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Hi, I decided to redo my intro just a bit.

I'm still in college, but at a different one! I love this school and I actually have a few classes that I like.

I'm still trying to get into a creative writing class, but I absolutely despise my English class.

I actually have a roommate this year and I lucked out! He's really cool, tons better than my previous roommates...

I really wanted to post my stories on here but since fanfiction is cracking down on certain stories I've given up on writing fanfiction for awhile.

That does not mean I will stop reading the stories on here, I just lost my motivation for writing. Maybe one day it will come back.

I think I will put some of my poetry out here though, in my profile. They will be at the bottom of this page, just look for the lines of waves.

Um, just to make things truly obvious, I AM A GUY!

Because I'm supportive of this (but I did not write it, mine are at the bottom)

Quote of the Moment:

1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, liposuction and air conditioning.

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that
hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy
behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has
legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed
at all; women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites,
and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were
allowed; the sanctity of Brittany Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun
marriage would be destroyed.

6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay
couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to
marry because our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs
more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight
parents only raise straight children.

8) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like
ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country.
That's why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role
at home. That's why we as a society expressly forbid single parents
to raise children.

10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could
never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven't adapted to
cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans...

Copy this to your profile if you believe in legalizing gay marriage!

Hi, Lee here I didn't write this either, just support it! ;)

I've posted below what I believe to be right. I did not start this one, but I will continue it. This is not another meaningless copy and paste, this is me (TillThatTime) speaking out for something I believe in. Now it's your turn. Take a stand. Fight for what's right. And keep on speaking out until someone chooses to hear. Spread LOVE not and put a stop to HOMOPHOBIA.

I am the kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I did not have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.
I am the person who is afraid of telling his loving Christian parents he loves another male.

Try Not To Cry

Please, if you would, don't smash this on the ground.

If you pass this on,

Maybe people will cry.

Just keep this in your heart,

For the people who didn't get to say "Goodbye".

Now you have 2 choices;

1.) Pass this on, and show people you care, repost as "Try not to Cry"

2.) Don't send it, and you have just proven how cold-hearted you really are ...

Her name was Auroura
She was only five
This is what happened
When she was alive

Her dad was a drunk
Her mom was an addict
Her parents kept her
Locked in an attic

Her only friend
was a little toy bear
It was old and worn out
And had patches of hair

She always talked to it
When no one's around
She lays there and hugs it
Not a peep of sound

Until her parents
unlock the door
Some more and more pain
She'll have to endore

A bruise on her leg
A scar on her face
Why would she be
In such a horrible place?

But she grabs her bear
And softly crys
She loves her parents
But they want her to die

She sits in the corner
Quiet but thinking,
" God, why? Why is
My life always sinking? "

Such a bad life
For a sad little kid
She'd get beaten and beaten
For anything she did

Then one night
Her mom came home high
The poor child was hit and slapped
As hours went by

Then her mom suddenly
Grabbed for a blade
It was sharp and pointy
One that she made

She thrusted the blade
Right in her chest,
" You deserve to die
You worthless pest! "

The mom walked out
Leaving the slowly dying
She grabbed her bear
And again started crying

Police showed up
At the small little house
They quickly barged in
Everything was as quiet as a mouse

One officer slowly
Opened a door
To find the sad little
Lying on the floor

It must have been bad
To go through so much harm
But at least she died
With her best friend in her arms

If you child abuse then repost this on your profile. If you don't then you have no soul!!

Beaten:My name is Tiffany.

I am three,

My eyes are swollen.

I cannot see,

I must be stupid,

I must be bad,

What else could have made

My daddy so mad?

I wish I were better

I wish I weren’t ugly,

Then maybe my mommy

Would still want to hug me.

I can’t do a wrong

I can’t speak at all

Or else I'm locked up

All day long.

When I'm awake I'm all alone

The house is dark

My folks aren’t home

When my mommy does come home

I'll try and be nice,

So maybe I'll just get

One whipping tonight.

I just heard a car

My daddy is back

From Charlie’s bar.

I hear him curse

My name is called

I press myself

Against the wall

I try to hide

From his evil eyes

I’m so afraid now

I’m starting to cry

He finds me weeping

Calls me ugly words,

He says its my fault

He suffers at work.

He slaps and hits me

And yells at me more,

I finally get free

And run to the door

He’s already locked it

And I start to bawl,

He takes me and throws me

Against the hard wall

I fall to the floor

With my bones nearly broken,

And my daddy continues

With more bad words spoken,

"I’m sorry!", I scream

But its now much to late

His face has been twisted

Into a unimaginable shape

The hurt and the pain

Again and again

O please God, have mercy!

O please let it end!

And he finally stops

And heads for the door

While I lay there motionless

Brawled on the floor

My name is Tiffany

I am three,

Tonight my daddy

Murdered me

And you can help

Sickens me top the soul,

And if you read this

and don’t pass it on

I pray for your forgiveness

Because you would have to be

One heartless person

To not be effected

By this Poem

And because you are effected,

Do something about it!

So all I ask you to do

Is pass this on!


Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. Please do your part to end it.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"it is due to mutual friendship to ask once in a while how we do." The Presidents
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
Bed, chair, television, desk, lamp, book.
3. Before you started this survey, what were you doing?
Reading profiles
4. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Roast of the Full House guy.
5. Without looking, guess what time it is
6. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
7. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Weird noises about three blocks away...
8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
one hour ago, trash run
9. Did you dream last night?
Don't know
10. Do you remember your dreams?
Not last night.
11. When did you last laugh?
Earlier today
12. Do you remember why / at what?
ironic mispelling
13. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Mirror, paint, bookshelf, carpet
14. Seen anything weird lately?
15. What do you think of this quiz?
16. What is the last film you saw?
HP and the Goblet of Fire
17. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
California! No, Montana! California! Grrr. Can I just smash em together?
18. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
California, Montana, Jonas Brothers, Fifty-inch plasma television, Pizza, every single movie made in the past twenty years...DVD player...
19. Tell me something about you that most people don't know.
I used to be a blonde
20. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt
or politics, what would you do?
Merge California and Montana so I can go snowboarding and surfing in the same day!
21. Do you like to dance?
Yep, but it would get me arrested
22. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Heck yeah, Japan here I come!
23. Does your name make any interesting anagrams?
24. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
Verizon, the S.O.B.'s
25. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
This list
26. Last time you swam in a pool?
earlier this summer
27. Type of music you like most?
rock, pop, metal
28. Type of music you dislike most?
29. Are you listening to music right now?
30. What color is your bedroom carpet?
What carpet?
31. If you could change something about your home, without worry about
expense or mess, what would you do?
Tear it down and start from scratch. Four bedrooms (15x16 feet, oak floors, vaulted ceiling, one in dark blue with green highlights, one in dark maroon with golden-yellow highlights, one off-white with ceder-red highlights, and one in golden-brown with dark brown highlights. One kitchen, decked out, all hard wood, great black appliances. Two bathrooms, both about 12x10 jacuzzi tub and a shower with an excellent shower head with intensity change. Big windows in all rooms, horizontal windows in bathrooms so no chance of outside peepers.

32. What was the last thing you bought?
bottled water
33. Have you ever ridden on a motorbike?
Not on your life!
34. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
35. Do you have a garden?
used to...
36. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
37. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
38. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Can I count the Jonas Brothers together? If not then I'd like to talk to Kevin. Those guys would be a blast to hang out with!
39. Who sent the last text message you received?
N/A don't have texting.
40. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
None, never would max out my card, that's just stupidity.
41. What time is bed time?
Whenever I get tired
42. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
I'm a guy, so no...
43. How many tattoos do you have?
none, I like changing things too much to settle on a permanent mark.
44. If you don't have any, have you ever thought of getting one?
45. What did you do for your last birthday?
46. Do you carry a donor card?
No, my parts need to stay away from others.
47. Who was the last person you ate dinner with?
My parents.
48. Is the glass half empty or half full?
Neither, I got thirsty...
49. What's the farthest-away place you've been?
50. When's the last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
Four weeks ago.
51. Have you ever won a trophy?
52. Are you a good cook?
Depends, do you like spaghetti?
53. Do you know how to pump your own gas?
Yeah, I'm not stupid.
54. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently
alive), who would it be?
My great granpa on my grandma's family. So I could punch the a-hole...bastard.
55. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?
56. Do you touch-type?
57. What's under your bed?
My guitar :)
58. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yeah, for other people. :(
59. Think fast, what do you like right now?
Nothing and everything.
60. Where were you on Valentine's day?
Eating a bar of chocolate at work...
61. What time do you get up?
8AM or 1PM, depending on when classes are.
62. What was the name of your first pet?
63. Who is the second to last person to call you?
No Clue
64. Is there anything going on this weekend?
Wouldn't know.
65. How are you feeling right now?
66. What do you think about the most?
67. What time do you get up in the morning?
see above
68. If you had A Big Win in the Lottery, how long would you wait to
tell people?
I wouldn't, that money would go in a secret account that would continue to build up as time goes on...
69. Who would you tell first?
70. What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?
Don't remember
71. Do you sing in the shower?
72. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
73. What do you do most when you are bored?
Sing, scream, play...
74. What do you do for a living?
I go to school.
75. Do you love your job?
Has it's perks.
76. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Power Ranger.
77. If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?
I would run a very successful recording studio.
78. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Neither, it was a reptile.
79. How many keys on your key ring?
Which one?
80. Where would you retire to?
I don't plan on living long enough to retire.
81. What kind of car do you drive?
Ford Ranger 2005
82. What are your best physical features?
Apparently my hair, and I have an awesome eye color!
83. What are your best characteristics?
I can think on my feet.
84. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?
JB concert, FOB concert, THE BEACH!
85. What kind of books do you like to read?
86. Where would you want to retire to?
See answer 80
87. What is your favorite time of the day?
88. Where did you grow up?
All over Tennessee.
89. How far away from your birthplace do you live now?
two-three hours
90. What are you reading now?
91. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
92. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
93. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
94. Do you have pets?
95. How many rings before you answer the phone?
three to six, I misplace my phone a lot.
96. What is your best childhood memory?
None, I don't have any memories past a few years ago.
97. What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life?
carpenter assistant, library asst, store clerk. house cleaner...
98. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?
99. What is most important in life?
love and happiness.
100. What Inspires You?
My sorrows, my heroes, my family, my friends, my dreams, the thoughts that cross the abyss of time.

1# What's your full name as it appears on your birth certificate? Like I'm really going to put THAT online...

2# Do you have a Nickname(s)? Call me Lee.

3# What's your middle name? I just told you...

4# Number of candles on your last birthday cake? Sixteen, haven't had a cake since then...five years really pass by...

5# What time do you (usually) get up? When I actually wake up.

6# Kids? HELL NO! Others can have em, I am perfectly fine without worrying about stepping on someone

7# Hair color? Sort of a reddish-brown with random blonde highlights.

8# Is it "natural"? Yes, unless I start playing with those weird hair shampoos (I get bored)

9# What color are your eyes? Think of a dark blue ring, filled with a light blue, brown around the pupil to mix with the light blue to create a greenish color. Cool huh?

10# Do you were contacts? Nah, but I've thought about it.

11# Hometown? See 1#'s answer.

12# Residence? College dorm.

13# What is your zodiac sign? I am an Aquarian Rabbit, Aqua Bunny!

14# Favorite Food:? Pizza...sushi...lobster...lasagna...there are too many choices!!

15# Croutons or Bacon bits? Ew gross.

16# Favorite day of the week? Saturday

17# Favorite saying or phrase? Oh, Hell no!

18# Favorite Flower? Black Dragon.

19# Favorite Drink? Specially made coffee or tea drink...

20# Favorite sport to watch? of the scariest sports in existance!

21# Favorite sport to play? Target practice

22# Favorite ice cream? Rocky Road, with strawberry syrup and almonds...

23# What is your favorite TV show? House M.D., no contest

24# Croutons or bacon bits? Once again, EWWWWW!

25# What's your favorite restaurant? None really, I prefer to cook...

26# Favorite type of clothing? Comfy.

27# What are you wearing right now? EWW, perv alert!

28# Disney or Warner bros.? Neither, they suck

29# What is/are your favorite girl's name(s)? Maya, Alexis, Alycia

30# What is/are your favorite boy's name(s)? Jacob, Samuel

31# Favorite fast food? PIZZA!!

32# Last thing you ate? Beef something or other...soup I think...

33# Would you rather find true love or be a millionaire? Millionaire, love hurts too much...

34# What laundry detergent do you use? All, free clear

35# What's your favorite animal? Wolves and Dragons...what you never said they have to be real!

36# What's your favorite comic strip? I don't have one...

37# Bath or Shower, morning or night? Jacuzzi!

38# Gold Or Diamonds? Neither, I prefer silver and cateye

39# What Was The Last Film You Saw At The Cinema? Hellboy 2

40# What do you have for breakfast on weekdays? Breakfast? What's that?

41# What do you have for breakfast on weekends? See above answer.

42# Beach, City, Or Country? Bring on the Beach baby!

43# Popcorn? Butter, Plain Or Salted? Caramel! no Salt please!

44# What's your favorite color? Dark blue with silver highlights

45# Favorite car? My baby!

46# Favorite sandwich? Does Subway count?

47# Diamonds or pearls? Neither, amethyst.

48# Favorite Flower? Black Dragon

49# Fizzy Or Still Water As A Drink? Normal water please, why would I want fizzy anything?

50# What is your favorite cuisine? None, I don't like rich food and anything with the word cuisine attached to it ends up being really rich food that just sounds absolutely gross to me.

51# What foods do you dislike? Avacodo, pork...canned mixed fruit...

52# Can you juggle? Nope...and that poor clown man had to suffer for it...we never could get him to go near fruit ever again...

53# Red Or White Wine? What color is strawberry wine?

54# Orange Juice or apple juice? Orange juice, pulp please!

55# Favorite board game? Twister!

56# Favorite magazine? Shonen Jump!

57# What are your favorite smells? Cinnamon, Vanilla; Spring, when the dogwood blooms...

58# Least favorite smells? Canned peaches...guy's locker little brother's room...that perfume from that thumping clothes store...

59# Favorite sound? The absence of people and cars, the sound of nature...certain people's voices.

60# Least favorite sound? Acapella from a guy, that club noise...can also be heard in that clothes store that has that weird perfume smell...

61# Favorite sandwich? SUBWAY!

62# Chocolate or vanilla? Neither, strawberry... but if you have some dark chocolate...

63# Cola or un-cola? Neither, water please!

64# Sprite or 7-Up? Sprite's alright, but I am not drinking anything that looks like pee...

65# Coke or Pepsi? Rootbeer!

66# Favorite alcoholic drink? None really...

67# Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Starbucks, Strawberry and Creme with Chocolate and Caramel Added...

68# Favorite pizza toppings? Pinapple, green peppers and onions! Weird, but it has a sweet taste with a good bite to it.

69# Chips or Popcorn? CHIPS!

70# What's on your computer desktop? None, on my notebook? A multitude of interlinking squares that I made myself.

71# Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yep.

72# Favorite movies? Fifth Element, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Spirited Away, Hellboy and sequel, Bless the Child.

73# Favorite candy bar? Hershey's Dark chocolate

74# Do you have a favorite / lucky number? Thirteen, yep my best day out of the year is Friday the 13th!

75# Favorite books? Right now? It's the Ink- series.

76# Add a New Question of your own and answer it!

77# How many questions are there? I bet your wrong!

These are MY poems! If I find anyone has stolen them, then believe me when I say that Hell will have nothing on what I do to you!

These reflect my soul at various points in my life and to steal them makes you less than dirt. It can at least help create something. You that

steal the work of others deserve to be blind and deaf.

To those that simply like to read the works of others, then I thank you for taking the time to read my work.

Also, sorry for all the sad poetry, my other poems are kind of trapped on my old computer or lost among my many, many papers...


Suicide Note

Everything has grown too hard,

All this pain is not worth holding on.

As painful cries are torn from my lungs,

I dream of no longer holding on.

So as the silver light pierces my flesh,

The pain I was holding onto fades.

As the crimson tears fall from me,

I desperately try to no longer hold on.

--Gone and Forgotten


I'm Lost, just a child forgotten.

Memories break and you've walked away.

I look but never find you, but fake a smile

And act like nothing's wrong, like I'm not lost.

I'm Lost, just a dream forgotten.

I drift to and fro, never here for long

Before I'm nothing anymore.

All is gone and I'm nothing anymore.

I'm lost, just a memory forgotten.

The End is Just the Beginning

With every beat I can feel it.
This pain is just to real to ignore.
This body is slowly becoming dirt.
I keep my pain hidden deep within.

Nothing can heal this pain.
As my vision worsens, I see more now.
This is not really the end cause
as this world fades I see light.

With every beat I can feel it.
The pain is just fleeting.
I’m just leaving this body
Behind for another.

But now that the pain is gone,
I wish I could tell them that
I’m not gone, just waiting for them
So we can see this new world

Broken Dreams

Broken dreams are all I see.
My hopes are ashes in the wind.
This body aches for death’s embrace,
And so the race of my heartbeats increase.

Broken dreams are all I see.
I catch myself wishing to leave
As pain seethes beneath
My ever-burning veins.

Broken dreams are all I see.
An endless void was once my soul.
Death is what I seek, in this
World, where all is suffering for me.

Broken dreams are all I see…

Sickness fills my soul,
As this heartache takes its toll.
This mistake has robbed me of my broken dreams
And it seems as if my soul is dead.

Living day from day, no dreams,
No hopes fill my body with joy.
A single mistake, an accident,
Sends my broken dreams far beyond.

This agony is simply too much for me,
And this ache seeks a final release.
This body has grown tired, and
This soul has grown dim and broken.


Insanity, swarmin through my mind!

Insanity, wanna make you mine!

Insanity, taking over me.

Who can say who I am?

Nobody but you!

Who can’t I get off my mind?

Nobody but you!

Insanity, always thinking bout you!

Insanity, gotta love everything bout you!

Insanity, can’t see no one but you!

Who can say who I am?

Nobody but you!

Who can’t I get off my mind?

Nobody but you!

Insanity, losing myself to you!

Insanity, already falling to you!

Insanity, lost without you! Pure Insanity!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Duo's Family by Ammie Hawk reviews
One year after the Mariemaya uprising, the Gundam boys decide to join the Preventers. Upon entering, they have to go through various tests and screenings. One of these tests uncovers a long-lost family of one Duo Maxwell. Crossover with Harry Potter. Yaoi
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Effects and Side Effects by Pheonix Dawn reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 93,931 - Reviews: 299 - Favs: 696 - Follows: 778 - Updated: 9/7/2014 - Published: 1/5/2009 - [Harry P., Cedric D.] [Hermione G., Ron W.]
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 22,024 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 12/13/2010 - Published: 11/21/2005 - Harry P., Sirius B. - Complete
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 40 - Words: 158,891 - Reviews: 1157 - Favs: 1,494 - Follows: 755 - Updated: 7/13/2009 - Published: 10/10/2008 - Harry P., Sirius B.
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Not your average sucked into game story.... well maybe a little. But it has a twist! And please read it. I'll be very sad if I get no reviews! TidusxYuna[duh] No OC pairings! Go me! [[Insert noisemakers and confetti here.]] Please R&R!
Final Fantasy X - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 24,924 - Reviews: 171 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 1/10/2009 - Published: 10/2/2005 - Tidus, Yuna
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Wrath of a Mother Scorned reviews
Will be posting a rewrite eventually. I want to make some changes to it. Won't be ready any time soon due to summer break. Sorry.
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There are events that occur that no one ever speaks of normally. This is just one such event in the life of the Winchesters.
Supernatural - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 849 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 2/15/2009 - Sam W., Dean W.
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