now I think I like Pandora and Thomas 'cause they're adorable. I love Effy and Freddie together, because I'm one of those people who loves Effy no matter what and insists that, against all odds, she does have a soul. And of course I love Naomi and Emily. Duh. I'm so excited for series 4!

I've been watching Bones lately. A lot. I've decided that I am completely in love with Jack Hodgins (I'm all about the Angela/Hodgins.) I've also become pretty obsessed and frustrated with Brennan and Booth. Yeah. I like Lance Sweets, too. Quite a bit.

I used to have a big thing for Josh/Andy (I'll go on youtube and watch their scenes over and over and over again. Or I did when I was younger.) in Kyle XY . . . and Lori and Declan are fun. It was a somewhat poorly written show, but I loved the characters anyway.

Michael/Mia (Ahhhh Japan Ahhh Robotic Arm Ahhhhh Prom Ahhhhh Fruit flies and Judith Gershner Ahhh Tall Glass of Water song Ahh Major Histocompatibility Complex Ahhh snogging on the carriage!! Yay.) ; Jesse/Susannah; Em/Christopher; Heather/Cooper (haha, my mom reads these with me) from various Meg Cabot books are my guilty pleasure.

So, sure. I like Edward and Bella (Of course. Sorry.), even though I'm not too keen on reading fanfiction about them unless it's especially interesting. And I like Jacob . . . and Renesmee, usually. Alice/Jasper (for some reason, I always picture Jasper as Trent Ford, so . . .); I'm intrigued by Quil/Claire. (I'm not even sure why.)

I think Jane Gallagher/Holden Caulfield (teardrop on the checkerboard!) from The Catcher in the Rye sounds like fun to write. I may try it. Sometime. If I can work up enough courage.

Shrimp and Cyd Charisse (coffee, vegetarianism, and haikus) from Rachel Cohn's books are rad. And I sometimes indulge in the books she writes with David Levithan, who is just lovely. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List. He has this great book called The Realm of Possibility. Read it.

I have a very soft spot deep in my heart for Rory/Jess and Luke/Lorelai...I used to love Gilmore Girls when I was like eleven. I never really outgrew it, I guess. I suppose if I were the type to favorite stories, I'd probably have a list of a bunch of rad AU seventy-two chapter long Literati stories. Man . . . those were the days . . .

I suppose I fear change or am simply not quite creative enough to draw possible connections between unlikely characters because I can never get into reading completely out-there pairings and unlikely slash and whatnot.

I care a lot and feel very strongly about gay rights since, well, I go to high school. And that's not a fun place. 'Cause people are jerks there. ("It is a strange place, this college; everyone is loud and they care about nothing.")

I'm a Presbyterian pescatarian, and while I appreciate alliteration, I don't use it as effectively as I'd like to.

What I love most about fanfiction is that everyone has a different take on and interpretation of the same characters.

What I hate most about fanfiction is that everyone has a different take on and interpretation of the same characters.

Augusten Burroughs is probably my favorite author. I was ridiculously unhappy for weeks when I found out he and his partner split up. Like I could hardly breathe.

I love music. Listen to The Format. Now. Oh, and Tegan and Sara. Definitely listen to Tegan and Sara. It'll be the best thing you do all year and you will be forever indebted to me for recommending them.


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