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Author has written 15 stories for X-Men: Evolution, and Tenchi Muyo.

I just recently started writing, though I've had this account for years. I will be writing much X-Men:Evolution fiction, and probably not much else. I will write some Percy Jackson, or some Tenchi Muyo when I feel like it (but I haven't seen it in ages, so it might all be AU.)

Pairings: Jott






Pietro/Evan former


And I might be becoming a Lance/Scott fan... I know. Weird.


Evo. Thou shalt not speak the name of the newest show to me.

Naruto. There is a possibility of me writing this in the future. Or past. I went time-traveling with Bishop and Nocturne and now I'm thoroughly confused.

Points if you know who they are.

Characters: Kurt








Scott (He's really not that bad.)

Hated characters: JEAN FLIPPIN' GREY!

Piotr(He just... bugs me, okay?)

Risty (I know, I know!)

Jean-Luc LeBeau

Any canon characters who interfere or disprove my OC world.





OC profiles:

Missy 'Chicks' Darkholme

Family: Mystique (Mother), Magneto (Father), Aria (Twin)

Age: 12

Appearance: Blue skin, blood red hair, large brown eyes, constant frown due to stress headaches.

Personality: Loves her coffee. Otherwise, she can be rather snappish, although she openly hates the X-Men movies. Likes to sleep (hence the coffee.) Speaks with a German accent.

Background: Magneto and Mystique's twins were seperated at birth. Missy was raised by her mother to be tough, and was sent away to military school at age 5. She recently came back to Bayville, met Aria, and they've been wreaking havoc ever since.

Aria 'Jukebox' Magnus

Family: See above.

Age: 12

Appearance: She looks like a tiny female Magneto, but with less sharp features. Constantly smiling and hyper.

Personality: Aria is always bubbly, especially when around Multiple. Loves sweets. Speaks broken English with a childish accent.

Background: Aria was raised by their father, who mollycoddled her. She shows it by acting very immature and calls her parents 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'. She led a sheltered life, but finally came to Bayville to attend middle school, where she met Missy. She's been causing trouble ever since.

Jai 'Twist' Corsielle

Family: None. At all.

Age: 16

Appearance: Short, spiky brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin. Twist is short, only standing at 4'9", and can always be seen wearing red.

Powers: Twist, as her name would suggest, can alter reality itself. She is therefore very dangerous. She can also open gateways in to alternate dimensions.

Personality: Jai is hot-headed and contemptuous. She has no real respect for anyone besides Mystique. She isn't shy about using her powers to get her way, and those she is annoyed with will find their ages or genders changed rather quickly. She does, however, have a fondness for Scott (in a sibling-ish way) and keeps her temper better around him.

Background: Jai's parents tried to lock her in her room once her power developed, but she escaped. When confronted by the X-Men, Brotherhood, and Acolytes all at once, she went with the Brotherhood. She hangs around the X-Men far too often for Mystique's liking, but she does cause them a fair amount of trouble. Look out for Twist in my upcoming stories!


One-shots will pop up periodically.

Baby of Mine: ON HIATUS. Sorry, but I'm waiting for the writing bug to bite me again.

The Distant Past: Expect an update real soon. I'm just working out a few kinks.

From Camp, With Love: Expect weekly updates at least. Unless I'm in Vegas, which has been known to happen.

His Strength, Her Weakness: Expect an update soon! I'm almost done with it. No longer just a two-shot, BTW.

Karaoke Night: Should be updated fairly soon, I think... Up next: Cyndi Lauper tribute.

Mutant Movie Theaters: The Princess Bride: More updates soon, I promise. Once I'm done with FC,WL and TDP.

To Love Somebody: ON HIATUS. So sorry.

Speed Through Time: Consider this to be on hiatus for now. Infrequent updates, at least.

NOTE: I am running an X-Men Evo RP, folks. Under X-Kids. Please join. I'm so lonely. :(

And I now have a community up that relates to my OTP: MagnetoxMystique. In any form. I might be writing an X-Babies oneshot starring Maggie and Mysti Q soon. Please, please, PLEASE post... *sob*

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