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Howdy Howdy Everybody! BlitzKrank here! If you need to P.M. me, then just call me Blitz! Anyways, I'm easy going and laid back 99 percent of the time, so speak your mind and I'll listen. I'm all about the Eva's, I love the idea of giant robots, and transforming things, not specifically Transformers (Though they are cool), but anything that turns into anything else. I try to write as often as I can in my fanfics, so please try to be patient. Comment, P.M. me, friend me, favorite me, do whatever, I'll make most corrections that are recommended for my fanfics, so if you see anything wrong (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.) let me know and I will make sure to personally thank you. Anyway, I've got about 7 different stories planned out so far, I'll make a list of the titles so you can expect them, and their expected date of release (Though its mostly up in the air). Well, that's it for now, this is BlitzKrank, Till next time, Later all!!!


Alright, I do a LOT of stuff during to week, so I don't get much time to write, here's the list:

Current stories:

"Someone save my mind" (Next Update: Honestly i don't know if i should... I mean, Its no piece of art... I might just abandon this one to be quite honest... it was one of mt first stories using the method of "I have an Idea and I'm gonna hastily slap that shit together and see what people think before working out the bugs and checking the flow of the story") (Evangelion) (On Hold)

"Prove that you love me" (M) (Discontinued, Lets face it, It sucked pretty hard, It was an Idea that i flung out without much inspiration, I apologize to all who wasted there time reading it.) (Evangelion) (Discontinued)

"transformErs VAriation" (M) (Next update: (Soon ish, current date is 8/8/2016. I know the Whole Transformers Series is LONG past the cube, but my ideas aren't.) (Evangelion) (On Hold)

"Asuka's bloody secret" (M)(Next update: Honestly I have NO idea, but hopefully sooner rather than later. (action/adventure/Romance/three person pairing)(will lead all the way up to third impact, and then some) (Evangelion) (On Hold)

Planned stories:

"What if (samura-)I?" (M) (or "I, Samurai") (Expected release date: Honestly no idea. I'm gonna try to get back to my old stories when I'm done with the one I'm working on right now "FT4W". I still remember the Idea, I just need to remember the plot... something to do with the Angel that was actually a shadow... ... ...) (Evangelion) (Need to re-inspire) (On Hold)

"Hark (Listen to) the angels seducing the demons..." (M) (Expected release date: Ha! Haha!!! Haaaa!!!... Oh shit, you actually expected an answer here? Um... yeeeaaaaah... I have no clue. I need to reread it and re-inspire myself for that one, sooo... don't expect this one all TOO soon ok?) (Evangelion) (On Hold)

"WWhat if II?" (M) (Expected release date: Same day as "I,Samurai")

FT4W: A(n) RPG story: (Fuck the Fourth Wall, a(n) Ridiculous Pony Game Story) Expected Release date: Next chapter will be up in a month or so, Cant promise anything long. (My Little Pony) (Writing In Progress)

Carrie X5: Expected Release date: Within the next 2 days (8/8/2016), This is the hottest topic on my story list as of thus far 0_o Dont know how I managed it, but hey, I'm happy to please the audience. (Amazing World Of Gumball) (Writing In Progress)

Recommended stories (For you to read that are NOT mine):

Only in your eyes am i worthy (Rei/Shinji/Asuka fic) (M) (36 chapters long) (look in Rei/Shinji section/M)

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Carrie X5 reviews
You know, Its good to have friends that are ghosts, but... you gotta be REEEEALY careful when you're alone. Rated Ma for reasons of READ IT TO FIND OUT!
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